The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 3

Episode 3: Charlotte-Mersenne

Charlotte-Mersenne is duty-bound to serve the Kingdom of Leuville as a member of the Duke’s family. However, what sets her apart is her remarkable talent.

One aspect of her talent lies in her extraordinary magical power. From the moment she was born, it was evident that she possessed such immense magical ability that she was destined to marry into the royal family and bear their children.

The other aspect is her possession of silver magic. Normally, individuals are born with four magical attributes: fire, water, earth, and wind. These attributes vary in strength and weakness among individuals, but they form the fundamental magical abilities possessed by most people.

However, the royal family is different. They possess the celestial attribute, the fifth element of magic. This golden magic, unique to the royal bloodline, emanates a radiant brilliance that distinguishes it from the other four attributes.

Charlotte’s silver magic closely resembles the celestial attribute. It can be categorized as a magic akin to the celestial attribute, although its purity does not match that of the royal family. Nonetheless, it is an extraordinary talent that is rarely seen.

There is no one better suited to support the royal family than Charlotte. Thus, becoming the fiancée of the first prince was an obligation imposed upon her, and she did not question it.

Living for the king, the country, and the people—this is her purpose in life. It is the mission bestowed upon her existence as Charlotte-Mersenne, the meaning of her life.

She believed it was fine to continue in this manner, walking the path laid out before her. That is, until that moment.

When she was young, during a tea party with the first prince, Leor, he presented her with a gift

“It seems to be a popular picture book. I also gave it to my younger brother.”

Being accustomed to reading only scholarly books for studying, Charlotte’s interest was piqued by this picture book. Its content was an ordinary tale of a boy from a small village embarking on a journey to defeat the Demon King and become a hero. However, what captured Charlotte’s attention was not just the knowledge imparted by the book, but its storytelling. Most of all, she admired the protagonist.

The importance of companionship, the strength of believing in others, the power of bonds, unwavering determination, and instilling hope in people’s hearts—she admired the protagonist who formed a bond even with the once-enemy Demon King.

But what about herself? Did she possess the same determination as the hero in the book, or was she merely following the path laid out for her? Did she hold unwavering convictions in her heart?

The answer was no.

Realizing this, Charlotte felt empty, like an empty doll. She couldn’t see the path she should walk anymore.

That’s when she made her decision.

“Leor-sama, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all became good friends?”

“Well, there’s nothing better if we can get along.”

“…I’ve decided! Just like the protagonist in this book you gave me, I want to create a country where everyone can be friends!”

With pure, childlike sincerity, she voiced her wish. However, Leor, being older and more mature as the first prince, responded with a wry smile.

“Unfortunately, reality isn’t so ideal. It’s challenging to turn idealistic ideas into reality. It’s good to have dreams, but if the future queen holds such a mindset, the country won’t function properly.”

In that moment, she tried to brush it off, saying, “Yes, you’re right.” But secretly, she was shocked to have her dream denied. Even at that young age, Leor was mature, being the first prince and closest to adulthood. Perhaps that’s why he uttered those words. Nonetheless, Charlotte still clung to her dream. Yet, if the prince believed it was unattainable, she reasoned that she should probably give up on it. With that thought, she prepared to leave the scene, leaving the book behind.

“…You dropped this.”


A boy with black hair and black eyes emerged, holding the book that she had left behind.

She only knew his name: Alfred-Berg-Leuville.

The third prince was cursed, surrounded by unfavorable rumors. To Charlotte, he was simply the younger brother of her fiancé, nothing more.

—-The unfortunate child.

In the Kingdom of Leuville, the royal family possessed the gift of golden magic. But Alfred was an exception among exceptions. He possessed black magic, just like the [Night Witch] who had once plunged the world into darkness.

His power, known as the [Sixth Attribute], was considered an ill omen, a curse bestowed by the Night Witch.

Even within the castle walls, he was shunned by those around him. At noble gatherings, everyone instinctively avoided him, harboring dislike and engaging in gossip.

It was during this encounter that Charlotte had her first intimate conversation with him. Until then, the adults had subtly kept her away from him. Looking back, she realized they must have been concerned about the consequences of someone wielding the power of [Silver] magic.

“…I don’t need it. I have already cast it aside.”

“What a waste. You know, this is quite interesting.”

“…I know. It’s just…”

“Then why did you discard it?”

“…Because turning ideals into reality is difficult. A future queen shouldn’t be saying such things.”

