Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 5

After that, we reached Jiraiya Oaks, but when I heard again, this does not seem to be a reference point to get to her house.

It seems that the fruit of Jiraiya Oaks has a function to neutralize toxicity. Although too acidic to be edible, it seems to work for poison.

In fact, the girl who ate the fruit, her mouth took the shape of “X”, and after an hour, she could recover to the point where she could walk alone.

The effect is like magic. Jiraiya Oaks is amazing. That’s what I thought.

“This…..really…..thank you …..”

Saying that, the girl bowed deeply. For helping her out of the lord of flies’ nest. For protecting her from the beasts of the forest until the paralysis disappeared. It seems to be a thank you for all that.

Thinking that Kijin bow their heads just like humans, I nodded.

“Don’t worry. I am very satisfied after doing some adventuring after a long time”

After all, for the last few years, my work consisted of collecting herbs. Now I defeated the lord of flies and saved a girl who was captured. For a lost adventurer who was expelled from the guild, it is a big step.

There is no direct reward because there is no request. But the merit obtained at this moment by obtaining my soul equipment exceeds even 10,000 gold coins. As I said, I was very satisfied.

“Well, I’m leaving now. Be careful around here”

I said that because I realized that if I did not leave this place, the girl would not move.

On the one hand, if the girl now tries to return home, she would show me where it is.

I will not doubt the girl’s words of thanks, nor will I misunderstand that she has full confidence just because I helped her once or twice.

The development of a girl feeling affection for the adventurer who saved her is just a story. Rather, it is a privilege of some famous adventurers.

I am included in neither, and the girl must still distrust me. It was a consideration on my part to leave this place first.




The loudest volume of today came out of the girl’s mouth, I was surprised and turned around.

“W-What’s wrong?”

“Well, you see!”


“Really…..thank you…..!”

It was the second thank you from the girl.

“Yes, you’re welcome…..?”

Seeing my face, the girl panicked, it seems I put on a confused face.

Then she continued with that expression.

“Um, I’m Suzume!”

“Suzume? Ahh….. Is that your name?”

This assumption seems to have hit the mark, the girl moved her head up and down at high speed.

I thought she was still cautious with me, but it seems she had some confidence to the extent that she could tell me her name. That makes me a little happy.

“I see. My name is Sora”

It is polite to tell her my name after she told me hers. So, the girl—Suzume murmured my name, “Sora….”

That gesture was mysteriously adorable. Despite the dirty appearance, I felt a certain charm in it.

After that, I parted ways with Suzume and headed towards Ishka by a downstream route.

It was Suzume who gave me this information; it seems her parents warned her, “Downstream is human territory, so you shouldn’t go there.”

In other words, if you go downstream, you’ll reach human territory.


There is a large river called Kale that flows near Ishka, and the upstream of this river is connected to the Tittis forest.

Perhaps the river I am in now is one of the several sources of Kale—I thought that way and started moving, but of course, there is no well-paved path.

A forest untouched by human manipulation is filled with obstacles, the river’s flow meanders, and it is not easy to progress.

If it were me until yesterday, I wouldn’t have lasted even an hour and would be completely exhausted.

I might have even been devoured by a magical beast before becoming exhausted.

The river water was murky, and the bottom was not visible, but there was an atmosphere that seemed to conceal an aquatic beast.

However, this is just a thought if it were my old self. My current self is different.

By strengthening my body with energy, my physical strength and leg power will improve dramatically, and I can run along the river without any problems.

Even if I keep running for an hour or two, there are no issues with fatigue, and the energy won’t disappear.

If this is also part of the power of the same source, my mouth naturally loosens to the magnitude of the power I have.

Meanwhile, the scenery of the forest began to slowly change. Unexpectedly, it seems to be sunset time, and a scarlet color dyes the surrounding landscape. Surely the colors of the night will fill the forest.

I was wondering if I should set up camp around here.

However, even if I say I will prepare, I don’t have the tools, and there is no reason to rest if there is still no “fatigue.”

If I was able to get here, I can try running all night and see what my current limits are.

I thought about that and tried to accelerate even more.

