Before the tutorial begins chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Reaper of the Dungeon and the Sword of the Six Flowers, Part 1


Dungeon City Sakuraka – 27th Dungeon “Eclipse”, 1st Floor

After the explanation and question session concluded, each of us selected our weapons and proceeded to pass through the portal gate one by one.

The mysterious door that linked the dungeon’s interior, a different world from our own, known as the “Transit Gate.”

As someone experiencing the transcendental warp to another dimension for the first time, my impression of it was rather “ordinary,” lacking any sensations or strange floating feelings typically associated with such means of transportation.

It was a simple passage. The only change was the scenery before me.


However, such matters were inconsequential now as my excitement grew.

The view of the otherworldly landscape, with its ceilings, floors, and walls composed of blue astral bodies, resembling a labyrinthine structure of corridors.

I couldn’t help but feel the reality of it.

This is inside the dungeon. Inside!

After a year since the transfer, I was finally experiencing the main content of Dungeon Magi that I had always admired but could only observe from the outside!

And there! I am here!

“You seem incredibly excited, Master.”

“Well, of course! It’s my first dungeon, my first dungeon! It’s natural that I’m excited!”

Mixed with a slightly exasperated tone, my partner’s voice, audible even within the dungeon, commented.

“…I see. However, I advise you not to behave that way in a group.”


Upon regaining my composure, thanks to Al’s advice, it was already too late for several things.

The gazes of everyone involved in this test, including the examiners, were focused on me.

“Well, um, you know. It’s good to be curious, but you should be mindful of the time and place.”

The examiner’s consideration for me intensified my embarrassment slightly.


“Now then, I hereby declare the start of the Adventurer Test Spring Division. The deadline is 90 minutes until noon, so give it your all without any regrets. Let’s begin!”

With the spirited words of the armored examiner, the test finally commenced.

One by one, the examinees sprinted through the maze-like dungeon with its cyber-like atmosphere.

Among them, I caught a glimpse of her figure, whom I had encountered earlier.

“Master, start moving in the direction she is heading.”

“Got it!”

Following Al’s instructions, I began to trail the girl with the blue hair ornament.

Merely observing my actions, one could easily mistake me for a stalker.

However, I had a compelling reason for doing so.

Today’s test was so renowned that it would be discussed even in the world of Dungeon Magi two years from now, and she was a central figure in it…


Suddenly, the girl running ahead turned her face towards me.

Her dignified and alluring eyes pierced through my soul.

She… smiled?

Yes. She definitely smiled at me.

Just as I was about to contemplate the reason, she agilely scaled the wall like a cat and effortlessly reached the top of the maze.

Silently, yet gracefully.

The girl with the blue hair ornament landed on the top with movements that defied gravity and inertia.

Her gaze once again locked onto mine.

Our eyes met. A moment of silence ensued, and then her beautiful lips began to move with the elegance of dancing petals.

“Come this way.” I see. I’m completely being toyed with, huh?

Certainly, in her eyes, my appearance must have resembled an examinee seeking cooperation.

Whether it was because she found it bothersome or to assess my qualifications , I couldn’t say for sure. But the fact remained that we were being challenged from our side.

“Or maybe you’re just a creepy stalker guy”

Well, I mean, it’s normal not to want someone with a scary, intimidating face like mine suddenly chasing after you, right? Right?

“I can’t say anything about that. However, if a person with a normal sense of perception is suddenly chased by someone with a scary face like yours, it’s natural for them to feel highly uncomfortable.”

“Don’t you have any sense of mercy or kindness?”

Deep down, tears of frustration streamed down my face as I tried to reassure myself that I wasn’t scared. “Whatever, it doesn’t matter!” I exclaimed. “I need to catch up quickly!”

Raising my voice, I urged myself forward and cast the spell “Leg Strengthening” on myself. I poured strength into my legs, trying to make up for the few seconds lost in a futile conversation with Al.

“Hey, that’s not fair,” I muttered.

A black mist appeared, enveloping me. It was a sign that they were descending onto this side. Yes, I had encountered them at the worst possible moment, fighting against the clock.

“What did I stumble upon exactly?” I asked. “Of course, enemies!”



“Enemy spirits confirmed. The count is 5. Goblins: 3, Kobolds: 2. Not a stroke of luck, Master.”


Of all the times for my first spirit battle, it had to be now. Talk about bad luck.

“If I ask them nicely to let me pass because I’m in a hurry, do you think they’ll allow it?” I pondered.

“Do you think the ones who came here to gain experience will let you pass, Master?” Al responded with a hint of skepticism.

