Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 1

Chapter 1: In the Depths of Desperation

Five years later.

“Guh… ahhhhh! Uhhhhhh!”

In a dark forest during the day, I ran desperately, clutching my injured right arm.

With the tremendous pain coming from the wound, it’s possible that I might lose consciousness.

But if I faint here, I will definitely die. I’ll be killed. The screams coming from my mouth were also spells necessary to keep me conscious.

What’s chasing me is a giant insect about three meters long.

Compound red eyes, black legs, and transparent wings moving at an unstoppable speed.

By its appearance, it’s a monster called the lord of flies.

It’s a monster that would require strong adventurers and a group of knights to face it—-in other words, an adventurer of the lowest class has no chance at all.

Blood, sweat, tears, and nasal secretions. Fear makes my fluids leave my body. If looked at from one side, it would be quite unpleasant.

I was aware of that, but the fear of being chased by this enormous monster is hard to overcome. While crying like a child, I thought about it as I fled. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Five years ago, after being expelled from my homeland, I became an adventurer. As an adventurer, I would defeat monsters, protect people, and make a name for myself so that my father and the others would recognize me.

At that time, if I had grown as I had imagined, I would have faced the lord of flies with the illusionary sword style by now.

However, reality is, as usual, the opposite of expectations.

Instead of protecting people by defeating monsters, I’m running to save my life.

Furthermore, I didn’t stumble upon this monster accidentally. Others were the ones who caused this.

I was deceived by those I thought were my companions. My bloodied right arm wasn’t caused by the lord of flies, but by human hands.

Remembering that fact, emotions separate from fear welled up from within my throat.

“Those! Those! Damn it!”

I imagined that I might die fighting monsters. But I never imagined that I would be used as bait and end up like this.

I chose the path of being an adventurer to make my father and the others recognize me, but that wasn’t all.

Being an adventurer was the most suitable occupation for the secret of protection established by the style of the illusionary sword.

So, I knocked on the guild door of adventurers.

I wanted to help everyone. I wanted to be someone who could protect others. I became an adventurer thinking about that. But is this the result? I don’t think so.

I refuse to believe it. As I screamed, I heard a loud buzzing sound from behind.

When I looked, the four wings on the back of the lord of flies were flapping violently.

It seems it resorted to drastic measures to prevent its prey from escaping.

Considering the balance between the enormous monster and its four wings, it would practically be impossible for it to fly, but its massive body floated in the air.

Being in the air without obstacles, the monster lunged. I thought about dodging it, but it was already too late.

I was sent flying by the tremendous roar and impact, and my body flew through the air like trash.

There was no sense of fear or pain. However, the floating sensation that lasted forever was extremely delicate.

After a while of drifting, intense pain screamed throughout my body.


I rolled on the muddy ground of the forest. How much time passed until the pain subsided? Upon noticing it, there was a lot of mud in my mouth.

“Guah… Agah…”

I struggled to my feet, spitting out the mud from my mouth. But as soon as I stood up, a sharp pain surged through my right arm, causing my body to lose balance.

As a result, I fell back into the mud I had just spit out. An unpleasant sensation stuck to my cheek. The foul smell pierced my nose.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Why? Why?! Damn it!”

I shouted hoarsely, over and over again. Doing so would attract the attention of the monsters, but I had no space for such thoughts anymore.

In that moment, a shiver ran down my spine, and I looked back.

–Surprisingly, the lord of flies was there. Its compound eyes were fixed on me.

I suddenly became startled. I realized something. The monster wasn’t chasing its prey; it was merely toying with it.

If it truly wanted to kill me, I would have been shredded from the beginning.

The lord of flies doesn’t do it because it waits for its prey to weaken.

In that case, why bother going through all this trouble?

Suddenly, I remembered the characteristics of the lord of flies that I had read in a record earlier.

The reason the lord of flies is considered a disaster-class monster is due to its incredible reproductive system.

If the adult is left unchecked, it will produce countless larvae that will swiftly destroy the local ecosystem.

