Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 2

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In times like these, having a close friend brings comfort. Heidemarie has always been straightforward since our days in Ryorifeld, so I could vent my frustrations without her becoming sentimental or overly sympathetic.

She remained silent, attentively listening while munching on a steamed potato beside me.

“…They didn’t even give me time for the handover. I think the necessary documents are still there, but it seems like Sophie didn’t do any of the miscellaneous chore work. Well, it’s something anyone can do, so we can divide the tasks until I get used to it.”

“Sophie? The girl who took over for Vim?”

“Yeah, a long-eared girl, quite a beauty.”

“Ah, one of Chronos’ women?”

“Don’t say things like that. Well, probably.”

I stirred my beer.

Come to think of it, my room was separate from theirs. I occasionally sensed an atmosphere that couldn’t be described as wholesome, but I guess that’s what it was about.

If I’m not present, it will turn into a gathering of three women and one man, and the women will have no hesitation in appealing to Chronos. It seems like everyone would be happier that way.


Come to think of it, I was always excluded from everything. No, it’s not like I desired to involve myself in romantic troubles. But when I consider that things might have turned out differently if we had established more trust, it makes me wonder.

Suddenly, I noticed Heidemarie gazing at me with wide eyes.

“You do it again, that.”


“Your way of laughing.”

“Oh, sorry, was it unsettling?”

“No… I like it, that way of laughing. It’s unique. It felt lonely when it changed.”

“What’s that? A proper lady shouldn’t express her fondness for a man. What would you do if you get misunderstood?”

“It’s fine if I do.”

“Cut it out.”

I appreciatie that. Truly.

A dizziness creeps over me, and my head feels light. Not in a positive or melancholic way, just absent-minded. My gaze starts to wander.

I notice a tapestry hanging on the wall. It’s something you’d find in any tavern in this country, like a symbol of the establishment.

It doesn’t seem to be from Villebron, so I believe it’s a painting from another country, probably one in the north. It portrays a turbulent sea woven with blue thread, with what looks like the head and tail of a white lizard facing each other, their two fingers touching.

Even though I’ve visited this tavern multiple times, I had no idea they had such a tapestry.

“…So, can I ask you something now?”

After a while, she countered.

“Why was Vim, the one who defeated the Lord of the labyrinth , dismissed? That’s what people are saying.”


She hit the nail on the head all of a sudden, or rather, she saw through the secret I was concealing.

“What’s the matter?”

Grete reacted.

“What are you talking about?”

“How many years do you think we’ve known each other? The conversation feels evasive, and sometimes you stumble.”

“Well, um… It’s about…? Well, you see, we, Dragon’s Wing, miraculously… um, rallied around Chronos…”

“Vim, you’re embarrassing. Dragon’s Wing alone can’t defeat a Lord of the Labyrinth. There must have been some special element.”

“No, come on, what are you saying? A Lord of the Labyrinth? There’s no way I could defeat one alone.”

“…Well, the secrets of the labyrinth are known only by the gods and their party. Even if I said something, it would be difficult to prove as long as Vim insists on it.”

Heidemarie gazed into the distance.

“But, we can still make some guesses. I know everything about Vim.”

She looked directly into my eyes, and I found myself at a loss for words.

I have already submitted the report to the Adventurers’ Guild and provided proof of defeating the Great Alligator. I made sure to include Chronos’ achievements as well, so it would be recognized as a collective accomplishment for Dragon’s Wing.

There is a saying, “secrets of the labyrinth.” There are no third parties in the depths of the labyrinth. As long as you can provide evidence, the claims of those involved generally prevail.

But as I met Heidemarie’s gaze, I realized I couldn’t deceive her with such a story. Sometimes, she looks at me with penetrating eyes like this.

“…I think you’re one of those individuals who possess a kind of brute strength. Yeah.”

Heidemarie wore a proud expression, while Grete seemed puzzled.

“…I can’t believe it myself. Well, uh, yeah, there might be a hint of ambition stirring, but the feeling of disbelief is stronger. I believe someone else had already dealt significant damage. Yeah, I’m sure that’s it.”

