Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 2

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“What’s wrong, Vim?”

“Um, nothing. Maybe it was just my imagination?”

Was it a voice? But my reconnaissance didn’t detect anything. No one around seemed to have heard anything either. It wasn’t like an arrow whizzing past or anything.

“Could it be a premonition of a trap? It might be worth reporting it.”

“It doesn’t feel like that. It was probably just my imagination… But…”

In the labyrinth, anything could happen. Even if it was just my imagination, if it felt like a premonition, it was better to err on the side of caution. I decided to expand my reconnaissance.

Scene transition

As the leader of “Yotomodori,” one of my responsibilities is to be aware of the personnel in each party.

Disputes and negotiations between parties are constant in these circumstances. Whether establishing friendly relations or engaging in hostility, having information is essential for any conversation.

In the current situation in Fieldblown, it’s a strange twist of fate that the young man, Vim Strauss, the bestowed mage of “Dragon’s Wing,” is already somewhat well-known.

“Dragon’s Wing” itself is an unprecedented party that reached Rank B in just a few years with only four members. Moreover, they even managed to defeat the layer boss, so the names of their members became widely known. People were intrigued by their abilities.

Furthermore, it’s a peculiar coincidence that the person who was fired after an internal conflict right after the honorable feat of defeating the layer boss is a friend of Heidemarie, our party’s candidate for the next leader.

And I was surprised. I had heard about Vim Strauss from Heidemarie, but he is more capable than I had imagined.

First of all, his accuracy in scouting is commendable. Although not on par with our dedicated scout in “Yotomodori,” he extends his network both underground and in the sky, providing assistance in areas that are not covered.

[“Um… Is it okay, Camilla?”]

I receive a personal communication through the transfer magic.

“What’s the matter, young Vim?”

“There’s a suspicion of a rockfall trap a little ahead, on the upper left side, at a distance of forty-five. It’s only a slight reaction, but considering the placement of the ghost dogs detected by Jimon earlier, it’s highly likely.”

“Are you sure?”

“Most likely, yes.”

What stands out is his observational skills, knowledge, and insight. He is likely at the forefront of labyrinth research in a particular field. Predicting traps is not something commonly heard of, but his predictions have been accurate so far.

“But if by any chance it turns out to be a false alarm, it will delay our progress.”

“…In that case, don’t hesitate to use the general communication. If you’ve already avoided five rockfall traps, it’s actually a bit scary how accurate you are. Everyone will feel more at ease if you make a mistake.”

“Yes, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

He’s a bit too reserved in some aspects.

No, that’s probably related to his true nature.

He doesn’t assert himself excessively. He carefully observes his surroundings and fills in the gaps where he’s lacking or enhances his strengths, aiming to minimize risks. And most of the time, it’s surprisingly accurate.

Moreover, he read and memorized our “Yotomodori” guidebook, which we have accumulated over the years, with just one glance. He even seemed impressed. To fully grasp its entirety, one should stand from the commander’s perspective.

What role did he play in “Dragon’s Wing”?

“There’s a suspicion of a rockfall trap at a distance of forty-three on the left side. The estimated mass is around 150. It has the shape of a pillar. I believe it can be easily blocked with Abel’s shield.”

“This is Abel. Understood. I’ll take care of it.”

In the end, the rockfall trap did exist.

The accumulation of definite results reinforces my evaluation.

A deep understanding of the labyrinth, practical abilities surpassing his age, a visible consciousness of safety. Although the information he conveys is limited, he picks up and analyzes much more information and makes conjectures. His slightly peculiar behavior may be due to his heightened awareness of his surroundings.

…What will happen if we recruit him?

He’s somewhat famous, but that’s more due to curious gazes than his abilities. If it weren’t for Heidemarie’s introduction, I wouldn’t have allowed him to accompany us, as it would suggest the possibility of joining our “Yotomodori.”

Joining “Yotomodori” has always been a rigorous process. However, within me, plans on how to utilize him have already started to take shape.

“Camilla, um… This is Vim.”

“What is it?”

“I’m sorry for bothering you multiple times.”

“That’s fine. Did you find something?”

“The humidity is increasing, and we haven’t seen any low-altitude insects for a while.”

