Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 2

I was left with my mouth hanging open before I could finish speaking. But, the receptionist was no longer looking at me. The adventurers waiting their turn had looks of “Move already.”

All of them are higher in rank and level. I couldn’t help but shrink my shoulders. Also, I couldn’t help but laugh at my pathetic nature.

Now that this happened, I tried using my last resort.

To say a few words to the receptionist—–I thought of that, but being young and beautiful, she is very popular among adventurers.

If I were to curse at her, it wouldn’t be strange for the other adventurers to hit me.

After all, I had to leave the reception counter.

Normally, after completing a mission, I would go to the guild’s dining hall with the reward and ask for a drink of beer. But, I wasn’t in the mood right now.

“She didn’t give me back my identification card… seems she’s serious”

A silver-white seal is presented when reporting the completion of a request—–but she didn’t give me back my identification card.

The identification card is not only something that guarantees the status of an adventurer, but it is also something that must be presented when exercising your rights as an adventurer.

In other words, I can’t access my adventurer benefits without it.

The city of Ishka, also known as the Free City and City of Adventures, is constantly threatened by monsters. Naturally, the knights and soldiers who serve the country protect the city, but they heavily rely on adventurers for their strength, and preferential treatment for adventurers is implemented as an urban policy. It’s just as the receptionist said.

The benefits range from discounted weapon and armor purchases to daily accommodation, and without the identification card, the cost of living will increase by over 30%.

The identification card is supposed to be given along with the mission report and returned together with the reward.

And since she didn’t give it back, it seems that it wasn’t a joke or harassment from the receptionist.

At this point, I finally felt that I had been expelled from the adventurers’ guild. Without work, there will be no income.

I have no savings. Until now, living expenses have been reduced in the guild’s dining hall and the inn for adventurers, but somehow it was enough.

It won’t be possible anymore starting tomorrow. I left the adventurers’ guild building dumbfounded. It’s an organization I stayed with for five years.

Although it was the last day, no one stopped me, no one talked to me, no one will miss me. It’s as if it’s repeating what happened five years ago.

Unintentionally, a dry laughter spills out of my mouth. That’s what made me laugh.

I woke up the day after I was expelled from the guild, staying in a room with two copper coins and no food.

The cramped interior of the room is furnished with wooden planks, but there was no door at the entrance, so I could easily look into the room from the hallway.

And how should I put it, the walls of the room are very thin. Last night, the tenant in the room to the right snored loudly, and from the room on the left, I could hear the moans of a prostitute, so I couldn’t sleep well.

The only salvation is probably the spring season. If it were winter, I could have frozen to death. That’s how horrible the room was.

I woke up feeling extremely unwell. Needless to say, I didn’t stay at such an inn by choice.

Until last night, I stayed at a guild provider. A cozy but small inn, with a firm owner and his cheerful daughter.

They told me to leave, and I moved to this cheap inn.


“”There’s no place here for non-adventurers,” huh?…..Ahh…..”

I struck the floor of the room with my fist, where the exposed earth was.

They knew about my expulsion case. Surely the guild must have spread it around.

The inn’s daughter, who was kind to me until yesterday, said this with a calm face.

“”Thank you for everything until now. When you come, make sure to have at least something like a tip.””

Apparently, I was the only one who felt welcomed, on the other side it was different, she seems to despise customers who couldn’t even give a tip.

I really liked the owner’s personality and his daughter, that’s why I kept living there, but it was only superficial.

Maybe it’s my fault. No, it is. I understand that. However, why do they have to look at me with those eyes of disdain, both at the guild and at the inn?

While doing this, I remembered the looks from the receptionist and the inn’s daughter. It made me angry.

Driven by anger, I attempted to punch the wall, but quickly stopped myself. I realized that I could easily punch through the thin wall.

If I destroy the wall, it’s obvious that I would have to pay several times the cost of repairs.

It would be truly foolish to diminish the little money I have for something like this.

“…..The troubles are just beginning.”

I checked my money. If I gather the silver and copper coins, I could somehow manage for a month.

However, it’s a month calculated with the minimum accommodation and food. Improving the situation was an urgent necessity. If I want a minimum salary, I could do cleaning jobs.

However, if I do daily jobs, I will never become strong and won’t be accepted.

Well, herb gathering was practically the same, but it was still a guild request.

It was risky to go out, but I felt like I was helping others.

But there is no such thing as working within safe walls.

If I get used to that environment, it would be affirming Ayaka’s words from five years ago, “Just drop your sword and live peacefully.” I vehemently refused that.

It’s true. There is no rule that says if you don’t belong to the guild, you can’t defeat monsters or help people.

It shouldn’t matter if you kill monsters or gather herbs without going through the guild.

By not going through the guild, it’s inevitable that my tracks won’t be followed, but it’s still better than doing cleaning jobs.

That behavior is commonly known as a “lost adventurer” and is identified as an unreliable or vagrant person. I knew that, but I didn’t care.

I think it would be more interesting that way. I’ll make the receptionist and the inn’s people regret having expelled me.

Originally, I didn’t receive good treatment from the guild. I knew that other adventurers and receptionists called me a “parasite” behind the scenes.

I think it would be better to think of this as a good opportunity to stay away from the guild and the adventurers. I let out a small laugh.

—–And then, I sighed.

I had to realize that my thinking was an escape from reality.

“”Level Open””

I used magic to display my level. The number that appeared was “1” as usual.

No matter how much training I do, how many battles I have, I can’t level up.

I looked at that unmoving number as if it were cursed and distorted my face.

The level is the measure of human talent. And power is proportional to an individual’s strength. Naturally, the higher the level, the more power there will be. Generally, the level increases by 10, but in the case of those who live for battle, “Fighting stronger opponents” is considered an important factor for leveling up.

They could defeat dozens or hundreds of strong monsters, but the level wouldn’t increase.

On the contrary, a weak person has the opportunity to level up. In that sense, people with level “1” tend to level up more easily.

However, here is someone who can’t achieve it. Someone who has never been able to level up on the island or in the city.

Many would think it’s strange, but in fact, there is a theory that could explain this phenomenon.

Talent limit.

Humans have their limits. 300 years ago, the master swordsman who sealed the demon god seems to have reached level “99,” but couldn’t go beyond that.

If the legendary hero had his limits, there’s no reason why there wouldn’t be limits for other humans. Also, depending on the level that is reached, there will equally be a limit.

In other words, it’s not surprising if there is a human whose level “1” is the limit.

Before, I had to distance myself from my companions with whom I had gone on adventures because of the level difference.

More specifically, I was expelled from the group.

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