“That’s just something Leo-nii said.”

My cheeks grew warm, as if I had been exposed. It was the truth, and I felt confronted by my own emptiness once again.

“It’s an even greater waste.”

“What’s wasteful about it?”

“If it’s hard to turn ideals into reality, it’s all the more reason to become a queen who can do it, right?”

“To make them a reality…as a queen…but still, it’s difficult…”

“[Difficult, but not impossible. But nothing will begin unless you challenge yourself.]”


“It’s like something out of a fairy tale, the beautiful words of the protagonist.”

I love that book too. As he said that, Alfred tossed the book. Instinctively, I caught it and held it close with both hands.

“Reality is merely maintaining the status quo. It has always been the challengers who have made the world better by presenting beautiful ideals.”


“…If ideals can be realized, they are superior to reality. So I’m counting on you, Queen.”

That was the true significance of Charlotte and Alfred’s encounter.

Simultaneously, it marked the beginning of a girl named Charlotte-Mersenne.

That book was a treasure for Charlotte, and she still reads it whenever she finds free time.

And every time she reads it, she affirms to herself.

—-I adore beautiful ideals.

—-If they can be realized, beautiful ideals are the finest.

I’m weary of hearing that reality isn’t so sweet or that beautiful ideals alone won’t alter reality.

But even so, I pursue beautiful ideals. I have resolved to exist for that purpose.

To become a queen one day and transform my ideals into reality.

“I will-“

As he walked away, Charlotte proclaimed to the black-haired boy.

“I will become a queen who turns beautiful ideals into reality!”

The black-haired boy didn’t turn back but waved his hand resolutely.

From that moment onward, Charlotte began exchanging words with Alfred-Berg-Leuville, the younger brother of her fiancé.

Scene transition

“The first prince of Leuville Kingdom, Leor-Berg-Leuville, proclaims–Charlotte-Mersenne. With this moment, I hereby annul our engagement!”

My compelled life, my duty, my purpose, even my dreams.

That day. That night. Everything shattered in an instant.

I felt as if the suspicious gazes from those around me were exposing my very foundation.

I felt as if I had been plunged into pitch-black darkness.

Even the ideals I had cherished were trampled upon.

I no longer knew what to do. I didn’t know how to proceed. Everything became unclear.

However, Charlotte found salvation.

In the depths of despair, as I knelt on the ground, a helping hand was extended to me.


The third prince of the Leuville Kingdom.

The cursed child. The accursed child. The despised third prince.

“It feels like that time… just like before,” I thought to myself.

I had once poured my dreams into the reality, only to be rejected by the person I hoped would understand me.

But then, someone picked up the nearly discarded dream.

It was just like before.

When my engagement was broken off and I was left in despair, someone reached out to me.

“Charlotte, what do you desire?”

It was the day after the social party when I was summoned by the king. After hearing the details of the incident, the king apologized, but I stopped him.

Then, the king posed a question to Charlotte.

“This incident cannot be forgiven with mere apologies. The best I can do is fulfill your wishes to the best of my ability.”

“No… It is also my fault for failing to hold onto Leo-sama’s heart. Your Majesty doesn’t need to make amends…”

I knew that the responsibility didn’t solely lie with Leo. Even though there might not have been love between us, I should have made an effort to capture his heart as his fiancée. But I didn’t.

I was naïve to believe that if I stayed true to myself, I would eventually be accepted…

“I don’t desire apologies or amends. It’s a consequence of my own shallowness.”

“…Honestly, Leo did something foolish. Letting go of such a capable fiancée.”

As the king spoke those words, I saw a glimpse of his fatherly face.

“However… I must handle your future with care. What should I do…”


Charlotte realized that her current self was a burden to others.

As the fiancée who had been firmly rejected by the Crown Prince, I would undoubtedly face difficulties even among the nobility.

—I will become a queen who brings about beauty!

Suddenly, a childhood memory resurfaced. The day, the moment when Charlotte-Mersenne, the girl, truly began.

“…Your Majesty, if you permit, I have one wish.”

“Go ahead, speak.”

“I want to improve this country. I want it to be a place where everyone can live hand in hand… Such a country. If possible, I wish to contribute to making those beautiful things a reality, even if it’s not in the position of a queen.”

“…I see.”

The king wore a thoughtful expression and then said, “If that’s the case… there is one vacant position available.”

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