Before the tutorial begins chapter 6 part 1

Chapter 6 – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Training, Training!

this is the chronicle of a hopeless loser who, while covered in blood, sweat, tears, and various other filthy substances, desperately strived to become stronger.

Spring: Season of Training

For the first three months, it was all about running and strength training.

No, it actually makes sense.

In this world filled with dungeons and spirits, I can’t afford to be weak while harboring ambitions.

And I am Shimizu Kyoshiro.

Although the spirit I contracted with is the strongest being, I myself am nothing more than a pathetic loser with an unimpressive appearance.

Thus, I followed Al’s suggestion of improving my physique.

However, when I agreed with the boss’s opinion, I didn’t ponder deeply on the significance of Her words.

“First, we’ll focus on building basic stamina. You’ll run about ten kilometers every day, split into three sets. Metabolism and endurance are crucial in combat situations. After that, fifty sets of short-distance sprints to enhance agility and provide instant power. Muscle training aims to develop high-level strength, muscle hypertrophy, and muscular endurance. However, it’s not efficient to work on all aspects right from the start. Let’s prioritize improving strength. As for training equipment, we’ll get them eventually, but for now, let’s begin with a few squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. this will be one set…”

On the first day of training, when Al calmly stated such things, I naturally vehemently protested.

Because this training regimen, which was clearly excessive and not just challenging, seemed obviously unhealthy, right?

But the boss, munching on a cherry blossom mochi, replied:

“Don’t worry, Master. You have a contract with me. Even though it’s at the lowest level, the blessings that allow you to barely complete this regimen are in effect.”

I thought she was a demon.

As Hymingreva said, it’s evident that the characters in Dungeon Magi can fly and jump at inhuman speeds.

And it’s known that the source of their power is the blessings of the spirits.

It seemed like a convenient excuse for delicate and beautiful girls to showcase superhuman feats, but at that moment, I pondered…

“Well, if that’s the case, Hymingreva, then isn’t strength training unnecessary? With the blessings, I can perform at a superhuman level, so there’s no need to push myself through training, right?”

Clutching at any sliver of hope, I asked desperately, and the boss responded:

“You’re a fool, Master. The blessings multiply the effects. The better your base parameters, the greater your combined abilities. Moreover, physical improvement can lead to positive mental functions like confidence and courage, as well as secondary effects such as intimidating enemies and deterring unnecessary combat. Can someone who relies solely on supernatural powers and cannot improve themselves change the fate of the world? Also, please call me Al.”

He casually dismissed my plea, completely disregarding my request, and forced me into a hellish training regimen.

At first, it was brutal.

I cried, vomited, and even had accidents due to the intensity of the training.

Al’s devised training regimen pushed the limits of what could be achieved with the blessings. Additionally, he checked my pulse and breathing meticulously after each exercise, making it impossible to fake illness or lie.

After the training, the boss himself rejuvenated me with a massage, and my sister provided muscle-enriching meals, allowing me to recover enough to barely continue the training the next morning.

I subject my body to relentless torture and torment, pushing it to its limits, even if it becomes worn and battered, knowing that it will be ready for action again the next morning.

Truly, it feels like I’m trapped in a genuine hell.

  • Summer: The Season of Strengthening

However, no matter how harsh the environment, people gradually adapt and adjust.

By the time we switched to summer attire, I found myself handling the training with relative calmness.

Of course, our demon instructor didn’t neglect to increase the intensity. Just as I started getting used to it, she would raise the bar in terms of quality and quantity. Nevertheless, my mind had accepted this training hell to the point where I could endure it.

“It seems we can proceed to the next stage.”

That’s when Al mentioned teaching me the basics of spirit magic.

Due to the rain, it was challenging to train outside, so Al shifted focus to indoor exercises related to spirit magic.

Spirit magic is essentially the magic of this world.

In this art, which manifests miracles through the spirits contracted, the ability required by humans is not the amount of versatile energy called MP or magic power, as in games.

this is because, in the world of Danmagi, with a few exceptions, characters do not possess such fantastical abilities.

Well, some individuals have abilities based on their race, so it’s still quite different from the real world on the other side.

Anyway, most inhabitants of this world do not possess the magical fuel necessary to manifest miracles.

So, where do they draw it from?

“Let’s start with training in simple spells. For basic skills like armor enhancement or strength enhancement, it is possible to manifest them simply by circulating my supplied spiritual power into the practitioner’s body.”