“You’re not being serious, right?”

“…It’s astonishing how you can believe such a tale, Heidemarie.”

“Well, I do believe it. So why hide it?”

“Well, um, if the person who defeated the Lord of the labyrinth were to leave Dragon’s Wing, it would create various problems.”

“So you’re protecting Chronos?”

“I’m not trying to act noble. It’s just that… how should I put it… I think it wouldn’t be good if someone like me hindered Chronos’ future.”

When I said that, the two exchanged glances and began whispering.

“Sue-chan, what’s going on?”

“Well, regardless, it’s true. It’s just situational evidence from our party conversations. And there’s untapped potential. Vim defeated the Lord of the labyrinth alone.”

“Are you speaking metaphorically? Like, it’s as if he defeated it alone.”

“No, I mean he really did it. By himself.”

“Are you serious? It’s hard to believe. It just sounds like a delusional stalker saying weird things…”

“I understand your perspective, but do I truly come across that way to you?”

“…No. But still, defeating a Lord of the Labyrinth alone…”

“Well, then believe it provisionally. It won’t harm anyone. We’ll find out later, and then we can act like we knew about it all along at the shop.”

“Ugh, if it’s just idle talk, then I don’t mind.”

Having seemingly reached an agreement, the two turned towards me.


“Hey, Cow Girl, tell her. This idiot won’t listen to me no matter what I say.”


With an unwilling expression, Grete began speaking.

“Vim-san, isn’t defeating a Lord of the Labyrinth something that requires brute strength… or rather, I’ve lived in Villebron my whole life, and I’ve never heard of anyone defeating a Lord of the Labyrinth alone.”


“I apologize if I sound skeptical, but if it’s true, it deserves recognition, right? If the victory is acknowledged, there should be evidence, right?”

“Well, but, it really was just a stroke of luck. Um, you could say I kept stumbling upon miracles.”

“Miracles, you say?”

“Well, it’s like, you know, it’s a characteristic of my bestowed abilities. Like, for example, Grete, even though you’re not an adventurer and haven’t received any combat training, if you were to try thousands of times, you could probably land a hit on a formidable opponent once, right?”

“That’s not something that can be attributed to luck or miracles. It’s more like… why not utilize your abilities to their fullest potential…”

“Um, Grete-san, you don’t have to force yourself to believe it.”

“No! It’s not like that.”

“Well, speaking of being dismissed, that’s not the only reason. Actually, things haven’t been going well between Chronos and me…hehe. Not only with Chronos, but also with other members like Nikura and Meris. So, you know, it’s like the accumulated tension has finally surfaced? That’s how it feels. If it were a regular party, I believe I would have achieved something commendable, even for myself. But still, it’s my own lack of virtue that led to this, so to speak.”

Chronos and the others may not be satisfied with my reaction, but I also bear a significant fault. I failed to actively bridge the gap between everyone and inadvertently created a distant relationship. I should have recognized that standing out would make them uncomfortable.

“So, in the end, I…”

“Your perception is distorted!”

Interrupting my words, Heidemarie slammed the table.

“Argh, Cow Girl, bring me another beer!”

“Oh… Are you alright, Sue-chan? You don’t handle alcohol well, right?”

“I don’t care! The customer will pay for it!”

“Alright, alright, one more coming up!”

As the barrel was brought over, she swiftly tilted it, downing the remaining beer.

“Listen, Vim. Let me explain the reason behind your dismissal, or rather, your cognitive dissonance.”

What is she talking about? Some psychological term, perhaps.

With a cough, as if she had regained her usual composure, she continued.

“People come up with strange justifications to reject unwanted perceptions. It’s like the fable of the fox and the grapes. The fox, unable to reach the grapes by jumping, concluded that they must be sour and tasteless to begin with, trying to deceive himself about his own incompetence.”

“Does that story exist?”

“…Is this some kind of joke? Ugh, don’t interrupt the conversation! The point is, Chronos is doing the same thing. Vim, who used to belittle himself, accomplished a feat far beyond his own capabilities. To resolve this contradiction, they fabricated things like calling you trash or useless and kicked you out. Those thoughts were shared by those… what were their names, Nik and Memay? Anyway, those women.”

