The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 9

Episode 9: The Ring and the Battle

After spending the night at the inn, we embarked on our journey into Mt. Itoel to find the first-generation chief.

“Charl-sama, please watch your step here. The ground is slippery due to the stones,” Makina warned.

“Thank you, Makina-san,” Charl replied.

…The atmosphere between Charl and Makina is gentle. It seems like they have grown closer since yesterday. Perhaps they had a girls’ talk while sharing the same room.

Well, it’s a positive development that they have become closer. Since they are of the same gender, Makina might be assigned as Charl’s bodyguard more frequently from now on.

However… something feels off. I have been sensing Charl’s gaze since this morning.

I should have asked Makina about it, but I hesitated to do so in front of her, and I missed the opportunity somehow.

As for Makina, she just gestures apologetically. …This silly maid. She must have done something wrong.

“So, Makina, is the first-generation Chief up ahead?” Charl inquired.

A string tied to a tree, clearly put there by human hands, blocked our path.

“It doesn’t seem like a barrier… We can pass through if we want to…” Makina replied.

“Yes. I asked the villagers at the foot of the mountain, and they said outsiders like us are prohibited from entering this area. We can proceed at our own risk,” Makina explained.

“Is there something waiting ahead?” Charl asked.

“It seems there’s a terrifying monster. Careless thieves who entered were found in a pitiful state,” Makina replied.

“A noble monster overflowing with justice,” Charl commented.

“That’s if the monster has a sense of justice,” Makina added.

“Justice is something that can go out of control,” Charl remarked.

“That’s true. So, what should we do? If we proceed, we might be struck down in the name of justice,” Charl said.

“Justice resides within me,” Makina replied.

“I thought you would say that. Well then, shall we continue… Oh, Charl-sama, would you wait in the village at the foot of the mountain? I’ve brought other [shadows] with me, so there shouldn’t be any security issues,” Makina suggested.

“Are you coming along too, Al?” Charl asked.

“Of course. It makes sense for me to go, and as a member of the royal family, engaging in challenging tasks is like a duty,” I replied.

The royal family, bestowed with the magic power of the [Fifth Attribute], has the responsibility to combat a certain special monster. Combat skills are essential, and the same applies to me, who possesses the power of the [Sixth Attribute].

“I’ll accompany you as well. This is also my problem… I’ve received combat training,” Charl said.

As she spoke, Charl placed her hand on the sword hanging at her waist.

Come to think of it, Charl also possesses the [Fifth Attribute], so it’s better to familiarize her with challenging tasks now.

Besides, her skills were quite impressive when I observed them at the academy.

She was stronger than most third-year students.

“Charl’s style is a [close-range versatile type] that combines swordsmanship and magic orbs, right?” I asked.

“Yes. Al, at the academy, you were a [mid-range support type] that combined magic orbs and trap-type magic, right?” Charl replied.

“Well, that’s somewhat accurate. And Makina…” I hesitated.

“Let’s just say I specialize in close-range combat with knives and such, like an assassin maid. Isn’t that nice?” Makina suggested, hinting at her preferred fighting style.

Considering Makina’s hidden abilities, it doesn’t make much sense to categorize her in a specific way. She possesses remarkable natural speed and can provide support depending on the situation, so we should be fine with her versatility.

The balance seems good, and there shouldn’t be any problems. But I want to know the composition of Charl’s magic rings. Can you tell me what you have?” I asked.

“On my right hand, I have the following magic rings: [Enhancement Bestowal], [Acceleration Bestowal], [Fire Attribute: Flame Bestowal], and [Earth Attribute: Earth Bestowal]. On my left hand, I have [Fire Attribute: Flame Magic Orb], [Wind Attribute: Gale Magic Arrow], [Earth Attribute: Earth Magic Wall], and [Enhancement Bestowal],” Charl explained.

“Wow, you’re really talented to be able to handle such a large variety of attributes and enchantments.”

