Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 1

Translator note: Looks like I make a big mistake about the title of this novel,

The Chore word should be : Gofer/Scrub/Peon/Grunt/Menial Men/Lackey/Shoelace Tier or other similar word.

While Granting should be translated as : Buffer/Supporter/Enhancer/ etc

Again my mistake not reading the novel ahead and trusting existing mangaupdates entry instead.

Please post comments if you have suggestion of how the title should be translated

Chapter 1: A Disastrous Beginning

To live a life free from shame, to blend into the background, and to be of service to others, I have quietly embraced this existence.

In the past, I held my own aspirations and ambitions, but I restrained myself and focused on utilizing my abilities to the best of my capacity. Or so I believed.

“Get lost, you scum.”

Chronos’ words hit me hard, like a punch to the gut.

Nikura and Meris also stared at me, their eyes perceiving me as an unknown monster.

The three of them huddled together, keeping their distance from me, launching an verbal attack filled with unmistakable hostility.

“……Uh, well, um. I wonder why, what could be the reason…”

Those were the only words I managed to muster.

“Stop. It’s pitiful to go to such lengths,”

Nikura spoke.

“And you failed to notice that, even though he’s just a gofer that only does menial task?”

Meris added.

This was our usual meeting place, the table where we gathered to share meals, hold meetings, and enjoy moments of camaraderie—a symbol of our cooperation. Yet, I found myself accused and blamed. It felt like I was on trial.

Countless arguments surged within me, but I already knew the inevitable outcome.

Encountering a Floor Boss unexpectedly is a well-known danger that anyone venturing to the front lines is aware of. The Adventurers’ Guild had provided thorough explanations. Moreover, the primary objective of this labyrinth expedition was initially limited to mapping and resource collection.

“Well, um…sorry, but it seemed there was no other choice, um…retreating was the prudent course of action, and, well…”

Amidst the silence, I forced myself to speak, stumbling over my words.

I had prepared for the retreat. I pleaded with everyone and underwent training for such a situation.

Yet our leader, Chronos, prioritized his personal glory.

Defeating the Floor Boss would have brought our name to prominence throughout Fieldblon. Chronos succumbed to the allure of swift fame.

“I thought we might have found a way to avoid the encounter somehow, but…”

In the end, Chronos was sent flying with a single blow, suffering a concussion. Nikura and Meris, unable to defend themselves in time, also sustained severe injuries, rendering them incapacitated.

“Don’t make excuses! Isn’t it your responsibility?! It’s your fault!”

Chronos shouted at me.

I could still argue. Part of me wanted to shout that it wasn’t true. Yet I knew their anger didn’t stem from that, so I remained silent.

The situation was that I singlehandedly vanquished the Floor Boss in a miraculous turn of events.

Truly, it was a miracle. I was desperate to protect everyone, as their lives were in danger. These were the comrades I had fought alongside for so long. If I couldn’t act on my own, they would all perish.

And through a fortunate chain of events, I emerged victorious and defeated the Floor Boss.

Even if I were asked to replicate this feat, I doubt I could.

“But, but, I… I succeeded in defeating the boss… With this achievement, Dragon’s Wing should be promoted to Rank A, and then we…”

The very fact that we triumphed over the Floor Boss was undoubtedly an accomplishment deserving of praise.

Defeating the Floor Boss would unlock the teleportation gate to the next level of the labyrinth. It would lead to rapid progress in exploring the labyrinth and bring prosperity to the town.

If the guild officially recognized this achievement, we would reach even greater heights.


The A-rank designation was exclusively bestowed upon the party that defeated the Floor Boss. Dragon’s Wing would have their name etched into history, granting them significant power in this world.

Therefore, I expected everyone to rejoice with us. I believed they would congratulate us on a job well done.

“Well, it’s like you’re claiming it as your own achievement.”

Nikura quietly stated, her words sounding harsher now that we stood on opposing sides.

“That’s not it! It’s because everyone contributed and inflicted damage! I merely delivered the final blow! It was all a coincidence, a victory we achieved together, and I… I…”

I found myself offering an incomprehensible self-defense. Clearly, something was amiss. Yet, I couldn’t stop speaking, aware that everything was going awry.