Spiritual power, or spirit power.

It is the power that serves as the source of miracles supplied to the contractor through the spirit.

Yes. What the status called AP in Danmagi indicates is the abundance of spiritual power supplied by the spirit, and it is not an inherent power possessed by the individual.

Thus, the method of “increasing magical power by releasing magic power every day from childhood and training” commonly found in web novels cannot be applied as is.

After all, the people in this world do not have organs that naturally produce mystical powers.

So, what should they train to strengthen it? There are mainly two aspects:

One is the enhancement of capacity.

How much spiritual power supplied by the spirit can be stored at its maximum. In other words, it is the enhancement of maximum AP.

Expanding the function of the storage organ of spiritual energy, said to be located around the navel in the abdomen, and increasing the maximum AP seems to be the basic training for spirit users in this world.

The second aspect is the increase in recovery amount.

It pertains to how quickly the decreased spiritual power in the body can be replenished through the spell, returning it to the spirit.

In Danmagi, the AP that has decreased recovers a certain amount each turn, but considering the relationship between spirits and humans, this is only natural.

The spiritual power that serves as the source of miracles is divided and distributed through the spirits.

Therefore, it is desirable to return the energy that has been diminished due to casting spells back to the spirit.

As I listened to this explanation, I couldn’t help but get excited that the game mechanics were well incorporated into this real world.

Al, with an ice candy in hand, looked at me with her cold eyes, creating a lasting memory.

Surprisingly, the training to strengthen my spiritual power went smoothly.

Essentially, Training progressed, converting spiritual power into a skill until it was depleted, followed by a set where Al supplied additional spiritual power. this accomplishment was achieved in approximately a week.

Well, of course, it’s just that I was able to manifest basic skills and grasp the tips for training. Think about it for a moment.

I am Kyoichiro Shimizu, a regular person who was a corporate slave in a peaceful world.

it was astounding and almost unbelievable.

Despite coming from a world devoid of swords, magic, or spirits, I effortlessly gained a portion of this mysterious power. Was I some kind of prodigy?

When I proudly told Al about this,

“Your physical training has paid off, Master. Since the training related to spiritual power generally puts a burden on the body and enhances capacity and function, I thought you, as a muscle training enthusiast, could endure it.”

I was praised.

Little did I know, the grueling muscle training I endured was actually the preliminary training for mastering spirit magic. It seemed I had been completely manipulated by Al,

My demon master is a true strategist.

Autumn – The Season of Decision

As we continued our training in both muscle training and spirit magic, the vibrant autumn leaves in the town caught our attention, signaling the transition to the next stage of our training.

And that next stage was none other than mastering Al’s technique.

“You seem to have acquired the basic techniques. Well then, shall we start mastering my technique?”

“That’s right! It’s time to acquire everyone’s beloved unique skill!”

Unique skills, specialized abilities, individuality, supernatural powers, bonuses from reincarnation—every man dreams of obtaining their own special ability. Finally, that moment had arrived for me!

Filled with excitement and acting like a child (after all, I was only fourteen years old in this body, so it seemed appropriate), I approached this training with an unparalleled level of focus.


“You’re incredibly clumsy, Master.”

Al’s blunt conclusion hit the mark, even if it was harsh.

Releasing magic, or in other words, projecting skills developed within the body to a separate location, seemed to pose a challenge for me. Perhaps it was because I hadn’t grown up in a world where projecting special auras was the norm, but I struggled to grasp the feeling of manipulating something outside my own body.

“Master excels in the efficiency and concentration of magic conversion, but there are issues with directionality and expandability.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means you’re more like a brute force warrior in a game. You won’t quite fit the role of a mage or a priest.”

Drawing from our extensive discussions on gaming knowledge, Al’s analogy was straightforward and easy to understand.

It appeared that long-range attacks were not my forte.

“But it’s quite worrisome for a warrior type to not have long-range attacks.”

Indeed, navigating dungeons presented numerous challenges.

Even in combat, a well-balanced party composition was necessary, consisting of frontliners, midliners, rearguards, attackers, and defenders.

However, if I were a versatile hero like the protagonist or the main heroine, I might be able to tackle solo challenges. Unfortunately, my aptitude seemed to lie in being a straightforward close combat type.

“Well, solo conquest seems difficult.”

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