A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 1

Chapter 6: Just a Stone

The morning sun bathed me in its warm glow as I woke up from my slumber. After rising from my bed in the orphanage, I promptly got dressed and headed out to the yard.

I engaged in my daily training routine, enjoying the coolness of the morning air. Swinging, lateral jumps, and muscle training were all part of my regimen. For two years, I had diligently practiced my morning exercises without fail. As the protagonist, I understood the importance of daily accumulation.

Naturally, my body had grown much stronger and more resilient over these two years. I knew I had surpassed my previous self in terms of strength, and I was determined to continue growing.

With my toned physique, I could strike a pose and look impressive. As I finished my training and wiped the sweat off my brow, I relished the pleasant sensation of the cool breeze drying my perspiration.

Following my workout, I made my way to the dining hall for breakfast. At the orphanage, all the children ate the same meal at the same time.

I usually occupied an empty seat at the end of the table. While no one usually sat next to me, occasionally Rere and Maria would join me. It seemed like today was one of those days.

I found myself eating more than usual. Today marked the beginning of my activities as a provisional member of the Round Table Knights, and I couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement. Finally, the day had arrived—the start of a legendary journey. I wondered what awaited me.

“Fei, you’re starting as a provisional member of the Round Table Knights today, right?”


“Do you get paid for it?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“I want a sword!”

“…Make sure you can do something before I buy you one.”

“Then, will you buy it for me?”

“…Yeah, but don’t misunderstand. It depends on whether you can earn it yourself.”

Rere’s innocence and sincerity were endearing. I promised myself to buy that child a sword once I received payment. It was heartwarming to see Maria’s happiness as she exclaimed, “I did it!” Maria, too, was undeniably adorable.

Feeling soothed by the unique charm of the two, I elegantly enjoyed my meal. Suddenly, the tranquility of the dining hall was shattered by a cacophony of voices.

“Wait, I’m helping True!”

“Wa, it’s me!”

“Hey, calm down, both of you.”

Noisy exchanges reverberated through the hall from the early hours of the morning. Two girls’ voices and True’s panicked voice—it was a daily occurrence. Ray, a blond-haired, blue-eyed tsundere girl who seemed to be True’s childhood friend from the same village, and Iris, with her blue hair and eyes, rumored to be a noble’s daughter from another region. The girls bickered and bantered…

…I wondered if I would ever experience such developments. It was a passing thought.

True has two heroines who seem somewhat contrived. Well, maybe I’ll have that kind of experience someday too. For now, I’ll focus on savoring and digesting my breakfast properly. Today is an important day as a member of the knight order.

After finishing breakfast and making the necessary preparations, I bid farewell to the orphanage.

“Good luck!”

“Take care!”

Only Rere and Maria saw me off. True, on the other hand, received words of encouragement from the other orphans, causing a slight delay in his departure. I thought to myself, “Well, I’ll go on ahead then” As the protagonist, I should act with grace

After bidding farewell to the two, I enjoyed the scenery of the capital city of Britannia as I made my way to destination. Many houses in this country were made of brick, and although there were two-story houses, they mostly belonged to merchants. There were also stalls that added a lively atmosphere to the place. The characteristic feature was the variety of shops, including inns. While commoners dressed modestly, there were those who wore luxurious clothing. Were they nobles? According to what I had heard, there seemed to be a feudal system, and as the protagonist, I might have events involving nobles.

Walking coolly towards destination, I arrived at a location a little away from the knight order headquarters. It was an empty space with only a few weeds and three distinctive trees. When he arrived, no one else had arrived yet.

“Looks like I’m the first one here. Oh, I guess it would have been fine to come a little later too. It’s kind of protagonist-like to show up late.”

No, being late to a meeting place might not be good either. Maybe being the first one here was important after all. As he thought about how the protagonist should gather, he heard a voice he once heard somewhere.

“Hey, Fei. Long time no see.”


“You’re the first one here.”


Arthur had arrived. She was really beautiful, but he had found out that she had a bad personality. He admired her good looks for a moment. After that, True and two women arrived.

When Arthur arrived at her destination to begin her temporary membership in the team, she discovered that someone else was already there. He leaned against one of the three trees, folded his arms, and closed his eyes.

“Ah, Fei. Long time no see.”


“You’re the first one here.”


