A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 7 part 1

Chapter 7: Oda Nobunaga

“Um, well… I’ve completed the assessment of your magical aptitude. Since magic isn’t relevant to my training, let’s get back on track and start the swordsmanship class right away!”

Feeling sorry for the unsatisfactory result, Yuru tries to make up for it by starting the swordsmanship class while also addressing the previous assessment. However, her plan doesn’t go as expected, and Bowlan bursts into laughter.

“Hahaha! So, you have no attribute at all! What a joke! I thought you were interesting during the entrance exam, but you’re just a loser!”

“…Enough with the noise.”

“…Bowlan-san, that’s enough.”

Arthur glares at her, as if warning her, and True gently stops Bowlan’s laughter. Arthur dislikes her for no particular reason, while True is somewhat fearful. It’s not wise to provoke Fei.

And now, Fei will spend time with them in this unit. If they are going to train together, they shouldn’t unnecessarily strain their relationship.

“What!? Is it true!?”

“Um, well, Bowlan-san, the teacher doesn’t really appreciate that kind of behavior, so from now on, let’s…”

“What’s wrong with telling the truth…”

As she was about to say that, Fei spoke up. His voice sounded mechanical, devoid of any emotions.

“It’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with what she said.”


Bowlan’s reaction was completely different from what Fei expected. She no longer wore the same look of contempt; instead, She looked at hom with a puzzled expression. Normally, anyone would get angry if ridiculed or feel uncomfortable when laughed at, causing their emotions to be shaken. However, Fei displayed none of that. He spoke with a voice that seemed to see through everything.

“Say what you want. That’s… who I am now.”


After Fei said that, Bowlan couldn’t utter a word. She closed her mouth, clicked her tongue, and looked away. Perhaps She didn’t appreciate his nonchalant attitude, as if he didn’t care about her opinion.

“Um, well, let’s start the swordsmanship training then.”

With Bowlan’s silence, Yuru finally resumed the swordsmanship class with peace of mind. She handed each of them five wooden swords.

“First, please spar lightly! I’ve heard a little bit about your skills, but I still want to see them in action.”

Saying that, Yuru looked at the four of them.

“Well… for now… please fight three times so that no one is left out.”

This is their first training. Yes, this is a special unit.

“First of all, I should let you know that the person who loses the most will have to do a handstand and walk around the capital ten times after training is over.”

This unit imposes unusual trials.



Damn it, I can’t believe I had to do ten laps around the capital upside down… I was doing handstands and circling the capital. I lost, I lost everything.

No, they’re all strong. Stupidly strong, really strong. But you know, when I thought about it, it’s a common story. Especially when Bowlan laughed at me, the hero crawls up from the bottom like that. As someone who has read a lot of those kinds of books, it doesn’t bother me, and it actually makes me more excited. It’s true that I’m weak now, but the hero grows stronger every day.

They may be strong now, but I know that eventually I’ll surpass them in strength. It’s like presenting someone with a bouquet of flowers, isn’t it? Right now, I feel the urge to shower them with countless flowers.

To sum up today, I realize that I’m currently in a phase of intense effort. Undoubtedly, I am the weakest among the unit members. In fact, I am by far the weakest. There must be a reason behind my current state of weakness.

It is often said that even if you are a loser, hard work can pave the way for your comeback. Let’s give it our all to climb up from here. As the hero, I believe that if I put in my utmost effort, I will succeed.

That being said, the training was quite demanding. First, after the simulated sword fight, we engaged in extensive running. Building up stamina is crucial, isn’t it? So, we ran and ran, pushing ourselves to the limit.

That adorable mascot teacher really subjects us to grueling tasks. And it turns out that using star power during training is strictly forbidden. Consequently, everyone was running in an almost life-threatening condition.

There are several reasons why strengthening the body through magic using star power can significantly enhance physical abilities. However, for now, the focus is on building pure physical strength. As a result, everyone was completely exhausted after the training, but I fared the worst. This is where it all begins. Henceforth, I am determined to endure punishment games even after training, as I strive to climb back up.

This handstand is challenging, but I am the hero. It’s nothing more than a gentle breeze. Eventually, formidable enemies will likely appear.

One day…

[I will witness the fruits of my labor…]

I will undoubtedly utter those words. My arms and core are pushed to their limits. I struggle to maintain balance and keep falling over. Nevertheless, I refuse to give in.

Because I am the hero.

Upon finishing, the teacher suddenly appears. Apparently, she has been observing me. She is one of those individuals who recognizes the hero within.

It may seem unfortunate, but she is likely the key to unlocking my true potential. Let’s engage in some training!”


(Still, doing my best…)

Fei repeatedly falls as he walks around the capital on his hands. Yururu Garestia secretly follows him, watching in silence.

Despite completing rigorous training, he continues to push himself. The Special Forces training is on a completely different level of difficulty.