Nikura and Meris, huh? Referring to them as women. She becomes foul-mouthed when she’s drunk. She gets drunk easily. Well, she does call Grete “Cow Girl” even when she’s sober, so maybe it’s just her way.

“Listen, Vim!”

“Yes, I’m listening!”

“What I’m really trying to say is that it’s not Chronos and the others that are the problem, it’s your cognitive dissonance. You’re also saying nonsensical things because of your distorted perception. That’s even more of a problem.


“You think you’re weak and worthless, and you can’t reconcile that with your achievement of defeating the Lord of labyrinth by luck or brute force. You are also trying to elevate Chronos to a relatively high position, which makes it even worse.”

She tilted the keg again and quickly poured the remaining ale.

“In my opinion, the environment is downright lousy, but Vim, you should take a closer look at yourself.”

…..Well, there you go.

While I nodded or kept my head down, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a square piece of paper.

There was her first name, Heidemarie, and the characters “Yotomodori”.

“Yotomodori. The highest ranking A-class party in Villebron. Just getting in is a prestigious achievement, and of course there are strict checks before admission.

Heidemarie was scouted and accepted, quickly making a name for herself and achieving remarkable results. She is now seen as a candidate for the next management position.

“Here is my business card. A special one. Come to our party house tomorrow.”

“What? What are we going to do?”

“Come and work with us for a while. It’s an experience. Think of it as a favour.”

“Can something like that, um, be done?”

“I’m the 74th generation sage, you know. And a candidate for the next leader. I have that much influence.”

I’m impressed that she has enough influence to pull strings like that. At the same time, I do not like this contradiction.

Heidemarie’s profession is ‘Sage’. It’s the strongest class that can use all sorts of job-related magic. A rare class that can only be acquired by a select few.

I can feel the disparity in human abilities.

I look at her. She’s not someone I can talk to casually, someone so easily approachable. She’s just worried because we’re hometown acquaintances.

“I can pretty much guess what you’re thinking.”

As I stare at the business card, Heidemarie makes a sound of annoyance.

“Just think of it as a favour. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll let you go gently. But…”


“Come. Your perception is too distorted. Listen carefully to the judgements around you. And then realise that you have endless possibilities.”

Although she says this, I’m at a loss.

I can’t summon up any confidence. I’ve just been rejected and it’s impossible to shift gears so quickly.

“Listen, Vim.”

With her hands on my shoulders, Heidemarie looks me straight in the eye, making sure I can’t escape.

“You must live as you wish.”


Carried on a broad back, it feels like I’m swaying through the late-night streets.


“Oh, you’re awake. Can you walk?”

“I might feel sick.”

It’s Vim’s back. It’s been a while since I was carried like this.

He keeps walking. I tried to cheer him up, but it seems like I’m the one being taken care of.

“You’re such a worrier, really.”

“Is that so?”

“Well, thanks. Thanks for being there when I was feeling down. You’re a true friend from the same hometown. I appreciate it.”

He had a distant look in his eyes — though I couldn’t see it, I’m sure he had a distant look — and said that. It made me very happy.

“…But you don’t have to worry so much. You don’t have to pay this much attention to me.”

“Again, that topic?”

“It’s my choice.”

“That’s not relevant anymore.”

“No, it is.”

“Actually, aren’t you the one who’s concerned?”

“No, it’s you, Heidemarie.”

I couldn’t point out the other cognitive dissonance of Vim’s that I’ve been aware of all along.

“So, don’t worry about me. It’s Heidemarie who should live freely, fulfill her adventurer’s life, and find a good person after retiring.”

“…You really don’t understand at all.”

He says such things without even considering my feelings.

“Yeah, I understand. More than you do, actually.”

No, he’s the one who doesn’t understand. He’s always thought that my kindness is just a reverse expression of guilt. He feels guilty about it. It’s a repetitive cycle. What a farce.

“You don’t understand. I understand much better.”


“Well, because…”

Because I know everything about Vim.

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