Silence. Neither Arthur nor Fei spoke right away, which was natural given their personalities. Fei considered himself to be a cool protagonist who didn’t talk much, while Arthur was a simple social outcast. There was no way the two of them would have a cute conversation like a happily-in-love couple.

However, Arthur wanted to talk to Fei a little bit. After the exam, Fei had left alone. She had also realized, from what True had told her, that he was alone. So she tried to come up with a topic in her head, hoping they could be friends.

(…I wonder how old Fei is. You can become a Holy Knight at the age of fifteen, but I’m seventeen because I’ve been traveling. Fei has a mature atmosphere, so is he actually older?)

“How old are you, Fei?”

“Is there a point in answering that?”

“You can’t answer? Did I ask a difficult question? Sorry.”

(Did he not want to answer? This was a chance to talk to a potential friend. She didn’t want to blow it. She should apologize if she made the other person uncomfortable and change the subject. She should admit her fault and apologize.)

“She didn’t mean to provoke him; she was just a good girl who wanted to be friends. However, Fei felt like he was being made fun of because Arthur couldn’t even say her own age.”

“…I’m fifteen.”

“Oh, I see.”

(I thought he was older because he has a strict and mature atmosphere.)

She wondered what to say next. However, she was extremely bad at expressing herself. She didn’t know if her words would be taken the way she meant them.

“Fei, you look old in a good way.”

“…I don’t know.”

It was clearly an insult, but Arthur was just an airhead. Fei felt like she had insulted him. He was annoyed for a moment but didn’t show it.

(I’m so childish compared to Fei.)

“I’m seventeen, but I’m still young and fresh compared to you, Fei.”

“…I see.”

Fei muttered bluntly. Arthur didn’t notice, but wrinkles appeared between Fei’s eyebrows.

Their conversation as two social outcasts passed, and a new person entered their space.

“Oh?! You’re the first one here!”


Suddenly, a high-pitched, impudent girl’s voice echoed. A girl appeared running like a mad dog. She had beautiful, fierce crimson hair that extended to her waist and burning red eyes. Her sharp fang teeth and rough, free-spirited atmosphere made her stand out. She approached the two of them and looked at Arthur first, then Fei. Then she pointed her finger while widening her eyes.

“Oh! You’re the one from the exam!”

“…Who are you?”

“Bowlan! That’s my name! Remember it! Third rates!”

“…I see.”

The impudent girl introduced herself to Fei as if acknowledging her as a rival. She was a girl who worked as a special forces unit with Arthur, True, in a novel game called [Round Table Heroes]. Bowlan stood out for her rough behavior, but she was destined to die soon in the depressing novel game. Just as she arrived, they heard the sound of someone rushing again. The hurried footsteps stopped in front of the three of them.

“Ah, sorry! Am I late!?”

A girl appeared with beautiful silver hair that extended to her waist. Her eyes were a beautiful sapphire blue, and her face was adorable like a small animal. She had more bumps and curves than Arthur. She was the type of girl who would look good with the phrase “loli big breasts.” She apologized first with a panicked face.

“I’m sorry… even though I’m a teacher, I’m late…”

“You’re not late…”

“Arthur followed the white girl who introduced herself as a teacher. Then she smiled as if relieved.”

“Oh, good.”

“But Fei and I have been waiting for a long time.”

“Ah, I’m sorry!!”

“No need to apologize.”

Arthur calmly explained the situation, hoping to calm her down, but instead made her more flustered. However, he followed up with her again. Then, Bowlan questioned the girl who identified herself as a teacher.

“A teacher!? Someone as weak as you!?”

“Hahaha… Sorry, I guess I look weak. Um, Bowlan-san, Arthur-san, and Fei-kun, right? And True-kun… seems to be missing.”

Everyone was slightly surprised to see Yururu playing the role of a teacher, as she seemed more like a student than an instructor. As all eyes turned towards her, the sound of approaching footsteps reached their ears for the third time.

“Oh, someone’s coming!”

Bowlan directed her gaze towards the sound of the footsteps. True hurriedly rushed towards Fei and the others, clearly in a state of panic. His speed exceeded human limits, and a transparent wavering surrounded him.

“Sorry for being late.”

“No problem, I just arrived too! And your body enhancement magic was amazing, True-kun.”

Yururu, the silver-haired woman who introduced herself as a teacher, clapped her hands. With True’s arrival, the five of them were finally together.

Fei, being an irregular and joining the group that was originally meant to consist of four people, would significantly alter the course of the story.

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