This ecosystem includes that of humans, and there have even been records of entire countries being devastated in the past.

The record stated that the lord of flies’ method of reproduction is the same as that of certain bees.

It uses the venom from its tail to paralyze humans and large beasts, and then transports them alive to the nest to feed the larvae.

If the lord of flies captures me, I will be devoured alive.


I want to escape. However, my legs won’t respond. It’s like a frog swallowed by a snake. It seems the monster thought it had weakened me enough as it approached.

A scream erupted from the depths of my throat. In the next moment, the pointed tail of the lord of flies pierced me from the side.

I felt the pain in an instant, quickly replaced by numbness. The numbness spread rapidly throughout my body.

–Why did all this happen?

Before losing consciousness, the last thing that crossed my mind was that incident that occurred in the adventurer’s guild three days ago.


“Tenth-class adventurer, Sora-sama. I’m sorry to say, but your status as an adventurer has been revoked.”


That day, a guild receptionist said that with a slightly pitiful tone. In other words, I was being fired.

I stood there with my mouth hanging open. It was so sudden that I didn’t know what was happening.

“…Is this a joke, right?”

“No, this is an official notice approved by the guild master. Here’s the notification.”

I carefully took the document with a trembling hand.

It stated that the tenth-class adventurer, Sora, was being fired, and the guild master’s seal was also imprinted.

Not metaphorically, but my heart ached. I wondered, for what reason? Why was I suddenly fired?

Just today, I had finished collecting herbs, which was a daily routine.

Since it was in the required amount, there was no need to divide it.

I don’t remember doing anything wrong in other requests. In that case, why am I being fired? As I thought about it, I wore an angry expression in front of the receptionist.

The words came out more subdued than I had expected.

The receptionist, who couldn’t have been older than 20, sighed. As time passed, I could see through her disgruntled heart.

“No, it’s not a mistake. The guild rules state that those who haven’t been promoted for three years will be expelled. In Sora-sama’s case, he has remained in the tenth class since being demoted from the ninth class three years ago, right? In that case, the condition is fulfilled.”

“…..Ah, I-Is that so? I didn’t know. They could have given me a warning…”

“I’ll say it again, what I just mentioned is clearly established in the guild rules. If you didn’t know, it’s your own negligence. The guild has no obligation to give a warning.”

Uwaa, it’s the first time the receptionist looks directly at me.

Naturally, I get lost in that gaze that mixes anger and disdain.

“In the city of Ishka, several preferential treatments are offered to adventurers. This is because the power of adventurers is required to protect the city, which is constantly under threat from monsters. If you’re an adventurer or a member of this guild’s staff, you should be aware that you have an obligation to work for Ishka.”

“Well, I know that, but…”

It’s not a lie. That’s precisely why I settled in this city. Protecting this city from the threat of monsters will benefit the world and its people. I could even gain fame. What I couldn’t do on the island, I could do in this city. I swore.

…..Now, I think that oath was as far as the moon in the sky.

Upon hearing my words, the receptionist’s eyes gleamed coldly.

“If you knew that, shouldn’t you have tried to get promoted in the last three years? First of all, the promotion to the ninth class is not difficult. You know that more than anyone, as you were once promoted to the ninth class five years ago.”

“But, money was a bit…”

“The fee for promotion to the ninth rank is one silver coin. Are you telling me that you couldn’t earn one silver coin in three years? Meanwhile, were you enjoying the privileges granted to adventurers? Privileges are granted only to those who fulfill their duties. Even children know that.”


“Anyway, rules are rules. Expulsion is final. Furthermore, with all that being said, I can’t help but think that Sora-sama’s expulsion is appropriate.”

A rain filled with righteousness came out of the receptionist’s mouth. My objection stayed as it was, and I was left stammering.

Seeing me in that state, it seems she thought it’s just a waste of time, so she continued speaking with a somewhat terrible voice.

“This is the reward for today’s mission. I hope you have good luck in the future. Next, please.”


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