A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 2

Now that everyone was present, Yururu, the teacher, initiated the introductions.

“Let’s introduce ourselves! I am Yururu-Garestia, a 12th-grade holy knight who will work with you during the trial period as a teacher. I will mainly teach swordsmanship and lectures. Nice to meet you!”

She energetically introduced herself, though no one knew that she was the character who suffered the most in the “Round Table Hero Record,” a supposedly somber novel game.

After Yururu’s introduction, she turned her attention to the others.

“Well then, please introduce yourselves!”

Following her request, Arthur, True, Bowlan, and Fei briefly introduced themselves in that order. Some were familiar with each other, while others were meeting for the first time. After the introductions and a short chat, Yururu, the teacher, produced a white crystal and began speaking.

“Now that we’ve finished our introductions, let’s commence training. Next time, I will provide a detailed lesson on holy knights. Despite being in the trial period, you have chosen to work as holy knights, displaying your determination.”

Yururu, who had exuded a cheerful demeanor until then, adopted a serious tone, her voice brimming with determination.

“While there will be other teachers assigned to you, my role primarily involves teaching swordsmanship and giving lectures… well, that’s what I said, but…”

Her motivated and serious expression underwent a slight change, making it difficult to describe. A wry smile played across her face, and the tense atmosphere dissipated.

“What I hold in my hand right now is a crystal that measures your aptitude for star power magic. I’m not in charge of magic myself, but the magic teacher responsible for your training besides me requested this measurement beforehand. So, let’s proceed!”

With enthusiasm, Yururu handed the crystal to Bowlan. Bowlan displayed interest as she played with the crystal, feeling its texture.

“Place it on your palm and infuse it with your star power!”


“There are four fundamental attributes: fire, water, earth, and wind. Additionally, everyone possesses a basic non-attribute. Depending on your attribute, a light associated with it will emanate from the crystal. Well, most people possess only one of the four attributes, in addition to the non-attribute.”

Yururu calmly explained. Magic was a crucial skill that all holy knights needed to learn in order to combat Daemons and other adversaries. It was essential to possess the appropriate attribute within one’s star power to utilize specific types of magic. For example, affinity for the fire attribute was necessary to wield fire magic. Understanding one’s own star power affinity served as the first step in learning magic.

“Well, I already know my attribute, but I’ll show you anyway,” Bowlan said with a mischievous smile.

A faint light overflowed from the crystal in Bowlan’s hand. One was a rough light reminiscent of bright red flames. Another was a pure blue light symbolizing a clear stream, accompanied by a warm brown light representing rich earth. A transparent shimmering light sparkled as it combined with the others. Yururu’s eyes widened as she watched the radiant display.

“Whaaat?! You have all four attributes?! That’s amazing!” Yururu exclaimed.

“Of course. I’m a genius, after all,” Bowlan replied with a smug grin as she returned the crystal.

Yururu struggled to hide her shock. Most holy knights possessed two attributes: the basic attribute shared by everyone and one of the four basic attributes of fire, water, wind, or earth. Bowlan was a rare talent, possessing all four attributes: no attribute, fire, water, and earth. Arthur, True, and Fei exchanged puzzled glances, wondering who would go next.

“I don’t mind going last. You guys go ahead,” Fei suddenly muttered.

This time, True received the crystal and infused it with his energy. A light even greater than Bowlan’s engulfed them. It harmonized the flames of the scarlet lotus, the water of a clear stream, the wind of a gust, the earth of the soil, and a transparent aura.

There are five types of star power attributes that determine one’s magic affinity: the four basic attributes and the basic attribute of no attribute. Those who possess all five are incredibly rare, and the main protagonist of [Round Table Heroes], a boy named True, happens to be one such person.

“You have all five attributes?! Wow!” Yururu exclaimed.

Then it was Arthur’s turn. As she took the crystal and infused it with hier energy, a light completely different from the ones shown by Bowlan and True radiated. It was a brilliant light, resembling a star in an unreachable realm.