“Indeed, it’s impressive how you’ve equipped enchantments on the hand that wields your sword. It not only compensates for weaknesses in certain attributes but also facilitates coordinated attacks without hindrances.”

“These magic rings can be worn on each finger.”

“In theory, you can wear a total of ten rings, two for each finger. However, it requires a certain level of skill to channel magic power to the appropriate finger in the heat of the moment.”

“As a result, not many people can effectively fight with magic rings on all five fingers. While there are styles like long-range combat that allow for some flexibility, on average, it’s common to have three rings on each hand.”

“In that sense, having four rings on each hand, like Charl does, is quite exceptional. Especially considering she often encounters intense situations in close combat, leaning toward a versatile style.”

“Additionally, the hand on which the magic rings are worn is also an important factor.”

“For example, if you want to enchant your right-hand sword with magic, you can simply wear a magic ring with an enchantment attribute on your right hand from the start. This allows you to enchant the sword without breaking your stance.”

“However, someone who is not accustomed to it might mistakenly wear the enchantment ring on their left hand and end up disrupting their stance while trying to enchant the sword with magic using their left hand.”

“These are just basic principles. I also have other magic rings, so if you have any preferences, I can change the configuration.”

“No, let’s stick with the current setup for now. We don’t know what kind of monster awaits us ahead, so it’s not a good idea to change the configuration at the last minute.”

“We moved forward, with Makina, the close-range specialist, leading the way.”

We soon discovered the identity of the rumored monster.

“Makina, stop. I sense something through my detection ability.”

I have a support magic ring called [Detection], which allows me to detect magical reactions in the vicinity.

We silently approached the direction where the reaction was detected. From behind the bushes, we could see a two-meter-tall monster wandering around.

It had a bipedal form entirely made of rocks, more resembling a golem than a typical monster.

“It does indeed seem like a golem. What should we do? Should we ignore it?”

“No, let us reveal ourselves for now. If it doesn’t attack, that’s fine, but if it does, we should counterattack. We need to assess the golem’s abilities while we still have room to spare.”

“It would be too late to panic once it starts, right? Understood.”

After a brief discussion, we emerged from the bushes.

As soon as the golem noticed us, it immediately assumed a combat stance.


It raised its mighty fist and swung it down towards us. We dispersed, narrowly dodging the fist that nearly shattered the ground. Ah, I see, the battle has begun.


First, Charl and Makina activated their [enhancement] magic rings simultaneously.

In close combat, it’s essential to enhance our physical abilities with [enhancement].

Then, they coordinated their attacks, striking simultaneously. The golem stumbled slightly when struck by their steel blades, but only received a few superficial scratches.

“Wow, Al-sama, this thing is really tough. My hand that struck it is tingling.”

“Without enhancing our weapons, it seems unlikely that we can inflict any significant damage.”

One magic ring can only enhance one target. If you allocate enhancement to the body, you won’t be able to enhance the weapon. If you want to enhance both, like Charl, you need to wear [enhancement] magic rings on both fingers of both hands.

“Well, the initial strike was just to test the opponent’s armor.”

“Let’s move on to the next stage.”

“Understood. Then, I’ll leave the next stage to you.”

With my permission, they activated the [enhancement] on the other finger they had prepared and enhanced both their bodies and weapons.

Timing it carefully, they launched another attack simultaneously.


Now that’s noticeable damage. The blade has pierced deeper than before, leaving a scratch on the armor. …However, the damage is still minor.

“Charl, you’re doing great. I thought I was moving fast enough,” Makina said.

“Makina, you’re amazing. I’m relieved that I can keep up,” Charl replied.

Although the two girls were engaged in conversation, it seemed they hadn’t forgotten their roles.

Charl stepped back from the golem and activated a ring on her left hand.

“[Flame Magic Sphere]!”

A sphere of flames, created by magic power, was released from Charl’s hand.

The crimson sphere of fire advanced straight and exploded beautifully on the golem’s chest.

