Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 1

Chapter 2: The Overnight Branch

I thought it would have been perfect if it had been raining, but there was no rain at all.

Fieldblon, a labyrinth city filled with the dreams and hopes of adventurous youth, thrived thanks to the treasures from the labyrinth and the people who sought them.

It’s a famous story in this country—the labyrinth holds everything.

Not just gold and silver treasures, but also unique monster materials that don’t exist on the surface, breathtaking views that inspire poets, and unexplored dangerous territories. They stretch on endlessly.

Status and fame rise with exploration achievements, and the bonds formed with comrades who have faced death together might be stronger than blood.

But there is one crucial thing: the willingness to lose everything at any moment. Those who claim they can do that without hesitation are called “adventurers.”

Well, as you can tell from what happened earlier, the reality isn’t that simple.


It’s somewhat laughable. People passing by seemed happy, as if I was the only one in the depths of despair. I walked dazedly towards the inn.

I longed for a place, even for a moment, to find solace.

The clock tower, the symbol of Fieldblon, looked down on me. By contrasting it with the tallest building in the world, my own insignificance became even more pitiful.

Oddly enough, my feet led me to the inn where I stayed on the night I first arrived in this city. I unpacked and lay down on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling.

What should I do now?

Thankfully, I have some savings. I haven’t spent much money due to my busy schedule and completing requests as part of a B-rank party for several years, so I won’t have trouble with food for a while. However, continuously staying at the inn is expensive, so I need to find somewhere else. Absentmindedly, I calculate. Yes, if I find a place and keep my food expenses low, I could live for about six months.

If only I can find a stable source of income by then, I might be able to make a living.

…Can I find it? Can someone like me?

There should be some job openings at the Adventurer’s Guild. But I doubt there will be a party that would hire an buffer like me. I take pride in the skills I’ve developed, but I lack the confidence to change the prevailing impression of buffers in the world.

Should I go solo…? That would be quite ironic for an buffer.

I can handle low-level monster hunting, maybe equivalent to an E-rank party—no, maybe I’m overestimating myself. I might be better suited to an F-rank party.

“Ah, I want to die.”

I wonder when that became my catchphrase. I don’t think I’ve said it in front of others, but I feel like I say it to myself every minute when I’m alone.

I’m not sure how to handle this slump, so I thought I would strike a pose that someone might have done in such situations.

Basically, I came here alone. It’s a hidden tavern in a back alley called “Yadomae.” It’s not a regular spot, but I come here occasionally.

“Welcome~ Oh, Vim-san!”

Grete, the innkeeper’s daughter, greeted me with her lively demeanor, dressed in a maid outfit for customer service and flashing a radiant smile that was absolutely dazzling.

“I heard! Dragon’s Wing defeated the floor boss! Congratulations!”

Ah, well, I guess so. Has the news already spread?

I silently took a seat at the counter. Though there weren’t many people in the shop, the moment they heard Grete’s voice, their eyes turned towards me in unison. “Congratulations!” “You’re the best in the world!” “Is Vim treating us today?” They whispered from a distance, creating a festive atmosphere. But no one rushed over.

“That means you’ll be promoted to Rank A! Oh, is today a celebration for that?”

Come to think of it, I only came here when something good happened, didn’t I? It was like my personal celebration for a rank promotion.

“Ah, no, actually, um, it’s not really a celebration or anything, hehe.”

“Is that so?”

“Well, for now, um, can I have a drink? And the usual sausages.”

“Sure thing!”

The specialty dish at “Yadomae” arrived quickly: lamb sausages as thick as an arm and beer. It was a single dish, but it was quite substantial. Only a man doing physical labor would be able to finish it.

I stabbed the sausages with a fork and devoured them, washing them down with beer. I continued to devour and drink. When my mouth got messy, I wiped it with a cold towel. And then I devoured again.


They didn’t have much flavor. But they tasted delicious, and I felt like I could eat them endlessly. Perhaps the circumstances had turned them into a strange seasoning.