“This is a unique attribute. What kind of students did I get?” Yururu was also surprised. Most people possess the basic attribute of no attribute, coupled with one of the four basic attributes of fire, water, wind, or earth. However, there are a few who possess two or even three attributes. Bowlan and True were such individuals.

But Arthur’s attribute was an exception. She possessed an attribute entirely distinct from the five basic attributes. Yururu couldn’t help but wonder how many people in the world possessed an attribute like her. The thought of this extraordinary nature sent shivers down her spine.

Finally, Yururu couldn’t help but feel inferior to the three who had achieved such remarkable results. She only possessed the basic attribute of no attribute, and because of that, she had endured ridicule and been kept at a distance by others. In her case, various difficult circumstances had compounded her situation. However, she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy towards their natural talent. Comparing herself to them was impossible, but she didn’t let it show on her face. Instead, she turned her gaze to the last person, Fei.

Yururu swallowed hard as she observed Fei, who seemed to be smiling mischievously without any particular awareness. What kind of talent did he possess? She watched him intently as he poured his star power into the crystal.


We have Yururu-sensei, the silver-haired beauty, who serves as our temporary teacher. In our hearts, we affectionately call her Yuru-kyara-sensei, as she resembles a cute mascot. Listening to her stories often leads to intriguing events, like the crystal-based test to determine our aptitude for star magic.

Ha ha ha! The moment has finally arrived to uncover my hidden power! It may seem a bit cliché, but I’ve been eagerly anticipating this kind of opportunity. I’ve known about magic for some time, but I never had a chance to learn it while I was at the orphanage. I’ve always been uncertain about my talents and abilities.

You know, I don’t really comprehend my own power. It’s like knowing your own body, but not quite the same. For instance, I believed I was healthy, but a medical checkup revealed otherwise. I was healthy, but the examination helped identify potential issues early on. Some things about ourselves are beyond our understanding, but through scientific investigation, we can unveil them.

Crystals are amazing, aren’t they? As the protagonist, I must possess exceptional talent. I’ll use my hidden power to awe everyone around me. Honestly, I was worried about not being able to appear cool during the entrance exam. I mean, I’m the protagonist, but I haven’t had many cool moments.

As the main character, I strive to be the best and showcase my cool side. Anyway, we’ve decided on the order for measuring our aptitude, and well, it seems my turn is already determined.

“Oh, I can go last for the attribute test.”

If I were to display my overwhelming power as the protagonist right from the start, others might feel inferior, so I need to be considerate. I’m a thoughtful protagonist.

Now, it seems everyone has finished measuring their aptitude! Arthur hands us the crystals.

“Oh, all three of us seem quite skilled, don’t we? Maybe we’re amazing? I don’t know much about magic, so I can’t say for certain.”

Alright, let’s do this. We have to infuse our star power into it, right? star powers are the energy residing within the human body, specifically in the heart, but I can hardly feel it. I can gather a bit with my fingertips… there we go! I somehow did it!

How was it, Yururu-sensei?

“Fei-kun… it seems you only possess no attribute…”

What… did you say!?

What does that mean? Panic sets in. As the protagonist, I need to remain calm and think.

Well, to begin with, measuring my abilities with this rock is pointless. I know my body better than anyone else, right? It’s impossible to measure the infinite potential of a delicate human being using an inorganic object. Machines may be precise, but that applies only to modern society where medical care and industry have advanced significantly. In this fantasy world, it doesn’t matter.

I understand. I nod my head as Yururu-sensei whispers something in my ear.

“Cheer up. Actually, I also have no attribute, just like Fei-kun.”

“…Is that so?”

Her words strike me. Ah, a teacher who shares the same situation as me. Perhaps this is my turning point, like a mentor position.

[The possibility of having no attribute… I’ll be your teacher, Fei-kun.]

Ah, I see. I can see where this is going. Yururu-sensei is undoubtedly my mentor as the protagonist. In that case, I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from her.

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