Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 3

It was a tremendous impulse. In a cave that wasn’t that wide, and with that uncontrollable speed, “she” crashed into the wall with a loud roar.

The vertically long cave swayed tremendously, and the collapsed wall turned into dirt and sand and poured onto “her.”

But for “her,” who was the lord of the flies, it was like the sting of a mosquito.

Swords or arrows didn’t pierce her strong outer layer, even lower or middle-class magic was repelled.

It’s possible to hurt her with higher-class magic, but it’s not easy to target the lord of the flies, who has great agility in the air.

If one receives an impact from that incomparable body, a human would be turned into scattered pieces of flesh.

It’s the same for that human— but it was at that moment when “she” was convinced.

“What a pity, you failed.”

An unpleasant voice came from behind. When “she” heightened her senses and looked back, there stood the man she was supposed to have crushed.

“Hahaha! I feel so light! Compared to this, it’s as if I were wearing very heavy lead armor yesterday” he chuckled.


“If it frustrates you, try again. It will be good practice for me,” he taunted.

Filled with rage, “she” violently attacked the man, her compound eyes glowing red.

Once again, a collision and a roar ensued. As earth and mud fell upon her head, “she” thought, this time I got him.

However, the man remained alive. Not only that, but her strong outer shell, which should have been the source of her strength, had been severely cut. Human weapons were not supposed to leave a scratch on her.


“So, that was an attack without exposing your back, without using your legs, just using the strength of your hands to swing the sword! I cut through that lord of flies like it was a slime!” The man’s expression contorted violently, unable to contain his joy.

And he began to cut at an astonishing speed.

The outer shell was sliced.

The legs were sent flying.

The right eye was pierced.

“She” fought back fiercely, but she couldn’t anticipate the man’s movements.

From one perspective, she was being sliced, struck, and stabbed.

Realizing she couldn’t win, she tried to escape by flying, but with her right eye crushed, her flight was impaired.

Half of her eight legs were lost, making it even difficult to maintain balance in the air.

Now, within “her,” the alarm bells rang like a storm.

I’m going to die. I’m going to die. I will die.

At this rate, she would die. Even the anger she felt upon learning of her children’s deaths was now distant.

If I don’t survive, if I don’t make it out alive…

Frantically spinning her body, she somehow managed to distance herself from the man.

Of course, such resistance shouldn’t work, and the man’s attacks wouldn’t stop—until she thought of something.

“Hmm? I feel like the effectiveness of ‘soul eater’ suddenly dropped,” the man said suspiciously. Then he started murmuring something.

“Is it because you’re about to die? But it’s not different from before. Obviously, you’re trying to flee… Ah, could it be? To efficiently devour a soul, the soul must be active, something like that? Naturally, there’s a difference in the ease of devouring between an enemy who fights head-on and one who runs away with its tail between its legs. In that case, it wouldn’t make sense to prolong this.”

When the man nodded, convinced, he aimed his weapon at “her” again.

As the tip of the black katana pointed at her, “she” was enveloped in a chill she had never felt before.

If “she” were human, she would definitely scream.

I’m going to die. I’m going to die. I’ll be killed.

If I stay here, I’ll definitely be killed!


She moved her hind wings with all her might, disregarding balance or anything else. It didn’t matter if she hit the wall.

Fly! Fly! Just fly!

She aimed for the exit to the sky. Humans couldn’t fly. If she left the nest, she would be able to escape!

That’s what “she” thought as she continued to move her wings. And from behind…

“Illusionary Sword Style… Tornado!”

That voice rang out.

The next moment, a tremendous impact struck her from below.

The force was so strong that “she” was propelled nearly five meters into the air. The exit was within reach.

Though confused by the inexplicable impact, “she” instinctively moved her wings. No, she tried to.

But the four wings that should have responded to her command were already gone.

In the previous impact, her wings had been shattered and scattered in the air.

And with her wings gone, instead of flying, “she”…

[What?!] she exclaimed, her voice filled with disbelief.

After about five breaths, “she” crashed onto the cave floor. The ground shook intensely, like an earthquake.

Bodily fluid overflowed from the wounds inflicted by the human, and her strength gradually waned.

The man approached, laughing at “her.”

“A flying strike that utilizes the body’s energy in the katana. Tornado is one of the basic techniques of the Illusionary Sword Style. Well, I couldn’t grasp that basic technique until yesterday. And to think I could use it so easily like this, it’s all thanks to you, lord of flies,” he sneered.

A night of darkness and blood.

A sharp blade with a combination of two colors was positioned between “her” eyes.

“She” realized what was about to happen, so she attempted to resist by moving her remaining legs with all her might, but the black katana sliced through her feeble resistance and discarded it.

Now, having lost all her legs and wings, “she” resembled a colossal larva.

“Give my regards to your children in the afterlife,” he said with a voice that invaded her mind. “She” tried to make one last resistance—but then she began to ponder.

She didn’t know where this “afterlife” the human spoke of was, but if she remained still, she might be able to see her children. In that case, it was better this way.

Surely, they must be hungry. She would have to go hunt more prey. That’s what she thought.

However, to do that, she would have to stop attacking the human. She also thought about that.

Those were “her” final thoughts.



In the moment I stabbed the lord of flies between the eyes, an enormous soul flowed out, incomparable to the larvae I had cut before.

After trembling and relishing the pleasure, as I remembered the last words I spoke, I burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, this feeling! But even if I told you to send my regards to your children in the afterlife, whether it’s your children or the mother, I devoured all their souls. Even if an afterlife existed, it would be impossible for them to meet. Hahahahaha!”

As I laughed, my body trembled. Looking at my level with an expression of joy, the number displayed was “5.” My laughter continued as my level increased in an interesting way.

But I couldn’t laugh forever. I leveled up, but I couldn’t escape the nest and died of hunger. It’s truly ridiculous to even think about it.

I confirmed that there were no side holes in this nest when I crushed the larvae. The only way out is through the hole above.

“Well, that would be easy to do as I am now”

When I fought the lord of flies, I strengthened my physical abilities by dispersing energy throughout my body. And speaking of energy, it is the magical power created within the body.

If I had to say it in the words of magicians, it would be “Od”. By the way, the magical power that exists in nature is called mana.

If you compare magic with Od and magic with mana, the later is usually better.

And speaking of that, it is natural since it is the magical power generated by individuals against the magical power generated by the world, but things change a little with the illusory sword style.

Users of the illusory sword style whose secret is the manifestation of the existence of the same source, the amount of Od is of a greater magnitude.

If you are someone who has their soul equipment, you will have a magical power that cannot be compared to magicians who are by occupation.

By nature, a technique that uses Od was born and refined.

To master the illusory sword style, energy is an indispensable element, so I also learned the basics.

Well, the amount of energy I had until now was insignificant, so I could not even use a basic technique to strengthen my body.

However, the amount of energy I gained with my soul equipment showed a considerable improvement. It feels like there is an endless source in my body.

As a result of combining my physical improvement by increasing in level with physical strengthening by energy, the attack of the lord of flies did not reach me.

Now I can even climb a vertical cliff without tools.

Due to that confidence, I never felt despair, even when trapped at the bottom of a deep hole.

“But there is a problem”

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