In response to Al’s question, I sighed wryly. While humans ventured into the dungeon in search of resources and treasure, the spirits from the spirit world entered solely for their own growth. Their ultimate priority was leveling up, surpassing all other considerations of pleasure or ethics. It was their very essence and top priority.

Even though I was a descendant of a favored clan, Al easily lending me his power, the legendary secret boss, was likely connected to the spirits’ obsession with growth. When there’s an opportunity to improve oneself, one cannot help but seize it. Becoming stronger, earning recognition from various beings, finding one’s own value—that is the way of the spirit race.

Now, in front of my eyes, stood a green-skinned imp wielding a rusted sword and a dog-like figure with a friendly face stringing a bow. Their purpose was self-training. It was as if I stumbled upon experience points the moment I logged into the game.

“But I have no intention of becoming fertilizer for you guys,” I declared.

Drawing my weapon from the sheath on my back, I revealed the two-handed sword I had chosen before the exam—a massive weapon measuring 170 centimeters in length. It was a perfect fit for me, emphasizing destructive power and range.

The expressions of the goblins, easily readable, began to change as they noticed the appearance of the specially crafted large two-handed sword designed for dealing with spirits.

The weak enemies in Dungeon Magic were avatars of themselves, copies from the spirit world. So even if I were to fall here, it shouldn’t pose a life-threatening situation or anything serious…

“If I were to come across a formidable opponent in the game, someone who appears stronger than me, I would undoubtedly be cautious to a certain extent. Especially if I were to be defeated, it would entail losing a part of my own life and a valuable spirit stone, akin to a prized possession. It can be an intense experience, you know.”

That seems to be the case.

From my perspective, it feels like losing approximately 100,000 yen for every death penalty… What a dreadful game, seriously. I would never play it, no way.

However, it appears that the spirit beings who have an obsession with advancing their species are different. Though they were momentarily taken aback by the sudden appearance of weapons, they swiftly regained their composure and began forming ranks.

From our point of view, it would be preferable if they simply ran away. However, since they have eliminated the option of fleeing and opted to fight, we have no choice but to respond accordingly.

Well, to be honest, it’s not like I mind running away, but there’s one thing that bothers me.

Those purple arrowheads the Monsters possess. They are undoubtedly poisoned arrows, right? If one were to be struck, vivid images of a future beyond mere pain come to mind.

“Master, the situation does not yet require you to bear the risk. React swiftly and cautiously.”


Taking a deep breath, I survey my surroundings.

A narrow terrain squeezed between corridors. The width is slightly under three meters. The distance between us is around four meters. There are five enemies ahead. Three close-quarters fighters and two ranged attackers. The Kobolds’ poison arrows are the primary threat to be wary of.

In that case…

“Alright, here I go!”

With a resounding voice, I shift my weight and redirect my gaze to the right.

As the enemies turn their attention towards the voice and gaze, I swiftly pivot my entire body in the opposite direction and charge forward.

Thanks to the enhanced agility granted by my “Leg Strength Enhancement,” I closed the distance between the enemy and myself in less time than it takes to snap a finger.

Before they realize it’s a feint, I plunge into the heart of the enemy formation with momentum and impale the Kobold with a thrust.

With a dying shriek, the enemies transforms into a white luminous entity and vanishes at the tip of my sword.

Upon confirming the enemy’s disappearance, I swiftly decapitate the others.

The fact that they vanish without even spattering blood must be an attribute of the avatar. Regardless, the troublesome long-range attackers have been dealt with.

I immediately spin around and focus on the remaining frontline fighters.

“Gyaa, Gyaa!”


“Gyahi, Giryaa!”

The Goblins left behind, witnessing the sudden vanishing of the Kobolds, emit screams that could be interpreted as a mix of despair and fury.

But that is their downfall.

In a situation where the enemy’s blades are closing in on their throats, it is the epitome of foolishness to scream without considering anything else.

Apologies, but I am not the type of warrior who finds value solely in the battle itself. Thus, if you present me with an opening, I won’t hesitate to strike.


The trio of grating screams pierces my ears.

The Goblins, severed at the waist, turn into white radiant entities and exit the stage.

The Dungeon’s first battle, which commenced abruptly, concludes with ease like this.

“A splendid beginning, Master.”

“Well, let’s consider it a good warm-up exercise and maintain a positive attitude.”

While placing the spirit stones, small rock-sized, left on the battlefield into the shoulder bag I was provided, I gaze up at the sky.

The figure of the girl who leaped away is nowhere to be found now.

The trial is still in its early stages. Despite the setback we encountered, there should still be an opportunity for recovery.

“Just you wait.”

Encouraging myself with those words, I resume the pursuit.

“I will definitely catch up.”

“When taken out of context, you sound like a complete stalker.”

Shut up…

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