A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 2

The boy, named Rere, experienced a complete loss at the tender age of three. He had been an ordinary boy in an ordinary village, leading a contented life with his ordinary parents and friends. At the age of two, he had felt blessed and grateful for everything surrounding him. However, when he turned three, everything changed abruptly. Rere was attacked by Daemon, miraculously surviving but losing his eyesight in the process. His village, friends, and beloved parents were taken away, leaving him alone in a world of darkness. It was then that Maria extended her hand, offering him a place to live at the orphanage, where he found solace among the kind-hearted orphans, who showered him with parental affection. Initially, Rere’s heart only yearned for his parents, and he would cry out in anguish. Yet gradually, he opened his heart to Maria and the other children, forging a bond with them. Nevertheless, his vision remained shrouded in darkness, and his life remained a constant struggle.

Despite being unable to see, Rere found contentment in his existence. The voices of the sisters were gentle, and his hand was always held, guiding him along. He harbored no complaints, yet he couldn’t help but feel a tinge of loneliness. Everyone was kind and excessively protective. It was a good thing, but simultaneously, he sensed that he was fated to live a life reliant on others. Unable to participate in their games, Rere felt inferior to those around him. Although young, his mind pondered over various matters.

Rere’s aspiration was to become a holy knight, but he was warned not to say it because it was dangerous. They told him that cooking was dangerous, walking alone was dangerous, and everything was dangerous. He knew that they were worried and that they had no ill intentions.

During that time, Rere noticed someone at the orphanage who never extended a helping hand.

That person was Fei, a boy whom Rere had never seen but had heard a faint whisper of his voice. Fei was the despised child of the orphanage, perpetually subjected to True’s punishments. Since True shielded Rere from harm, Fei remained a stranger to him.

Rumors circulated that Fei, who had once engaged in misbehavior, now spent his days honing his sword skills. Rere was intrigued and had always wanted to approach Fei, but the other orphans warned him against it, deeming Fei dangerous. However, as of late, Rere had heard that Fei had grown quieter, piquing his curiosity. Navigating through the orphanage by feeling the walls and various objects, Rere ventured toward the sound of Fei swinging his sword.

As Rere called out, the sound of the sword abruptly ceased. Instead of the usual gentleness, a sharp voice pierced the air, momentarily startling Rere.


Fei’s voice held a hint of intimidation, causing Rere’s thoughts to scatter.



“Why aren’t you kind to me?”

It was an innocent question, devoid of complaint. Rere merely sought to understand why Fei differed from everyone else.

“Why…? (Huh? Even if you suddenly ask me that, I’m always overshadowed by the protagonist aura, making it difficult for me to be kind to you.)”


“…Because it’s unnecessary. (I always have someone to rely on, and I exude a strong aura. There’s no need to jeopardize that by forcing kindness onto you.)”


Fei’s response was refreshing. It wasn’t a belittlement of himself; instead, it carried a peculiar sensation.

Rere felt that something had shifted. It was as if he was being seen as an equal rather than a target in need of protection. He harbored no resentment toward the children in the orphanage.

It was simply a breath of fresh air.

Intrigued, he wanted to know what Fei had to say regarding the comments made by the other children.

“I have a dream…”

“I see.”

“But I can’t see.”


“Is it impossible?”

“I don’t know. It’s up to you. I don’t know what you’re thinking.”

“Do you have a dream, Fei?”

“…Let’s say I do.”

“Is it challenging?”


“Do you give up even when things get tough?”

“I don’t have time to seek reasons to give up. Regardless of what anyone says, I will forge my own path.”

With that, Fei fell silent, the sound of swords once again resonating in Rere’s ears. Rere lingered there for a while.

For a long time, he had listened to the sound of swords clashing.

Perhaps Fei was attempting to convey something to Rere, offering encouragement in the process. Rere could sense a trace of kindness, akin to a grain of sand that might otherwise go unnoticed. It was a kindness that Rere was able to discern.

Perhaps due to his prolonged stay in darkness, he had become attuned to even the slightest glimmers of light.

From that moment forward, Fei became someone Rere considered an indescribable brother.

Their interactions were infrequent, with limited opportunities for conversation. Nonetheless, Rere gradually began reaching out to Fei, occasionally sharing words with him.

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