Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 2

I continued cutting them down one after another while humming a tune.

30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 and a half hours, 2 hours. No matter how much time passes, I don’t get bored. I don’t get tired.

It was when I had cut down about 300 of them. I felt a strong impact in my body. It was different from the previous sensation. It was a mysterious feeling as if my body was being washed from the inside or being reconstructed from scratch.

It was a sensation I had never experienced before. Driven by a hunch, I opened my mouth.

“…..”Level Open””

I checked my level with a trembling voice. Then, a number appeared that I had never seen before.


That’s what it showed. My level, which had never increased, had certainly increased.


I unintentionally struck a celebratory pose. I was convinced. My Soul Eater equipment increases the efficiency of experience acquisition—no, it’s not something on that level.

My Soul Eater equipment is devouring “something” more than just experience.

Since its name is Soul Eater, that something must be souls.

The source of life, the foundation of existence. It devours them and converts them into levels.

I suppose that because my level never increased, when my Soul Eater equipment devours a soul, it’s surely comparable to the hundreds of experience points gained by other adventurers.

No, I don’t think it’s hundreds. Maybe it’s possible for it to reach thousands.

Anyway, it’s safe to assume that by killing enemies with my Soul Eater equipment, I can obtain large amounts of experience.

The pleasure I felt before must be something like an exaggerated reaction of the mind and body to the acquired experience.

Acquiring large amounts of experience suddenly made my body react.

“Now I know!”

I looked around. I observed that there were still many larvae everywhere. If that’s the case, there won’t be a shortage of enemies.

My eyes lit up, and I tightened my grip on my Soul Eater equipment. Unexpectedly, the corners of my mouth rose greatly.



“She” had no name.

Humans called her the lord of the flies, but the name didn’t matter to her.

No matter how the prey called her, “she” didn’t care. However, it’s just a different perspective.

“She” was cautious. Sometimes cowardly, but cautious. That’s why she was able to survive until she became an adult.

In the Tittis Forest, the power of the lord of the flies is high.

In a fight, she could defeat most opponents.

However, it’s a story after becoming an adult. “She” had lived being hunted instead of hunting.

The prey for “her” was mainly corpses. Or the leftovers of other creatures.

Both were terribly bad, but she couldn’t change her way of life. There were always risks when hunting.

The countless number of siblings decreased over time, and before she realized it, “she” was left alone. But she thought it would be easier that way.

How many times had she been on the verge of death because of her siblings who didn’t understand the danger?

Taking that into account, she considered herself lucky to be alone. That’s how “she” thought.

Indeed, she had survived to adulthood in the dangerous Tittis Forest. And she was fortunate enough to find a mate.

Many children were born.

And when the children were born, she would have to go hunting to feed them.

“She” was overwhelmed. There was also a small significance in clearing the depression that had escaped and hidden until now.

Even now, she was injecting venom into a human woman trapped in the forest.

She was a little different from the humans “she” knew, but that was trivial compared to the value of food.

The previous meal was a man with tough meat; some children liked it, but most preferred the tender meat of women.

“She” was satisfied to have caught her today.

However, she felt that the number of humans entering the forest was decreasing. It must be because she had been hunting a lot lately. There would be days when there would be no prey. That alone depressed her.

Recently, the children had grown a lot, and securing food had become very difficult.

It would be easier if they could satisfy themselves with insects and forest beasts, but the children liked humans.

More than worrying about knowledge, their reaction to eating was more interesting.

She couldn’t complain because “she” remembered that point.

Furthermore, the problem of obtaining food was not something “she” could avoid.

Her mother was very problematic, always giving her children negative things (even dead ones).

The first thought of “her” when becoming a mother was that she wouldn’t do the same.

Therefore, for “her,” hunting humans was “difficult but necessary.”

Then, she returned to her nest in a good mood, but the moment she saw the entrance, she felt a bad premonition.

She had forgotten it for a long time since she became an adult—the feeling of danger.

Feeling that sensation, “she” was able to survive in the Tittis Forest until now.

But today, she couldn’t feel it. This was because the feeling was centered on her nest.

Her nest was located deep in the Tittis Forest. The entrance was on a small cliff.

In that way, it wouldn’t be easy for external enemies to approach her children.

However, flying enemies were not limited to this, so “she” aggressively took them down whenever she encountered an enemy of that type.

Just the other day, she took down a passing Wyvern.

Because of that, there were no external enemies targeting the nest from the sky. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any danger.

“She” vibrated her wings finely and rubbed her eight legs. If she’s a human, her body should be trembling with cold sweat.

Bad. Bad. This is bad.

Her instincts were sounding an alarm bell. They were telling her, “Get away now, if you enter, you will die.”

But “she” entered the nest. She didn’t release the captured woman. Here were her children. Her adorable children she had given birth to were waiting for their new meal. If she went back, they would surely hurry up and ask for food. They should come. No, they have to.

In that case, why?

– Why didn’t her children show up?
– Why is the nest so calm?
– Why? Why… is the human they were supposed to devour standing?

“Hahaha! I see you’re angry! If you can understand this situation, that means you have a certain level of intelligence.”

Shut up.

“Do you understand? I cut down all your children. They were very noisy, but they were probably crying, waiting for their mommy to save them.”

Shut up.

“But, it’s a shame! Mommy didn’t make it in time! Even though you were so close, if you had come back 30 minutes earlier, about 50 of them would have been saved.”

Shut up!

“Well, that’s how it goes. Hahaha! Thanks, lord of the flies! Thanks to you, my level “1” has increased to “4”! It was a very delicious hunt.”

Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up!

Don’t let yourself be swayed, you damn prey!


When she threw the captured woman into a corner of the cave, “she” let out a silent roar and violently vibrated her four wings.

And she rushed towards the human like a gust of wind.

When she captured this human, she had no intention of killing him. But now, she didn’t have to do that.

I’ll kill you!

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