Before the tutorial begins chapter 6 part 2

Conquering dungeons, particularly the one rumored to house the elixir, would pose a significant challenge for a warrior lacking long-range attacks.

“If we base our plans on the information you provided, we would need an agile attacker skilled in weapon handling and a long-range shooter with high power and extermination ability. Personally, I’d also want a healer.”

I agreed with Al’s opinion.

While the journey might be manageable, when it came to boss battles, having a skilled swordsman as a frontliner and a bombardier capable of dealing massive damage in the rearguard was absolutely necessary.

Particularly, having a highly skilled martial artist who has mastered specific techniques is essential for overcoming boss battles.

“A formidable martial artist, huh…”

The first person that crossed my mind was the cheat character known as the “strongest in physical attributes” in the original world.

However, he wouldn’t join me unless I defeated him in a one-on-one battle. And if I had that kind of power, I wouldn’t be facing this dilemma in the first place, so I immediately dismissed the idea.

Next, I considered one of the five main heroines, the kuudere swordsman.

She possessed the necessary skills and a strong sense of justice.

Perhaps I could establish a connection and convince her somehow.

…But it felt awkward to snatch the heroine away from the protagonist like that.

After all, I am a rebel who refuses to accept a lousy fate, you know?

However, that doesn’t mean I have an insatiable ambition to control everything as I please or to replace the protagonist.

It would be out of the question for me to meet the heroine and embark on dungeon conquests without proper permission.

“You sure dwell on troublesome matters, Master. We don’t have the luxury of choosing our means.”

“I know, Al. But that’s just how gal game players are. …We don’t actually want to become the protagonist. We simply want to witness the heroine being happily in love with the protagonist.”

“That’s quite an unconventional desire.”

“A gentleman is like that, you know.”

Al, the hidden boss, shrugged with an expressionless face. Her countenance remained unchanged, like an iron mask. However, after spending several months together with him, I could tell.

Giving up is out of the question.

“To conquer the dungeon, having a capable partner is indispensable. It wouldn’t be considered giving our all if we exclude those who have potential, unless they are utterly impossible.”

“I understand. I understand, but…”

“If you understand, then take action, Master. If you know someone capable, you should have the determination to approach their family.”


My reaction wasn’t because it resonated with me, but rather because I was intrigued by the term ‘family.’ Al’s logical argument is nothing new, and I’m not short-tempered enough to get worked up over something like this. But what caught my attention was the mention of ‘family.’

“Wait, it’s currently the year 1189 in the imperial calendar, right?”

“Yes, if I were to provide the missing information, it would be approximately two and a half years before the main timeline.”

“Yes, the protagonist is standing in the timeline two and a half years before they arrived in this town. So, if that’s the case…”

“Al, I’ve found a potential candidate. Can you listen to me?”

“Of course, I’m all ears.”

And so, I began recounting to Al the past of the tsundere heroine who appears in her own route.

Even if I were to discuss the same things in the other world, it would be nothing more than idle otaku talk. But here, right now, telling her story held significant meaning.

“I see… In that case, it seems we need to alter the timing of obtaining the adventurer license to early spring.”

Al, who agreed with my account, immediately started discussing adjustments to the training plan.

Afterward, as we delved into various future matters, we were met with a smile from big sister, who remarked, “You two seem to get along very well.”

A complex mixture of emotions surged within me, but strangely, I didn’t harbor any ill will.

Winter – Season of Leaps

Snow descended, blanketing everything in a silver-white hue during the final month of the year.

Our training had finally reached its pinnacle.

Through rigorous physical conditioning, foundational training in spirit magic that unveiled unexpected talent, and the honing of unique skills through diverse approaches

Our winter training posed an immense challenge that demanded the utilization of all our past experiences.

“What’s the matter, Master? In your current state, it’s impossible for you to even come close to me, the one with meat buns in both hands.”

“Shut up!”

Struggling to free myself from the snow, I promptly activated the spirit magic of “Leg Strengthening” and “Arm Strengthening.”

“I’ll prove that I’m not the kind of guy who keeps getting beaten up by you!”

“I certainly hope so.”

Hymingreva retrieved a steaming meat bun from the paper bag trapped in Her armpit, contradicting Her earlier words and revealing Her true obsession with food.