And at that moment.

“—Don’t relax! Keep your senses alert!”

I could hear a voice that seemed human, and I crouched in place.

Upon listening carefully, I discovered that there were quite a few people moving through the forest.

I don’t think ordinary people would enter the forest; they are probably adventurers.

Well, what should I do?

I have been expelled from the guild, but I am not guilty of escaping or anything like that.

Therefore, there is no need to flee and hide from the adventurers, but many Ishka adventurers know the name “Parasite.”

Even if I speak, they won’t give me a friendly response. On the contrary, it would be suspicious why there is someone of level “1” in this place.

I thought about that and tried to ignore them, but the next voice I heard suddenly held me back.

“If we allow the lord of the flies to reproduce, not only Ishka but also the capital, Horus, will be at risk. That is, the entire kingdom of Canaria will be at risk. To protect our country, we must defeat it before it reproduces! Everyone, keep that in mind!”

In response to the leader’s words, a loud “Yes!” was heard from all around.

I tilted my head. For the adventurers, those were words that strongly felt rigid.

Thinking about it, I tried to assess the situation from the shadows. As expected, the group that was in sight was the regular army of the Canaria Kingdom.

“They are not adventurers, but soldiers.”

Why do the soldiers know about the lord of the flies’s existence?

The information was sourced to the adventurers’ guild by the “Falcon Sword” who escaped using me as bait, and from the guild to the kingdom.

The reason I can assert that is because there was a familiar face among the soldiers.

Long ears with golden hair. Features that I can recognize even from a distance, it’s a member of the “Falcon Sword,” Luna María.

“…I’m glad. Lars and the others are safe.”

I chuckled, curling my lips. The joy of obtaining my soul equipment faded away, and dark emotions spread from the depths of my being.

What I remember are the events before and after being attacked by the lord of the flies. I haven’t forgiven what happened to the “Falcon Sword.”

Until I arrived here, I haven’t thought about revenge because I was absorbed in the delight of my soul equipment and the satisfaction of helping Suzume, but seeing a member of the “Falcon Sword” in this way, the despair and anger of being devoured alive by the larvae have resurfaced just like the last time.

My body trembles. My gaze becomes sharp. In this very moment, I want to cut Luna María and the other members of the “Falcon Sword” who are surely there. That longing, which goes beyond desire, burns my mind and body, and unintentionally, I take a step forward.

But just before I start, I barely hold myself back. There is no doubt about wanting to cut down the “Falcon Sword,” but if I attack now, I will end up turning the Canaria soldiers into enemies. Then, I would become a criminal.

It would be very foolish to be pursued by them. Furthermore, considering what happened in the lord of the flies’s nest, there is no way this anger will stop just by cutting them and devouring them.

I will send them all further and further into the abyss. That’s what I decided.

“If that’s settled, then—Hey! Over here! Help me!”

I stopped hiding, shouted, and called for help from the group of soldiers. I didn’t forget to make my voice hoarse and change my facial expression. It’s an act I’ve acquired after escaping from the lord of the flies.

My idea was this. Firstly, I don’t think Lars and the others honestly informed the guild that they used me as bait.

Despite having the infamous name of “Parasite,” we were once comrades, and now that I’ve been expelled from the guild and become a civilian, if they report that they used me as bait, there would be severe consequences for the “Falcon Sword.”

There would be no way for me, as a level “1,” to escape the lord of the flies, and perhaps Miloslav would think that I’m already dead. The facts were twisted and reported for their own convenience. I calmed down and thought about giving a bad reputation to the “Falcon Sword.”

Even if they report the facts correctly, that’s fine. Being used as bait, I can practically condemn them as a legitimate right.

Ishka has a duel system; it might be a good idea to challenge Lars. It sounds very interesting to defeat him while he thinks I’m level “1” in front of everyone.

In any case, I am the living proof of a sin committed by the “Falcon Sword.” If they were to see the guy they used as bait, who is supposedly dead, come back alive in front of them, they would surely turn pale.

Luna María, who suddenly recognized me, stood frozen, her face pale, as if confirming such speculation.

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