Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 4

A girl was at the end of my line of sight. She was a victim like me who was captured by the lord of flies, it seems she is 13 or 14 years old—–if we were talking about a human.

Because she has horns on her forehead. There are two large horns that are clearly visible.

There are also races other than humans in this world. I only know the elf Luna Maria directly, it is not rare to see beastmen and dwarves in the city of Ishka, lizard men, fish men, and there is a rumor that there is also a dragon race.

This girl is also classified as such. She was also a race with a very deep connection to humans.

“So a Kijin (ogre). This is the first time I’ve seen one”

The demon god who was sealed in the “Gate” by the founder of the illusory sword style. The Kijin is a race that worships that demon god.

The two are so closely linked and there is a theory that the Kijin grow in resemblance to the demon god.

The truth of the theory is not entirely clear, but historically it was true that humans and Kijin killed each other in the great war 300 years ago.

After the demon god was sealed, the Kijin were hunted by humans and are now almost extinct.

Even so, if a human finds a Kijin, they form a group and hunt them.

It is not out of fear from 300 years ago—–rather, the horns of the Kijin are prized as high quality magical means.

It can be turned into medicine if processed, if broken, it becomes a material for advanced weapons.

It is said that you can build property with a Kijin horn. Thinking about that, I remembered the rumor I heard earlier.

“Are there mythical species deep in the Tittis forest? It may be unexpectedly true”

While murmuring such things, I walked towards the girl. To be honest, the girl was dirty. Her face, limbs, her long hair were covered in mud, surely she was desperately escaping from the lord of flies. Her clothes too.

…..By the way, is that clothes? I only see large leaves attached and tangled on her.

Maybe it’s a Kijin culture, and when lying down, I can see parts I should not see.

I mean, I’m seeing it. Hm, her breasts are quite large for her age—–wait, now is not the time for that.

“Well, what will I do now?”

At this moment, there is a million possibility in front of me.

Two Kijin horns. With luck, it would be enough to live lazily all my life.

The temptation for money was intense for someone poor like me who can’t even tip, that’s why the innkeeper’s daughter treated me that way.

There are other sources of temptation. The girl was very dirty, but looking closer, she had a pretty face. You could say she’s cute.

It is possible that she will become beautiful over time. And her tempting soul that was more attractive than her appearance.

If I devour this girl, my level will definitely increase by two, no, by three. I was very confident of that.

—–I realized my hand was reaching out to the girl’s body.

However, when I touched the girl’s body, I was surprised at how thin it was.

I was surprised and stopped. What am I trying to do to an injured and unconscious girl?



I quickly pulled my hand away from the girl and slapped my cheek with my fist.

The impact shakes my brain and countless stars dance in my field of vision.

I stroked my aching cheek and exhaled. I knew I was changing after getting my soul equipment.

All I can do is devour—–becoming aware of that, I was far from the teaching of protecting others. Although, I did not hate it at all.

Rather, I feel great. I wonder if this change has been overwhelmed by the soul eater, or was this originally my nature? Memories of my mother and my days in Onigashima only covered my nature?

I have no idea. But speaking of that, I did not particularly care. Anyway, I am me.

However, that is why it is necessary to draw a line to exercise my power. That’s what I thought.

Even if all I can do is devour, it depends on me to decide who or what to devour.

And now I am in a dilemma on how to devour a Kijin girl who particularly did nothing to me.

But I must remain firm. If this is my path, then I will move forward without hesitation.

While thinking about that, a small moan leaked from the girl’s mouth.

Looking at her, the girl frowned and moved her face. It seems she is about to wake up. As expected, after a short time, the girl slowly opened her eyes.

Her big, round eyes opened. At first, the girl’s eyes were relaxed as if she were dreaming, but the moment she noticed me, she woke up immediately.


The girl who leaked a voice that could not be understood, suddenly tried to move and put a surprised expression in an instant.

It is possible that she has noticed that she cannot move from the neck down.

I spoke slowly towards the girl who fluttered her face from left to right.

“Can you understand my words?”

There was no answer to my question. However, the girl’s face became rigid upon hearing my voice, and her lips were tightly clenched. Maybe she understands me.

“You… well, I’m the same, you were attacked by a monster called the lord of flies and brought here, right? Do you remember?”


The girl closed her eyes. Apparently she remembers when she was attacked. I decided to reassure this girl.

“I defeated the monster. The corpse is there”

I pointed to the lord of flies whose legs were cut off and his head smashed. The girl was petrified with her eyes wide open.

“We are probably somewhere in the mountains, there is no side hole that could be an exit. To get out, you have to go up through there”

When I pointed over my head, the girl did too. The daylight came in—–dawn came while I crushed the larvae—–the girl squinted from the brightness.

Her rigid face must be because she noticed the hole above. It is not a height that an ordinary human can climb. Even for a Kijin, that does not change.

“I’m going to escape from here”

The girl looks at me with round eyes.

“Do you have any way to get out of here?”

The girl frowned as if i was saying something irrational.

“If you want, I can get you out of here, but if you say you do not need the help of a human, then I will leave you. What will you do?”

The girl looked away as if perplexed.

“Oh, by the way, I think paralysis will not disappear for at least a day. Well, that’s just based on my experience, I wouldn’t know in the case of a Kijin”

The moment she heard that, the girl stared at me. I can understand that feeling. I already extended my hand to her. It depends on her whether to take it or not.

“For now, I will try to climb the wall. I will come once I climb halfway up, so have your answer ready by then”

As I walked away from the girl and after some light stretching exercises, I approached the wall.

The wall is practically all vertical, but there are several protrusions that protrude to have a foothold. The problem is that there is a slight angle depending on the location. It seems almost necessary to climb using only the strength of both hands on that side.

No matter how much energy I extend through my body, I cannot stick to the wall at a negative angle like an insect.

I climbed the wall with spirit. While feeling a look from behind.

About an hour after that, I managed to escape with the girl. It was an uneventful escape.

The exit was on a small cliff. The great Tittis forest spreads below my eyes, and a strong wind blows in my face.

I heard a small voice of thanks as if covered by the sound of the wind.

“T-This…..thank you …..”

“You’re welcome”

I replied to the shy voice coming from my back. By the way, this was the first time I heard the girl’s voice.

Earlier when I reconfirmed if she needed help, she put on a surprised face—–probably because I climbed up and down the wall—–she just nodded several times.

“Then, do you have a place to go? If you tell me where you live, I can take you there”


It was a confused and hesitant voice. Well, even though I got her out of the hole, it is obvious that she has doubts about telling me where she lives.

“You can specify places like mountains, trees or rocks”

“In that case… the left, the third largest camphor tree…..”

“…..Sorry. As far as I can see, they all look the same size”

After thinking about something, the girl explained in a different way.

“Um, Jiraiya Oaks”

“…..Sorry. But I don’t know which one is Jiraiya Oaks”

“…..I will explain when we get down from this cliff”

“…..Sorry for the trouble”

When I bowed my head, the girl laughed.

“Why is the person who helped me apologizing?”

“I wonder why. Anyway, I’m going to run from here, so be careful not to bite your tongue”

After receiving an answer from the girl, I began to descend the cliff with the girl on my back.

On the way, I felt I heard some kind of scream in my ear, but I paid no attention to it.

In the midst of the scream, it sounds like lively voice of a child, as if playing, but on reflection I decided to ignore it.

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