Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Mother

“Lord Reed, it’s morning. Please wake up.”

“…Good morning.”

“Hmm? Is something the matter?”

Danae gazed at me with a puzzled expression. I was surprised to be awakened by a maid. I couldn’t admit that I was captivated by her maid attire, so I awkwardly averted my gaze. In response, she tilted her head, perplexed by my behavior.

When I rose from the bed, she offered to help me change clothes, but I felt too embarrassed and declined. However, I struggled with putting on the unfamiliar garments. Blushing, I ended up seeking Danae’s assistance. Her words of reassurance, “You don’t have to strain yourself,” nearly brought tears to my eyes.

After changing, we proceeded to the dining hall for breakfast. As I sat at the long table arranged in the hall, the meals arrived one after another. The life of nobility truly amazed me. Galun, the butler who introduced himself yesterday, stood nearby. While eating, I surveyed the surroundings, but it was only me present.

“By the way, where is everyone else?”

“Lord Reiner has gone to the capital, but I expect him to return soon.”

I, Reed, am the son of Margrave of Reiner-Valdia. Valdia family govern a territory bordering a neighboring country. Consequently, Reiner occasionally travel to the capital for administrative duties. I nodded in acknowledgment of Galun’s explanation. I see, Father is in the capital.

“And what about Mother?”

“Lady Nunnaly is unwell and resting in her room.”

“In that case, I should visit her later.”

“I believe Lady Nunnaly would appreciate that.”

Engaging in casual conversation with Galun, we concluded breakfast successfully. Although I worried about my table manners, it seemed acceptable. After the meal, I intended to return to my room to plan for the future. However, concern for Mother’s condition suddenly gripped me. I requested Danae, who had been waiting nearby, to accompany me to Mother’s room. She appeared puzzled by my request, but upon hearing that I felt slightly embarrassed to go alone, she smiled and promptly guided me there.

Incidentally, Nunnaly-Valdia is not mentioned in the game. I wonder what kind of person she is? As I walked, contemplating this, a peculiar mix of anticipation and anxiety swirled within me, causing my heart to quicken its pace. When Danae announced, “Here it is,” and guided me to the door, I paused in front of it, suddenly overcome by unease and tension that made me hold my breath. It felt as if my body and mind resisted entering, as if it were forbidden. Sensing my state, Danae voiced her concern.

“Lord Reed, are you still feeling unwell? Your complexion doesn’t look good.”

“Huh? Oh, no, I’m fine. It’s just that, even though I’m only going to see Mother, it feels like it’s been a long time.”

Upon hearing my words, Danae regarded me with a perplexed expression, hesitating momentarily before speaking. “Lord Reed, are you truly all right? Since Lady Nunnaly’s health deteriorated, you have been avoiding visiting her. Previously, you used to express a desire to see her every day, but lately, you haven’t been to her room at all.”

“Huh…? Is that so?”

“Yes. Everyone in the mansion has been concerned about it…”

“…I understand.”

After Danae finished speaking, a sad expression crossed her face. I questioned myself, Reed, as to why I had stopped visiting Mother. Memories of Reed within me were filled with fear. But for now, I needed to see Mother first. Suppressing my anticipation and anxiety, I knocked on the door and heard a soft voice saying, “Please come in.” Summoning my courage, I entered the room.

As I stepped inside, I saw a slender woman with long red hair and purple eyes sitting up in bed, engrossed in a book. The sight of her made my heart race, and a whirlwind of emotions flooded my being.

I want to rely on her, I love her, she’s precious to me, I want to protect her, I want to be with her forever… Why? Why? It’s frustrating, it’s saddening, I can’t forgive it. Who is it? Is it me? Please don’t vanish…

Indescribable emotions overwhelmed me, and I stood frozen, unable to process them. In that moment, tears welled up in my eyes, streaming down my cheeks. With a soft “Hah,” I wiped away the tears with my sleeve. My mother noticed my tears and exclaimed in surprise.

“Reed, are you alright?”

She attempted to move closer from the bed, but a fit of coughing stopped her, and she laid her hands on the bed, unable to reach further.

“Mother!! Are you alright?”


Hurrying to her side, I gently patted her back. Up close, I sensed a slight waning of my mother’s vitality, and my hand instinctively exerted strength as I comforted her. My mother looked at me with concern, drawing me closer to her chest, and spoke softly.

“…Reed, thank you. But I heard you collapsed in the garden. I tried to come to your room as well, but my body wouldn’t cooperate… Galun told me, but are you truly okay?”

Within the embrace of my mother, I felt warmth and affection. The multitude of emotions swirling within me began to calm. Yet, her voice trembled.