Because I had nowhere else to go. Dragon’s Wing was my place, and I had fervently tried not to burden anyone.

If I were cast out from here, I…

“Shut up.”

However, before I could continue with those thoughts, Chronos interrupted me.

I understood.

It was over for me.

I had exceeded my place. I was just a menial taskmen. Though unspoken, I occupied the lowest rung within Dragon’s Wing.

A person like me, who accidentally achieved something worthy of praise, couldn’t help but cause discomfort.

If I wanted to stay here, I couldn’t make any mistakes. My role was to remain inconspicuous, not be a burden, and assist everyone. Because I was here as a favor.

I looked at Chronos, dumbfounded.

Ah, this must be what they call a beautiful face. Even though he’s a man, the word “beautiful” suits him. It’s as if he was chosen for his elegance. Hey, please don’t look at me with that kind of face, it’s scary.

I glanced at the two people behind him, as if seeking help.

Nikura, the priest. Always calm and composed, she was the perfect companion for Chronos. It was always difficult to approach her due to her cold attitude, but secretly, I believed she also had a gentle side.

No, that was probably true. They must have been cold only towards me. If I’m met with hostility, this is how it goes.

Melis, always cheerful and a talented magician. She had a hidden side to her that couldn’t be easily seen, and sometimes she would vent her frustrations to me. Although she often got angry with me, deep down, I thought she actually trusted me.

But I was mistaken. Perhaps from a certain point or right from the start, she genuinely despised me. Maybe she even wanted to eliminate me altogether. I couldn’t tell.


Tense to the point of bursting, a feeble and laughable sound escaped me.

“Why the hell are you laughing?”

The table was struck with a bang, and my back involuntarily trembled.

Did my fear appear as a vulnerability? Chronos leaned forward, grabbed my collar, and forcefully pulled me towards him.


My collar tightened, and the air was forcefully expelled from my throat. It was suffocating. But I couldn’t resist.

There was an evident power difference. This was due to our professions. I specialized in enhancing buff our allies, while Chronos was a warrior specialized in combat. The difference in raw strength was overwhelming. I had no chance.


Chronos spat out those words, as if confirming it.

In hindsight, Chronos had been quite wary of me just a while ago. Perhaps he feared that I, who had defeated the Floor Boss, posed a threat.

But now that he had me in his grasp, this was how it turned out. I was the one who understood it the most. That had truly been an incredibly lucky coincidence.

–I am weak.

When I was finally allowed to breathe again, conviction returned to Chronos’ eyes.

I pressed my hands against the floor and took a deep breath. Our relationship remained the same; I was simply looked down upon by the three of them.

“That’s enough. We’ve already found your replacement. Come in.”

Everyone’s gaze turned away from me, towards the entrance. I turned my head and realized it was the guest room. Standing there was a slightly tall, beautiful woman. Her hair and eyes were a deep green, blending in with the leaves of the trees. And above all else, her ears were pointed.

It was obvious at first glance.

She belonged to the long-eared race.

“This is Sophia. She’ll fill the void you left and become a valuable asset.”

Introduced as Sophia, the woman bowed her head.

…She must have feelings for Chronos, I thought. He’s undoubtedly quite popular.

“So, get lost, Vim. We don’t need you anymore.”

The matter had been settled.

Suppressing my voice, which was on the verge of trembling, I stood up.

“Please let me gather my belongings.”

“…Hurry up.”

Avoiding eye contact with everyone, I placed my foot on the stairs of the party house.

“Sorry, everyone. Until now, all this time…”

I murmured, apologizing.

Today marked the farewell to the place I had called home for many years.

I opened the door to my bedroom. Come to think of it, they had given me a private room even though I’m someone like me. Dragon’s Wing did. It often felt suffocating, but it was a good party, I suppose.

Well, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Silently, I packed my belongings. I left behind important things like party documents to avoid exposing myself to further disgrace. I hastily stuffed my belongings into my bag, as if nothing remained in my hands. It was all unknown.


I lost my strength and let out the laugh I had been told to fix because it was disgusting.

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