Fire attribute has the highest firepower among the four elemental attributes. It seemed to have caused considerable damage as the golem’s body shook significantly.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Makina attacked, delivering precise damage to the enemy.


“Got it! Don’t worry about me, give it your all!” Makina replied.

“Yes! [Gale Magic Arrow]!”

Next, an arrow composed of wind attribute magic power was released. Unlike the mid-range magic [Magic Sphere], which sacrifices power for speed and quantity, the arrow was designed to increase both speed and quantity. Additionally, with the wind attribute, it could further enhance its speed.

Without any difficulty capturing the sluggish golem, Charl hit every shot accurately.


“Hmm? Al sama, it seems like this guy doesn’t have as much damage as it looks,” Makina commented.

Makina’s words were true. The golem, emerging from the explosion, had wounds but was still intact. The cracks only spread on the surface of its armor. Does that mean it only reached the surface? No… Could it be that the armor has magic resistance?

In that moment, the golem’s eyes gleamed mysteriously as flames erupted from its right hand, while water magic power emerged from its left hand.


However, that roar was insignificant at the moment.

The golem adapted its defenses to counter our attacks—fire against wind, water against fire.

Its techniques far surpassed my expectations.

“Al, what should we do?” Makina asked.

“…………Both of you, let’s create some distance from the golem for now,” Al responded.

In this situation, the cooperation between Makina and Charl took precedence.

Close-range combat relied heavily on one’s senses, which required actual movement. Thankfully, they had achieved the minimum goal.

“From this point on, as planned, I will provide support,” Al stated.


There are primarily four types of magic rings:

– Attack types, such as Magic Sphere and Magic Arrow.

– Defense types, like Earth Magic Wall.

– Enhancement types, including Enchantment and Flame Enchantment.

– Support types, such as Detection, which Alfred used earlier.

During battles, the most useful types are Attack, Defense, and Enhancement rings.

Support rings are mainly beneficial before a battle and are seldom used in combat. They are also more challenging to handle.

After all, Support rings mainly consist of traps that require coordination with allies during battle. Even without that aspect, successfully trapping opponents or setting traps in the rapidly changing dynamics of a fight demands considerable skill.

Therefore, it is a standard practice to set traps before the battle and lure enemies into them.

Unless there is ample time or the main objective involves capturing, like in a dungeon, passive support rings like trap-setting ones don’t work well.

While there are situations where support rings can be useful, only a few people utilize them, and they are generally considered unfavorable.

This knowledge regarding support rings was possessed by Charlotte.

“Charl, I’ll create an opening. I want you to deliver the finishing blow to the golem. Strike its core with the sword infused with Flame Enchantment,” Alfred instructed.

Charlotte had witnessed Alfred using support-type magic rings even at school. Back then, he only assisted other students without standing out, often being ridiculed by his peers.

However, now she understood. The Alfred being ridiculed was merely a facade. In fact, support-type magic itself was just a temporary form.

Charlotte felt anticipation, wondering how Alfred would manipulate support-type magic even in the midst of battle.

“Al! What should I do? Please give me instructions!”

“Go ahead and dive in. I’ll back you up,”

“Alright, I’ve got your word! I’ll do as I please then,”

“Groooooooh!” The golem roared.

In an instant, the golem emitted a cry.

“Earth Magic Wall,” Alfred announced. Simultaneously, a defensive wall of earth emerged not in front of Alfred, Makina, and Charlotte but targeted at the golem’s left arm, slicing it off.

“…………Huh…!?” Charlotte exclaimed, taken aback.

The golem’s water-engulfed arm flew through the air. It was unclear whether the golem possessed a will, but in Charlotte’s eyes, it seemed caught off guard and surprised.

(Using a defensive wall to sever the golem’s arm…!?)

Ordinarily, a magic wall created by a magic ring would be deployed from a floating magic circle and grow from the ground.

What Alfred accomplished was remote deployment. He remotely extended the defensive wall, which was typically deployed directly in front, to a specific coordinate—the joint of the golem’s arm.

