Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 1

Chapter 2: Soul Eater

The movements of the larvae didn’t cease.

—–Being devoured.

My body disappeared as it was bitten, chewed, sucked, and melted.

—–Being devoured.

They didn’t stop. They didn’t halt. That noise echoing in the cave was surely the joyful voices of the larvae.

—–Being devoured.

They ate my arms. They ate my legs. I would never be able to wield a sword again. I would never walk again.

—–You’re dying.

My eyes, nose, ears, and mouth are filled with larvae. There’s no salvation for me.

—–Will you give up?

I’ve already given up. I’ve probably given up long ago. Mitsurugi Sora couldn’t become anything.

—–You’re truly an idiot.

Yes, I’m an idiot. But what can I do other than give up in this situation?



—–Devour them.

Devour them? These larvae?

—–That’s right.

What sense would it make if I did that? I have no salvation anyway. I already ate dozens of them that entered my mouth, and the hundreds squirming in my body didn’t stop. Furthermore, there are still thousands in the cave. There’s nothing I can do.

—–So, you’ll let them eat you?

Of course not. I don’t want to die. But I can’t do anything. The weak are unnecessary. That’s right. I was unnecessary both in Onigashima and in Ishka. Mitsurugi Sora was unnecessary as a swordsman and as an adventurer! My father’s words were correct!

—–Doesn’t it bother you?

Does it bother me?

—–If you die, your father will laugh.

No, he wouldn’t. Even if he were to hear about his son’s demise, he probably wouldn’t bat an eye. To my father, it’s as if I’m already dead. But…

—–But, what?

Surely Raguna will laugh. Ayaka, Goz, Cecil, and the other apprentices will laugh too. They will say, “Mitsurugi Sora was nothing more than a human at that level.” I’m sure everyone from “Falcon’s Sword,” the guild receptionist, and the innkeeper and his daughter will also laugh.

—–Doesn’t that bother you?

…..Yes, it bothers me. I don’t want them to laugh even if I can’t receive help. It frustrated me just imagining their faces with those smiles. Whether it’s ten or twenty, I will take the lord of the flies’s offspring with me. Fortunately, my mouth can still move. I still have teeth. It’s easy to chew and crush the larvae.

—–Then, devour.

Yes, I will. If I’m going to die anyway, I’ll do it until I die———Yes, if I’m going to do it, then I’ll devour them all. That way, I might be able to survive. There’s not much difference between devouring dozens, hundreds, or thousands of them.

—–Devour them all.

To die devoured? Or to survive by devouring? There’s no other choice. Ahh, why didn’t such a simple thing occur to me?

—–Devour them all.

Not just the larvae. Also those who mocked me, those who belittled me, those who betrayed me. I will devour them all.

—–I am you.

Yes. It’s because of everything I’ve been through until I turned 18.

—–You are me.

Mitsurugi Sora can’t do anything. Can’t fight. Can’t protect anything.

—–We are one and the same.

Someone who is nothing but can become anything? What can I do if I can’t even fulfill my promise to my mother? The only thing I can do…

—–Synchronization has been completed.

Devour everything, that’s all.

—–Here and now, we will be reborn.

In a strange place, my consciousness rises from reality after a conversation with someone unknown.

In the end, I had a strange vision.

As far as the eye could see, there was a desolate land filled with rocks and mud.

There was a massive tree in that place. It was an oak. And a gigantic beast like a mountain stood beside the tree as if protecting it.

That gigantic beast covered in black scales reminiscent of the night sky was undoubtedly a dragon. The strongest mythical creature among them all.

It seemed to notice my gaze. The dragon moved its long neck and looked at me.

I didn’t understand the expressions of the dragon. I didn’t understand the dragon’s language.

However, it seemed like the dragon was smiling for some reason.

Nevertheless, I felt like I could understand its words.

The dragon told me its name.

Its name is—

If I were to force this feeling into words, it was as if I had swallowed the sun.


I screamed. I screamed. I screamed.

Burn. Burn. Burn. Burn. Burn. Burn. Burn. Burn. Burn. Burn. Burn. Burn. Burn…

My entire body is engulfed in flames. Hot oil has been applied to my whole body.

My bones are burning. My flesh is boiling.

All my blood turns into scalding water and rushes from the tip of my head to the tips of my toes at high speed.

At this rate, I’ll explode. Just like a water balloon when pierced by a needle.

This heat expanding in my body.

This power raging in my body.


If this isn’t released even for a second, Mitsurugi Sora’s body will turn into scattered pieces of flesh!

Scream. Scream. Scream.

I know. I know. I know.

