Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Rebirth

“Where am I?”

I questioned, waking up to an unfamiliar ceiling. It was clear that I wasn’t in my own house. As I got out of bed and surveyed my surroundings, I noticed furniture that was completely unfamiliar. Struggling to recall what had happened, I desperately retraced my memories and remembered collapsing while waiting at a traffic signal.

Was I taken to the hospital? I wondered, but the furniture and the atmosphere of the room didn’t resemble a medical facility.

“Hmm?” A sense of unease washed over me. When I tried to get up from the bed to investigate the source of this unease, something caught my attention.

…Are my limbs smaller? No way!! I thought, quickly glancing into the nearby vanity mirror.

“Who is this?” I couldn’t help but scream. Reflected in the mirror was a beautiful face with silver hair and purple eyes. It certainly wasn’t me. I’m not this good-looking. Astonished and bewildered by this turn of events, I heard a woman’s voice from behind.

“Lord Reed, you’re awake!” the woman exclaimed upon seeing me, dressed in a typical maid’s attire, before promptly hurrying off to inform everyone. The realization that she was indeed a maid caught me off guard.

“What in the world… Huh, Reed? …Guh!” I mumbled, feeling an intense pain surge through my head. Memories and experiences from my own life and someone else’s intertwined in my mind, causing the world to spin around me. Nausea overwhelmed me, nearly inducing vomiting. However, as time passed, my mind cleared, and I began to regain my composure. Without revealing my thoughts to anyone, I whispered to myself.

“Haa… Haa… That’s right, Reed…!! I’m… not me. I’m Reed Valdia…!!”

(scene transition)

“Well, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your body,” murmured a figure resembling a doctor, carefully examining my eye movements, limbs, and overall physical functions.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong, but please contact me immediately if any issues arise.”

After the examination, the doctor stood up and left the room.

“Lord Reed, I’m relieved that you’re safe. However, you suddenly collapsed in the garden, so we were quite concerned,” expressed several men and women who had gathered in the room where I had just awakened. Yet, their faces and names didn’t quite register in my mind. With a troubled expression, I spoke.

“I apologize for causing concern. Um…”

“I’m Galun, the butler,” introduced Galun, a distinguished man in his mid-forties with white hair, black eyes, and donning glasses.

“Sorry, I’m a bit confused. Galun-san and everyone, I apologize for the worry and inconvenience,” I bowed my head, and the maids behind Galun widened their eyes in surprise. Galun seemed taken aback as well, but after clearing his throat, he smiled and kindly addressed me.

“Cough… Lord Reed, thank you for your kind words. However, you needn’t use such formalities with the butler or the maids. Please refer to me as Galun, as usual. Nevertheless, I genuinely appreciate your kind sentiments, Lord Reed.”

“Alright, I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you, Galun,” satisfied with my response, Galun placed a bell nearby and instructed me to use it if I needed any assistance. Then, he exited the room with the maids. Left alone in the chamber where I had been sleeping, I buried my head in my hands and screamed.

“I’ve been reincarnated into the world of an otome game, and to make matters worse, I’ve become the villainous mob character…!!”

(scene transition)

The character I’ve been reincarnated as, Reed Valdia, is a minor villainous mob character in the game “Tokirela!” from my previous life’s memories. “Tokirela!” is a Cinderella story featuring a villainous daughter who obstructs the main heroine. Among her entourage is me, the villainous mob character named Reed Valdia. In the main story, my name is mentioned only once in a sentence, and I don’t even have a standing picture. However, in the end, I am condemned as an accomplice of the villainous daughter, expelled, killed in a war, executed, and subjected to various terrible fates. All of this, despite Reed’s name being mentioned only once in the game.

“I haven’t played much of the main story in the otome game. So why do I remember Reed?” It’s because of a completion element in the game called “Tokirela!” When you fully clear the game and achieve full completion, a bonus feature called “Free Mode” is unlocked. In this mode, you can develop and use all the characters in the main story, not just the protagonist characters that are available during regular gameplay. This significantly increases the number of playable characters and makes the game much more enjoyable. The carefully balanced power levels for each character are also one of the reasons why the main story was considered an extra feature. And the character I prioritized in training and using in the game “Tokirela!” was the current me, Reed Valdia.

“…If I give it my all, maybe I can change the future…!!”

Peeking out from under the blanket, my gaze fixed on the ceiling, hope lit up my face. The truth is, Reed-Valdia is a “transforming character” in Free Mode.

In the world of “Tokirela!”, magic is present. A crucial element in wielding magic is known as “attribute aptitude.” Each character in the game possesses a predetermined attribute aptitude, and despite Reed’s initial abilities being set to the lowest, he’s a late bloomer with aptitude in all types of attributes. While the main characters can achieve strength relatively quickly due to their growth modifiers, their range of usable magic is limited by their fewer types of attribute aptitudes. However, including Reed as a member, who can train and master all attribute magic, significantly alters the challenge of clearing hidden elements. Nonetheless, training Reed, starting from his low initial abilities, can prove quite troublesome, making him a choice only for dedicated players who enjoy multiple playthroughs.

“I find satisfaction in dedicated hard work, and Reed possesses aptitude in all attribute types. Let’s assess the current situation and consider our next steps. For now, I’ll strive to live properly without becoming entangled with the villains.”

With that resolve, I reached for the bell placed near the bed. After a while, a small, adorable maid with black hair and orange eyes entered the room, offering a light bow and assuming a reserved posture near the door. Yet, her demeanor carried a hint of fear and tension.

“…There’s no need to be so nervous. I’ve regained consciousness and just wish to clarify a few things… I turned seven years old this year, correct?”

“No, you turned six just last month.”

“R-Right, that’s true. And also…”

As I proceeded to confirm my age, my father, my mother, and the name of the country, a realization gradually dawned upon me—I had found myself in the world of “Tokirela!”

“…Reed-sama, perhaps your health is not in good condition? If you’d like, I can-“

She cast an anxious gaze in my direction. It appeared that my peculiar line of questioning had caused her worry.

“I apologize for causing you concern. I suddenly collapsed in the garden and lost consciousness, so I became a bit anxious. But rest assured, I’m perfectly fine. Thank you.”

Upon hearing my explanation, her eyes widened, displaying surprise.

“No, it’s not like that…”

“No, I don’t believe my actions towards everyone warrant praise…”

As I spoke, I gently shook my head and responded.

“…Your sentiments alone are sufficient. Thank you.”

Though confusion still lingered in her words, the initial fear and tension she held towards me seemed to have diminished somewhat.

“Oh, by the way. Could you please tell me your name?”

“…I’m Danae.”

“Danae, that’s a lovely name. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

During our conversation, I tilted my head slightly and wore a smile. Danae, observing my expression, softly murmured, “A cute smile…” and then bowed her head.

“I-I apologize!! It’s a pleasure to meet you too…!!”

A cute smile, huh… Reed’s reflection in the mirror on the dressing table did have an undeniable charm. I couldn’t help but find it amusing to imagine that her smile would be just as endearing, causing me to burst into laughter. Danae looked at me with a bewildered expression.

After posing most of my inquiries, I expressed my gratitude with a bow of my head to Danae. She waved her hands in a flustered manner, urging me to raise my head. As she exited the room, I pondered my next course of action, yet before I knew it, I had succumbed to a deep slumber.

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