Realizing that the overall atmosphere in the shop wasn’t one of celebration, the previous excitement subsided, and everyone returned to their respective table conversations. Grete was also watching over me.

The silence was gentle.


Oops, I was about to burst into laughter.

Sometimes, we would celebrate together. But since I wasn’t usually invited, it only happened a few times. I wasn’t good at joining people’s circles or engaging in conversations, so all I could do was laugh… haha… I think. But it was enjoyable.

It was enjoyable.

Oh, no, my eyes were getting teary.

Clink. The door made a sound.


From the narrow view outside, I heard a familiar voice clearly.

I saw a double ponytail swaying without reservation. The deep scarlet hair, tinged with a touch of golden, stood out oddly, even though it should be considered normal for someone in this country.

Surely it was because of her presence. Her audaciousness, which didn’t shy away from standing out, only made her stand out even more in her petite stature.

There was no doubt about it, it was my friend from the same hometown, Heidemarie.

She seemed oddly out of breath.

“Welcome! …Oh, it’s Stalker Sue-chan.”

“Not annoying Cow Girl, but yeah.”

Every time Heidemarie and Grete met, they exchanged insults. Well, it seemed more like they were joking rather than being hostile, so they must have had a good relationship.

With Heidemarie’s small stature and Grete’s mature appearance, they seemed like an odd yet complementary pair.

“Vim! Um, well, you see…”

Did she know that I got fired from Dragon’s Wing?

Judging by her expression, it seemed even she was a bit flustered this time.

“Are you okay?”

“…It’s already spreading.”

“Oh, really? I’m the only one who knows. Even then, it’s hard to believe, that jerk.”

“No, why do you know?”

“I know everything about Vim.”

She said it with a straight face, not as a joke.

…I see, so it’s already spreading.

“What’s wrong, Sue-chan? Something with Vim?”

Heidemarie looked awkward at Grete’s question. She was actually a kind-hearted person, so maybe she disliked contributing to the rumors by mentioning my mistake.

Well, it was something I should say myself.

“Well, actually… I got fired from Dragon’s Wing.”


The whole place fell silent.


I noticed the response of the signaling emblem I implanted in Vim outside Dragon’s Wing’s party house, and since it stopped at a beginner-friendly cheap inn, I wondered what happened. I quickly activated the eavesdropping stone and decided to replay the conversation inside the party house.

“Get lost, you scum.”

I heard that, and I was shocked.

That garbage, he might actually do it. Oh well, that’s why I was against leaving my Vim with Dragon’s Wing and all that. Even if Vim wished for it, this treatment is just too cruel.

Vim seemed to be heading to Yadomae. Is he planning to drown his sorrows in alcohol? Anyway, I left my room and went straight to Vim.


When I opened the door to Yadomae, I saw Vim, looking very weak.

His gloomy face and hunched back… as usual. No, it seemed even worse.

His black hair, which revealed his immigrant lineage, strangely matched this situation. Cutting it short for practicality was counterproductive because it made his expression even more visible.

I hated to say it myself, but he reeked of pettiness.

The air of sorrow and self-deprecation hung heavy, to the point where even a clueless child would know not to approach and talk to him.

Oh, no, it reminded me of the past. I didn’t want to see that Vim again. I vowed to myself that I would do my best to prevent it.

“Welcome! Oh, it’s Stalker Sue-chan.”

“Not the annoying Cow Girl, but yeah.”

I shrugged off the damn cow girl’s greeting.

“Hey! Um, well, you see… Are you okay?”

Translator note: Looks like I make a big mistake about the title of this novel,

The Chore word should be : Gofer/Scrub/Peon/Grunt/Menial Men/Lackey/Shoelace Tier or other similar word.

While Granting should be translated as : Buffer/Supporter/Enhancer/ etc

Again my mistake not reading the novel ahead and trusting existing mangaupdates entry instead.

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