Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 3

Just like my younger brother and my fiancée, my companions cast me aside.

For those who don’t improve their level, the talent limit was synonymous with despair, but they couldn’t give up.

In that case, they must have had the same reason. Furthermore, it’s not that there is no hope. Only the current level can be confirmed using the “Level Open” magic, but whether there is a talent limit or a lack of experience cannot be confirmed.

In other words, no one knows if the reason why the level doesn’t increase is the talent limit or the lack of experience.

Those who didn’t pass the test on the island couldn’t participate in real battles.

By becoming an adventurer and going through a real battle, the level should also increase—five years ago, when I became an adventurer, I had hoped for that.

But the reality was cruel. No matter how many monsters I defeated, how many bandits I killed, my level didn’t increase.

Even though my companions and I defeated the same enemy, completed the same mission, ate the same food, their levels kept increasing. There was a big gap.

The level number is important personal information, even within the same group.

However, they openly revealed their own levels. By doing that, those who complain a lot about levels would stay silent.

I thought it would be a matter of time for me, so I chose a day and showed them my level.

I had a good relationship with the members, and the leader was like a friend. So, I thought they would understand.

—–However, I only received painful abuse.

They called me a swindler and kicked me out of the group.

The act of a low-level adventurer hiding in a high-level group is called a “parasite” and is despised.

I had no such intentions—more specifically, I intended to confess before being judged. But for the group members, this act was nothing more than parasitism.

This was four and a half years ago. It was from that moment that I was called a “parasite.”

The infamous name of parasite has spread, as well as the fact that my level is “1,” and probably also the fact that I’ve reached the talent limit.

Since then, I’ve been working alone. There was no way to have a level “1” parasite adventurer in a group. There were limited solo missions available. And those few missions had copper rewards. There wouldn’t even be minimal savings.

Without money, I couldn’t buy weapons and armor. It was a vicious circle where the number of requests that could be received decreased.

Three years ago, the reason I was downgraded from the ninth class was that the middle class had lower payments to the guild.

Until then, I had remained in the ninth class, but I couldn’t afford to do so anymore.

After that, I no longer had the will to get promoted to the ninth class again or give the money to do it, and then yesterday, the guild notification arrived.

That was my entire situation.

“H-Hey, you, would you like to join our group?”

It was about a month after I became an adventurer in the city of Ishka when I heard those words. The boy’s name is Lars.

A boy who chose the path of an adventurer when he was tired of a poor life and wanted wealth and fame.

A very common reason, and that smile was friendly towards people.

“Wait! It’s rude to say “you” when you talk to someone!”

The girl who scolded Lars is named Iria. Lars’ childhood friend, she’s skilled in martial arts and healing magic she learned from her mother, who was a warrior priestess.

As for Iria, wealth and fame were secondary, and it seems she accompanied Lars, who left his village.

She seemed strong with sharp eyes, and her appearance with her long black hair tied in a ponytail reminded me of my ex-fiancée.

“I think it would be ruder to start a senseless fight”

A pointed hat and a staff. A girl dressed like a mage sighed as if she were surprised.

The girl’s name is Miroslav, characterized by her flame-red hair and freckles on her face.

She seemed to come from a good family, wearing a silk cloak and holding a staff with a large magic stone.

She also wore other expensive accessories like earrings and bracelets.


“Please, let’s calm down. This person is also in trouble, right?” Luna María, a girl with long ears, looked at the three of them with a complicated expression.

She was an elf, a talented hunter and also a wise one.

Five years ago, Lars and Iria were 13 years old, and Miroslav was 14.

In a group that was too young, the elf was like the pillar in various ways, and about her age, she said, “It’s a secret, hehe~”.

The name of the group was “Falcon Sword”.

It was a rank G, a newly formed group that was looking for another member to serve as the vanguard. To be honest, I initially declined the offer.

Although I was happy to be invited, the memories I had with Ayaka and the others still lingered, and I was afraid of being with others.

But Lars invited me enthusiastically.

“Please! You see, I saw you at the training center before. You swung your sword tirelessly for hours, and I thought the way you did it was wonderful.”

Faced with Lars pressing me like that, I finally gave in. Well, more than giving in, I was very happy that he said all that.

The adventures with them were simple and enjoyable. Although I would be expelled from the group in less than half a year, those days were a lot of fun.

As I mentioned earlier, I was expelled from the group. Miroslav called me a parasite to my face, Iria hit me hard with her words of blame.

Lars was silent, but there was a disappointment that he couldn’t hide in his eyes.

Only Luna Maria didn’t try to do that, but the pity and sympathy she sent me were more painful than the three of them combined.

Since then, “Falcon Sword” has increased its group rank to rank C.

Currently, there is no rank A group in the Ishka Adventurers Guild, and rank B is the highest. If there are only three rank B groups, you can see Lars and the others’ progress.

My former comrades who became strong adventurers.

By residing in the same city, I had the opportunity to meet them—

“What are you doing here?”

Three days after being expelled from the Adventurers Guild. In other words, the day the Lord of the Flies attacked.

As usual, when I was collecting herbs in the Tittis Forest, north of Ishka, someone suddenly spoke to me from behind.

I remembered that voice full of pity and sympathy. In hindsight, when I turned around, the person I imagined was there. When I frowned, that person placed her hand on her hip and swung her breasts.

“Hmph. What’s with that face? If you have something to say, why don’t you say it? Let’s see what the parasite who hid his talent limit and leached off us for half a year has to say.”

A woman with a pointed hat and a staff. Her flaming red hair protruded from her hat, and those topaz-colored eyes shone brightly.

It was Miroslav, the mage of “Falcon Sword.” The girl who used to worry about her freckles had grown beautifully in five years.

However, no matter how beautiful she was, that charm wouldn’t be felt if she was so brazen. While thinking that, Miroslav snorted.

“Can’t say anything? That’s right. Because everything I’m saying is the truth—”

When Miroslav tried to continue, a voice resonated to stop her in her tracks.

“Miro, that’s enough.”

It was Lars who interrupted. The leader of the rank C group “Falcon Sword” personally climbed to the sixth class at the age of 18.

Whether it was rank C or the sixth class, it was very rare in the history of adventurers over 10 years.

Lars, who achieved it before the age of 20 five years ago, was recognized as a promising adventurer.

…..I became an adventurer at the same age and at the same time, but I realized there was a big difference.

Lars stared at me. That smile he once had was nowhere to be seen on his lips.

“I heard you got expelled from the guild, Sora,” he said.

“…..Yes,” I replied.

“Your level is still the same, isn’t it? If you’re still here, it means you still intend to work as an adventurer, but it would be better for you to stop. It’s too late once something happens,” he warned.

“…..Thanks for the advice,” I gave a vague response to his words. Then, a beautiful woman with black hair standing next to Lars spoke up, frowning.

“Hey! What’s with that attitude? Lars took the trouble to give you advice,” Iria, in her white combat attire, exclaimed. She used to be a girl with sharp eyes, but like Miroslav, she has become incredibly beautiful over the past five years.

It seems those eyes that only see Lars haven’t changed in five years.

“…..I apologize,” I said.

“…..You’re as listless as ever. I thought you were a bit better when we first met,” she replied.

“It’s okay, Iria. Anyway, it’s no longer our concern. If he dies despite my advice, then he simply brought it upon himself,” Lars interjected.

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