Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Prologue

Encounter with the Ruler of the Labyrinth. It’s not a mere rumor; it’s a tangible reality standing before me.

The adventurers’ guild refers to it as the “Great Crocodile.” It resembles a colossal crocodile that dwells on land.

However, its ominous presence defies the notion of a mere creature.

From head to tail, its massive body is covered in jagged scales that seem to pierce through its skin. Its sturdy limbs serve a purpose beyond mere support; they possess the length and strength to deliver devastating blows, capable of effortlessly tearing through a human body with its razor-sharp claws.

Its nimble movements contradict the apparent weightiness it exudes. Despite its seemingly massive size, capable of causing tremors that could easily throw us off balance, there is a sense of agility that allows it to soar through the air or leap vast distances. The perception of distance feels distorted.

Everything about it is overwhelming.

Among all the foes we’ve encountered thus far, including other monsters, it surpasses them all in its peculiar appearance. Understanding the true threat of this ruler doesn’t come at first glance; it takes time to comprehend.

And if we can’t choose to retreat during that critical “while”–

Or if we prioritize our thirst for glory–

Death awaits us.

That’s why the scene before me was inevitable. The leader, Chronos, a skilled swordsman; Melis, a talented magician; Nikura, a dedicated priest. They lie incapacitated, bearing severe injuries that may have lasting consequences. A single sweep of that colossal tail wrought this devastation. We should have made the decision to retreat the moment we had the chance.

My legs tremble. By chance, I happened to be at the rear and evaded that strike. If I hadn’t dodged, by this very moment, everyone would be inside its stomach. The fact that the three of them are still alive is solely because I have captured its attention.

The ruler remains cautious, refraining from recklessly charging in after the initial surprise attack. So, within the few seconds before it fully discerns my vulnerability, I must devise a plan to rescue everyone.

–Carrying them and fleeing?

Impossible. It’s beyond my physical capability to carry three people. Even if it were just one person, it would pose a great challenge.

–Serving as a decoy to buy time until the others are rescued?

Equally impossible. While attempting to slow down the ruler and divert its attention, I would meet my demise, and the chances of successfully becoming a decoy are slim. In fact, it’s plausible that the rescue party would be annihilated.

Well, there’s only one method remaining. Stop hesitating, Vim Strauss.

As I steel my resolve, the tremor in my legs spreads throughout my entire body. I take a deep breath, seeking composure. Find some way to prepare myself.

Despite having some information, the odds of victory are slim. But in order to triumph, I must seize that minuscule chance countless times over. Don’t lose hope. It’s a miracle that someone like me, an ordinary nobody, has been presented with choices at this juncture.

“Transition: [Puppeteer].”

Upon completing the irreversible symbolic incantation, I finally realize that I have the option to escape alone.

I’m astounded by my own nature. Am I too compassionate, perhaps? No, it’s only natural as a member of [Dragon’s Wing]. There is also a sense of indebtedness. An accumulation of the days we’ve spent together.

This is the moment to offer up my life.

Thinking in this manner, I feel a trace of pride within myself.

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