“Yes, I’m fine now. I was worried about you, so I’m relieved to see your face.”

I smiled gently, attempting to soothe her trembling voice.

“Yes… I am relieved. I apologize for causing trouble for you and everyone…”

In response to my mother’s apologetic expression, I shook my head. To offer her reassurance, I firmly grasped her hands with both of mine and replied resolutely.

“I am fine. After all, I am the child of the Margrave and Margravine, the Lord and Lady!”

Upon hearing my words, my mother smiled happily, her expression gentle.

Afterward, we conversed for a while before I bid her farewell, saying, “I will come again,” and left her room. Reflecting on the surge of emotions upon seeing my mother and Nunnaly, I spoke to myself.

“…Were the emotions I felt when seeing my mother the repressed emotions of Reed within myself?”

My beloved mother was gradually growing weaker, and it pained me to witness it without being able to do anything. How did I truly feel when I was by my mother’s side, closest to her? My mother was a loving presence, always concealing her pain from her illness, showering me with affection and care. I must have felt an immense sadness, as if my heart was being torn apart, wanting to cry out. But I carried those feelings within me without confiding in anyone.

At this moment, I swore to myself that I would save my mother from her illness, determined to live a righteous life.

(Scene transition)

Upon returning to my room, I resolved to jot down the tasks I needed to accomplish from now on. Luckily, I found paper and ink on the desk, ready for use. Without wasting any time, I began writing in Japanese.

Steps to avoid exile and condemnation in the future:

1. Build strong relationships with the game characters to avoid paths that lead to condemnation, death, or exile.

2. Develop self-reliance skills as a backup plan in case option 1 is not feasible.

3. Save and earn money as a secondary contingency if option 1 is not viable.

4. Take care of Nunnaly and my mother.

As I wrote down everything up to step 1-4, I let out a deep sigh.

“Writing them down is one thing, but option 1 seems nearly impossible…”

After all, the game characters were scattered across the Imperial Capital and other countries. As someone confined to the Margrave’s territory, with no connections or resources in my current state, establishing contact with them seemed highly improbable. It was disheartening, but I couldn’t let discouragement get the best of me. I had made a vow to live a righteous life.

“For now, the top priority is step 4. Then steps 3 and 2.”

I urgently summoned Galun to my room. When I inquired about my mother’s illness, Galun’s face turned serious and grave. Taking a determined stance in front of the door, I glared at Galun and shouted firmly.

“You are not leaving this room until you tell me everything! I’m dead serious! I won’t give up, no matter what!”

“Lord Reed…”

Perhaps understanding the depth of my emotions, Galun reluctantly revealed that my mother was suffering from “Mana Depletion Syndrome.” When I requested more details about the symptoms, he explained that everyone in this world possessed mana, a form of life energy. Normally, mana replenished naturally even if it became depleted. However, when afflicted with “Mana Depletion Syndrome,” the natural recovery ability drastically decreased. This resulted in a gradual weakening of the person until eventual death. Sadly, there was currently no established treatment for this condition.

Initially, galun had no intention of divulging mother illness to me. But seeing the desperation and determination in my eyes, he decided to share it with me as our secret. Galun’s account provided me with the name of the illness and its symptoms.

Drawing from my memories of a past life, I recalled a debuff called “Mana Depletion” in a game. The debuff slowly drained MP (mana points) until it reached zero, and then HP (health points) started decreasing. In the game, there were methods to restore both HP and MP, so it wasn’t a significant threat. However, in reality, it was a terrifying condition—an incurable disease without a natural remedy.

“I must conduct research immediately. Is there a library or something?”

That was my first question after hearing Galun’s account. Subsequently, I was directed to a spacious study within the mansion.

“Please make use of this study for your research. If you require any additional materials, let us know, and we will arrange for them. However, please note that it may take a few days for them to be delivered.”

“Understood. Thank you.”

I expressed my gratitude, and Galun bowed lightly before leaving the study.

Surveying the study, I noticed numerous books in the room. Yet, a doubt crossed my mind—could I even read them? With a mixture of anticipation and apprehension, I cautiously opened a nearby book… and to my relief, I could read it perfectly. Thanks to the bonus from my reincarnation.

“Now, let’s delve into our research wholeheartedly!”

I said confidently, slapping both my cheeks lightly with my hands, and then I began to leaf through the books in the study. As I read different types of books, my reading speed increased. I realised that I could almost remember the whole content of a book after reading it once. What an advanced child I am.

“Reed… If you’re so capable, why did you become a follower of the villainess?”

I muttered unintentionally, looking into the distance.

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