While this function was standard for any magic ring, what amazed them was its precision – the precise coordination targeting, aiming for the golem’s arm joint.

“Makina!” Alfred called.

“Here I go,” Makina responded.

Following Alfred’s instructions, the maid girl lowered her posture and dashed forward like the wind. The golem unleashed flames from its right hand, but just as Makina was about to be engulfed in the blaze…

“[Coordinate Exchange],” Alfred said.

In an instant, Makina vanished.

No, by the time they realized it, she had already circled behind the golem.

Alfred’s [Coordinate Exchange] was a magic that swapped objects within a trap between two predetermined coordinates, A and B.

Presumably, Alfred had pre-set [Coordinate Exchange] on the ground in the direction Makina was heading and swapped it with coordinate B behind the golem.

Normally, this type of magic would be established before a battle, with the location shared among allies and then utilized during the battle. The remote deployment timing of [Coordinate Exchange] should have been synchronized with Makina’s actions.

(Setting up [Coordinate Exchange] in real-time according to the situation? Could it really be done…!?)

That was the only logical explanation, the only way to perceive it. Even if she were to explain this concept to the teachers at school, they would dismiss it as nonsense. However, the person making it a reality stood right before Charlotte’s eyes.

“Charl, apply [Flame Enchantment]. I’ll create an opening soon,” Alfred instructed.

“Yes, understood!” Charlotte replied.

Since Alfred joined the battle, she hadn’t even participated yet. Nevertheless, that resilient golem was being utterly manipulated.

Makina appeared and disappeared repeatedly, outmaneuvering the golem completely. This flawless coordination left Charlotte somewhat frustrated that she couldn’t join in.

“[Earth Restraint],” Alfred said.

Originally, [Restraint] was an enchantment-type magic ring that immobilized the opponent. Alfred deployed it from his hand, shooting out chains. He then fastened the chain to one of the golem’s legs and applied [Enhancement] to himself.


Using his enhanced strength from the reinforced body, he pulled the chain tied to the golem’s leg, causing it to lose balance and topple backward onto the ground.

“[Coordinate Exchange] to place it directly in front of the golem. Since Makina has already cut through the armor, just pierce it with all your might.”


Charlotte positioned her sword, infused with the fire attribute, and kicked the ground.

As her breathing stabilized, the [Coordinate Exchange] placed on the ground was activated.

The next moment, Charlotte’s body was airborne. A golem lay on its back at the landing spot.


She forcefully thrust the sword, empowered to its maximum, into the golem.


The armor, previously severed by Makina, offered no defense, and the flaming sword erupted.

The golem ceased all movement and fell silent.

“Yay! Well done, Charl-sama! Peace, peace!”

“Good job, Charl.”

“Uh, well… I only did the final part; most of it was done by Al-kun and Makina-san…”

“What are you saying? The power of that [Flame Infusion] just now was amazing!”

As they praised her, it was evident to Charlotte that Alfred’s exceptional skill had assisted her.

“…I was surprised. I never expected Al-kun to possess such hidden power.”

“Well, it’s not like I was intentionally hiding it or anything.”

“Well, at school, there aren’t many opportunities to use it. And when [Fragments] appear, I usually rely on my original style.”

“Huh…? The current [Mid-range Support Type] style is…”

“No, no. Al-sama, who utilizes the [King’s Garment Ring], is originally a versatile [Close-range-oriented All-rounder] just like Charl-sama. The [Mid-range Support Type] is more like a secondary approach.”

“This is a secondary approach? With that level of skill…!?”

“Al-sama is a perfectionist. In fact, he seems to have forgotten how to swing a sword properly lately.”

“That’s not true. I’ve been practicing enough not to become rusty.”

While Charlotte was left dumbfounded by their conversation,

“Oh well. You broke it in a flashy way… Such a hassle.”

An unfamiliar elf woman stood beside the broken golem.

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