How can I unleash the power? How can I give it form?

I certainly know this illusory power within my body!

—–We are one and the same.

A direction is being given to the power that is raging and furious.

In my outstretched hand, an uncontrollable power like a torrent gathers as a black glow.

Thin, long.

Sharp, strong.

—–Soul Eater.

It was a furious black sword. The manifestation of an eclipse devouring the sun.

The strongest and most ancient mythical species that killed 17 war gods in the era of the gods.

Its name is—

“Devour it all, Soul Eateeeeer!”

At that moment, a black flash that swallowed even the starlight covered the cave.

How much time had passed before the moonlight returned from above?

The black flash vanished, and I stood alone in the cave, breathing heavily.

That’s right, I was standing. My two legs that were devoured by the larvae had regenerated down to the toes and nails.

The same was true for my arms. My left arm regenerated, as did my injured right arm. It felt very strange to move my torn arm.

And my right hand was gripping a katana.

A katana dyed black as darkness from the guard to the hilt was surprisingly in my hand.

The blade was also black. However, the edge of the blade was stained with dripping blood.

I stared intently at the blade.

It had an intimidating sensation that made my skin crawl.

It had a feeling that made my back tremble.

…..I have the memories. So, I know what this is.

No, even if I didn’t remember, I would have instinctively understood.

This is my Soul equipment.

“…..Soul Eater. A soul-devouring dragon, huh?”

Knowledge about the existence of the same source flowed into my mind.

There was no voice responding to my murmurs.

However, the black katana reflected the moonlight and shimmered faintly, as if congratulating me on the manifestation of the Soul Eater equipment. That venomous glow and fresh blood-like appearance.

Suddenly, something moved in my field of vision.

Upon looking, a larva about the size of a child’s head was desperately trying to escape from me.

And upon closer inspection, I could see similar larvae all around.

It seems that the group that devoured my body was annihilated by the heat at the moment of the manifestation of my Soul Eater equipment, but there are still many larvae in this cave.

If they attacked together, it would be a great threat, but it seems they didn’t have such intentions.

Perhaps this is the first time I am facing external monsters that are not paralyzed.

“A creature that lays many eggs will go for external enemies—– something like that?”

I recalled the characteristics of the creatures I heard from Luna Maria. The reason for laying many eggs is that, if they don’t, there won’t be individuals that can survive to adulthood. A lord of the flies that lays thousands of eggs is already practically a great effort and problem.

“I wonder if that lord of the flies would be frustrated if, with all the trouble it went through, it returned and saw all its children annihilated!”

Pff, a small laugh escaped me. They probably would have caught me if that lord of the flies hadn’t trapped me.

In a certain sense, it would be my benefactor, even if it’s an insect.

Well, I don’t mind. With all the gratitude and anger welling up from the bottom of my heart, I will tear apart all its children.

Certainly, at this point, I should find a way to escape, but that will be for later.

The despair I felt before has not yet faded. I remember the fear of being eaten alive.

For that reason, the pleasure of revenge was exceptional. It’s a shame I can’t hear the lamenting cries of the larvae.

Let’s start with the ones that are closest!

“Alright—– Ugh!”

The moment I cut down a large larva, a strange voice escaped me. If there were people here, they would definitely laugh. It was such a foolish voice. Surprised, I covered my mouth.

What was that!? The moment I cut, an indescribable sensation ran through my body. If I were to compare it, yes, it felt as if I were consoling myself… was a sensation very close to sexual pleasure.

“…..W-What happened?”

I was really surprised, but that doesn’t change what I’m doing.

I aimed for the next larva and swung my black katana again.


As I predicted, I was able to suppress the strange voice from before. Does something happen when I kill a larva? But there doesn’t seem to be anything harmful.






“Hm, good”


“Very well”

I’ll stab once more.

“I’m getting used to this”

After repeating it several times, I got used to the pleasure. Suddenly, I crushed a small larva with my foot—then, I thought. It’s indeed difficult to step on them barefoot. I also thought that it wouldn’t be anything new to kill them by biting, but…

“Alright, with this”

I grabbed a nearby stone and tried to crush them with it.

Then, that pleasure didn’t transmit. To test it, I tried to crush about five of them of different sizes, but the result didn’t change.

Then, I killed one with the black katana, and the pleasure revived.

“Larvae don’t do anything when they die. This must be the ability of my Soul Eater equipment”

In that case, it shouldn’t be something so bad.

Unfortunately, there’s no instruction manual for my Soul Eater equipment, so I have no choice but to figure out how to use it and its effects on my own.

For now, it’ll be revenge for devouring several people.

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