What a conceited individual.

“I’ll show you something!”

Assuming a proper stance, I swung the wooden sword with all my might and determination.

The distance between us was ten meters, and even if I were to strike down now, I wouldn’t reach Al.

In that case…


With a roar, I sprinted across the snowy field.

Yes, if I couldn’t reach him, I just needed to get closer.

My body raced like a gust of wind, bridging the ten-meter gap within the small window between swinging up and swinging down.

The technique employed was the aforementioned “Leg Strengthening” and the unique skill “Time Acceleration.”

Time Acceleration, as its name suggests, speeds up the flow of time. However, by confining it to the internal passage of time, I succeeded in categorizing it as an enhancement skill.

Thanks to the added skill of “Leg Strengthening,” my body covered the extraordinary distance of ten meters with remarkable speed.

To an ordinary observer, it would appear as if time had momentarily frozen.

Through the fusion of technique and physique, I successfully maneuvered behind Al and swung the wooden sword downward, aiming for the back of Her head…

“That’s a commendable attack. Had it been someone else, you would have succeeded.”

In response, I received a roundhouse kick to the abdomen from the boss behind the scenes and was sent flying.

“Damn it! Is this still not enough!”

As the frigid air entered my lungs, I realized yet another failed attempt.

this full-fledged combat training utilizing spirit magic had been ongoing for quite some time, serving as a comprehensive evaluation of everything we had learned thus far.

Al, the secret super boss assumed the role of the master, while I played the role of the mid-boss in the tutorial. Naturally, there existed a distinct disparity in combat prowess between us.

“Even so, I thought I could land at least one hit.”

Placing both hands on the snow-covered ground, I exhaled deeply. Unbeknownst to me, I had exerted myself significantly, evident from my sweat-soaked clothes despite the midwinter chill.

Casting a somewhat resentful gaze at the white-haired girl who continued devouring nikuman without pause, I couldn’t help but voice my thoughts.

“What’s the matter?”

“Oh, I was just thinking about how astonishing it is.”

The secret boss possessed formidable strength.

Despite being limited to using unique skills at the same level as the contractor, albeit with a substantial gap in scale and depth, her power was overwhelmingly superior.

“Why are you able to evade that? Dodging something like that is impossible.”

“It’s actually possible. By observing cues such as muscle contractions, eye movements, and the positioning of the center of gravity, one can predict an opponent’s actions.”

Despite being caught off guard by an attack from the front, the opponent remained calm, as if they had anticipated the ambush from behind.

“Seriously, I don’t feel like I’m getting any stronger by fighting you.”

“There’s no need to underestimate yourself, Master. I assure you that you are growing day by day.”

As always, Al spoke with a composed expression.

“Especially the triple enhancement of ‘Strength Enhancement,’ ‘Leg Enhancement,’ and ‘Time Acceleration’ earlier was magnificent. The only issue is the level of exhaustion, but it’s a technique that can prove effective in actual combat.”

“It’s rare for you to praise so sincerely.”

“That’s because your growth is remarkable. You are neither as weak nor as fragile as you believe. It’s okay to have a little confidence.”

Al’s genuine praise filled me with a mix of surprise and joy. Slowly, I rose to my feet.

“Thank you, Al. But I still have a long way to go in terms of skill.”

It wasn’t a sulking remark, but a genuine sentiment from the depths of my heart.

As Al had mentioned, I must have made some progress.

However, it’s also true that there are still many areas where I fall short, and complacency will only hinder my defiance against my unfavorable fate.

“So, I’ll give it another try, Al.”

“I’ve been thinking this for a while, but you’re quite the perfectionist, aren’t you, Master?”

“No, that’s not true. I can be pretty laid-back, you know.”

“…Is that so? Well, let’s focus on training that technique next time. We’ll start with the weapon—”

And thus, Al and I continued to work together.

Time passed, and spring turned into summer, then autumn, until winter arrived once again.

In the year 1190 of the Imperial Era, on a certain day in April.

On that day, marking one year since I had arrived in this enchanting yet merciless world,

I made my way toward a specific dungeon to take the qualification exam and become an adventurer.

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