He is the lowest in swordsmanship, physical strength, and magical aptitude.

He has some strange habits, and although his physical strength is decent, it is clearly inferior compared to the other three. He lacks magical aptitude.

He is probably under the most mental stress of any member of the Special Forces in history.

Yururu calmly analyzes his mental state.

There are three people around him who are better than him, and their growth rates are clearly different. If that’s the case, it will be very difficult for Fei. He will take one step, and they will take ten. That is surely…

Yururu Garestia painfully sympathizes with this situation. No matter how hard she tries, she can hardly make progress and remains stuck in the same place.

…I used to do handstands a lot. I walked this route while doing them.

She was laughed at, made fun of, and looked like a clown. But she kept doing it. Her figure overlaps with Fei’s as he struggles like an idiot.

I hear there are a lot of kids who skip out, but he’s doing it properly. Even in other units, there are penalties for the child who is at the bottom after training, but most of them don’t do anything. Is he the only one who works hard after training in this year’s Holy Knights?

She finds herself supporting Fei as she identifies with his struggles.

Hang in there, Fei. I’ll support you!

She continues to secretly follow him with warm eyes until he finally completes the task, gasping for breath. He leans on a tree, taking deep breaths repeatedly.

“Good job.”

She naturally goes over to him and hands him a water bottle made from a sheep’s stomach, filled with water.

“Huff, huff…did you watch me?”

“I’m sorry. I was curious.”

“I see…I’m sorry for the trouble.”

He drinks up the water from the bottle that Yururu gave him. He drinks it quickly, and it disappears like an oasis in the desert.

“Sorry, it’s empty.”

“No, it’s okay. I brought it for you in the first place.”

“I see…”

Fei looks at the empty space with a smile on his face. Then, after taking a deep breath, he turns to her.

“Do you have time now?”

“Huh? Uh, yeah, I do.”

“Okay, then come with me for sword training.”

“…Huh!? But you just did so much today…aren’t you at your limit?”

Yururu is surprised and raises her voice. It’s not surprising. He just finished training and then did a punishment that involved walking around the capital on his hands and knees until he was close to death. It’s reckless to try to train with a sword even more now. She feels that he’s at his limit.

“If I don’t surpass my limit…there’s no point.”


“I’m the weakest among them…that’s why I want to be strong…more than anyone else.”


He seeks strength with all his might. His eyes show a desire to obtain something stronger and stronger. At that moment, she remembers something. It’s not her past self who worked hard, but something scarier. She doesn’t want to remember it. She feels like she has seen those eyes before, like a deep abyss of darkness.


“One of my brothers went down the path of destruction, cutting off ties with our father and everything else, delving into darkness. He is someone I thought I would never understand or see again, but I remembered him.

“Fei, I can’t take it anymore. We have lectures tomorrow… I’m in charge, but we have to get up early. You won’t be able to retain any knowledge if you don’t rest your head. Let’s stop for today…”

“You’re the only one… please.”

“Me?… the only one?”

For a moment, she feels like he’s confessing to her, but she quickly dismisses the thought and accepts his request to continue his training.

“Alright, but we won’t train too much today. Just a little bit. Your body will break if we do more. Oh, Fei, did you inform your family that you’ll be home late?”

“I already told them.”

“Okay, then. First, let me explain the flaws in your swordsmanship: your habits and using too much force.”

As a teacher, she cannot refuse someone who seeks her guidance. She musters up the courage to point out his faults.

“Habits are not easy to fix. So, let’s start with your force. It’s better to practice than to explain. Here, take this wooden sword and defend against my strikes.”

Fei takes the wooden sword as instructed, and Yururu readies herself.

“Ready? I’ll strike once, so don’t get hit.”

“Got it…”

Fei puts all his strength into his right arm. His veins pop out slightly as his muscles tense. He grips the sword tightly, preparing himself for her attack.

“Here I come.”


Their swords clash, but Fei’s wooden sword flies into the air. Yururu picks it up and hands it back to him.

“Now, try again without using too much force. Just relax. When I’m about to strike, put force into your sword to prevent it from being deflected.”


Fei relaxes his arm and waits for her attack. When their swords clash again, he puts force into his sword, and this time, their swords stop in mid-air.

“That’s it. You don’t have to use force all the time. Just put force into your sword when you clash. It’s like they say, ‘too much force is not good.’ This is what they mean. Use force where it’s needed to maximize your strength.”

“I see…”

“Now, be careful. As for your habit… well, that’s something you’ll have to figure out through practice and actual combat. It’s not something you can fix right away.”

“How long will it take?”

“It will take quite a while…”

“Do you have time in the morning?”

“You want to train in the morning? You’ll be exhausted. Are you sure?”

“I want to.”

“I see… Well, I won’t refuse. Let’s train then. Fei!”


They continue their training into the night. As a result, Fei is scolded by Maria for coming home late.

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