“What does that mean?”

“…Yes. It seems like we’ve entered the territory of a large creature. A slow-moving reptile, probably a Rank C monster turtle, capable of handling at least twenty people. The hostility level is high, but if we detour a few times, avoidance itself is possible… Oh, um, there’s a fairly high probability. It’s around ninety percent.”

“Understood. Please communicate that through the general communication. Also, if there’s a high probability, you don’t need to confirm it with me. You can use the general communication on the spot.”

“Roger that.”

Decisions are usually made by the executives and–

A little idea popped into my head.

It’s been rumored, thanks to Heidemarie’s enthusiastic praise, that Vim is proficient in advanced bestowal magic. That’s actually his original role.

Being a bestowed mage is a remarkable aspect.

Bestowal magic is often considered impractical, despite its potential to enhance physical abilities, attack magic, or healing. In reality, it rarely works out as intended.

Enhancements, especially rough ones, can greatly disrupt one’s senses.

For example, when enhancing physical abilities, while overall muscle strength improves, it doesn’t immediately translate to improved combat abilities. In most cases, control is lost, and one becomes unable to move properly.

Matching one’s senses with actual movements requires training, and even if they are aligned, it’s a different story if one can move more agilely than without enhancement.

Enhancements in magic can have similar outcomes. Even if one adds magic power or the five elemental attributes, exceeding the mage’s discretion leads to a loss of control. Even if the power increases somewhat, if the aim becomes less precise, the overall effectiveness becomes questionable.

In short, bestowal magic is inherently difficult.

Even when it becomes somewhat practical, the expected effects are not significant.

Although “Yotomodori” has had bestowed mages in the past, they managed to perform their duties due to their expertise and knowledge in other fields.

I became curious about the specific skills of the chosen bestowed mage and wanted to confirm them.

“Vim, my boy.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“I know I said you’re just a guest, but could you do me a favor? You can leave the scouting to Jimon if you want. I want you to participate in combat.”

“Yes, um, well…”

“I want to request your support in combat.”

* * *

Accompanying a different party into the labyrinth for the first time, I keenly felt my own inadequacy.

The coordination in “Yotomodori” was truly systematic, efficient, and proactive. Advanced communication magic managed the large number of participants, specifying every action in the guidebook. Each individual deeply understood and applied the instructions, covering most unexpected situations.

In “Dragon’s Wing,” I merely imitated and repeated what I researched and heard. Since most of them were not interested in strategy, it was my responsibility to consider such matters.

And now, I contemplated.


“Well, I guess I was a hindrance, huh?”

How narrow-minded were the strategies I imposed on my comrades?

Being in this smooth progression made me think. Strategies only hold meaning when they are built and improved upon over the years, with unanimous agreement and proper training.

“I want to request your support in combat.”

While I was thinking about that, I received a personal communication from Camilla.

…I guess I was a hindrance in the rear after all. I thought I could compensate for the disruptions, but it seems to have backfired. Yeah, it did.

To smoothly move forward, I briskly walked and made a detour to meet up with Camilla.

“Oh, young Vim.”

“Yes, um, I’m here.”

Camilla continued walking briskly without stopping. Shield users on both sides filled in blind spots while illuminating the front.

“As you said, Jimon’s scouting picked up a Rank C monster turtle. We judged that evasion is unnecessary, so we’re going into combat now.”


“Although the rear unit will only attack from a distance. There shouldn’t be much depletion other than magic power.”

“…Um, in that case, what is my role?”

“So here’s the thing. I apologize for the presumptuous suggestion, but could you show us your enhancements? Since someone experienced would find it easier, I think it would be best for you to assist Heidemarie.”

I understood and agreed. It could be the perfect situation to test the unknown magician.

“Understood. I’ll do my best.”

When I said that, Camilla nodded with a smile.

“Hehe! Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

Heidemarie seemed unusually pleased next to me. The members of ‘Yotomodori’ stepped back and watched us intently.

“It’s the Captain’s orders, so there’s nothing we can do about it! All right, Vim, as deputy leader of the rear unit and sage, look at my great magic! I’ve grown since then, too!”

“I’m looking forward to it. Um, what shall we do?”

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