I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 5

“Oh nooo! We’re so close, so close to reaching Shangri-La…!”

“Come on, you can do it, Demon Lord! But why don’t we just break through this wall instead of going through all this trouble? Oh, if you want, I can…”

“I told you it’s not allowed! Besides, I said not to harm any humans!”

“Well, but…”

The two of them bickered loudly while piggybacking. Their voices were so loud that they easily attracted attention.

Fortunately, there weren’t many people on the street, so they didn’t seem to gather much attention. However, they didn’t seem to be very skilled thieves.

“Hey, you guys!”

I observed them for a while, but they seemed oblivious to my presence, so I called out to them.

“Wha-? N-no, this isn’t what it looks like, we’re not thieves… Huh? Black Demon!?”

The young girl was surprised and turned to face me, attempting to offer a feeble explanation. But for some reason, she stumbled off the piggyback and backed away from me. What kind of reaction was that?

“Demon Lord, please calm down! This human may have cloudy eyes, but he doesn’t have black hair! He’s a different person! Probably!”

“Well, his hair is a different color from that demon’s… His eyes are cloudy, but he looks just like her, though…”

“What’s going on with you guys?”

I thought it was too much to label someone a demon just because their eyes were cloudy or something. It was our first meeting, but it seemed too harsh. I felt like crying.

“Anyway… do you have anything to say?”

I pointed to the window of the Chartette they were about to break into and asked them.

“I-I was just closing the window because it was left open…”

“I see, I see. Were you an employee here? That would make sense, but…”

“Yes, that’s right! I’m an employee here! So…”

“But I don’t remember seeing anyone like you before. I know the owner of this place, but I’ve never seen anyone like you. Hmm, that’s odd. I wonder why?”

“Grr… I’ve been caught…”

When I tilted my head obviously, the young girl gnashed her teeth in frustration and glared at me resentfully. Well, I think it’s her fault for falling for such a simple interrogation. I’m worried that she might be deceived by bad people.

“Hey! You’ve been treating me like a human for a while now! The Demon Lord here is the one and only being who will rule the world and trample everything underfoot! Humans like you are destined to be livestock!”

“Yuri! I told you to stop that! And besides, it’s not the Demon Lord, it’s Luna! How many times do I have to tell you that?”

Yuri, the green-haired girl, scolded me, but I didn’t understand what she was saying. Meanwhile, Luna, the young girl, panicked and jumped up and down, trying to cover Yuri’s mouth.

I thought to myself, “That young girl looks really unlucky.” Despite being young, I felt like she had already gone through a lot of hardships.

Calling me a human and a Demon Lord was probably some kind of make-believe game. When I was young, there was a trend of playing hero and villain in the village… maybe among girls, playing Demon Lord was popular.

I glanced at the two of them again. One had smooth blonde hair cut just below the chin, with slightly curled tips, and the other had deep emerald green hair that reached down to her waist. If they didn’t speak, they would have looked like well-behaved young ladies.

What they had in common was that their well-proportioned features were mismatched with their cheap-looking clothes that could be bought at a second-hand store around here.

They couldn’t be slum children or slaves. Slavery had been abolished in the Magikostuma Kingdom, or rather, on this continent.

So these two might be some noblewoman’s secret visitors or a pair of girls who had fallen from noble status and become commoners.

Or perhaps they had lined up since morning to get a lottery ticket but didn’t win and became desperate enough to resort to breaking in.

Either way, stealing is a crime. We need to take appropriate measures… but.

“Wait a minute.”


I said just that and headed for the back door of the Charldean. Luna looked puzzled with a question mark above her head, but I walked without explaining.

I took out the employee key that I got from Charl and opened the back door.

“This and this… and this should be enough.”

I grabbed some eye-catching sweets from the dazzling showcase and stuffed them into a handbasket.

“I’m doing this, so go home quickly. Your parents will worry.”

I handed the basket full of sweets to Luna and the others.

Luna looked puzzled, her face seemingly unable to comprehend the situation, and pointed to the basket several times, seeming to ask, “Can I have this?” I nodded.

…Actually, I wouldn’t have minded turning them over to the Knights.

But when I saw this little girl trembling in fear… well, I thought I could overlook it once. Besides, in this time zone just after closing, it’s dangerous to make a fuss in front of the store.

So the purpose is to give them the sweets and get them out of here as soon as possible.

However, this action is not out of goodwill, but for my sake. If I let them go and they get kidnapped or killed, I will definitely have trouble sleeping. In other words, it’s all for me. It’s for my sake.

“Th-there are so many! You’re a good person, aren’t you!? I’ll never forget this favor!”

Luna finally seemed to understand the situation and hugged the basket full of sweets with a very happy face.

“Oh, I need to pay you now…”

“I don’t need money. In return, don’t do this again. Got it?”

I refused when she tried to take out money from her pocket, and I warned her. Luna looked up at me with her sparkling pure eyes and nodded.

Actually, Charl told me that I could take the sweets for free. That’s why I don’t need money. I’ve said many times that I should pay for them, though.

“Actually, I’ve always wanted to try them before I die… I’ve been lining up from morning, but I can’t buy sweets because I never win the lottery, and I have to sell the clothes I’m wearing because I lost my wallet, so I have no choice but to do this…”

“Oh, I see.”

She seemed more like an unfortunate little girl than I thought. I’m starting to feel sorry for her.

“But still, not all humans are good people! Unlike that black demon!”

“Black demon?”

“I briefly wondered who it might be, but then I thought that it was probably just a part of their ‘Demon King game,’ where they fit people they don’t like into that role. I did something similar when I was going through puberty and called dark monsters ‘Abyssal Apostles.’ It’s probably something like that.”

“Hmph! Even if these humans try to please me, their efforts will be in vain—”

“Yuri! …Let’s meet again, Red One! I won’t forget this kindness in the name of Luna-Dulce-Eucalyris—ever!”

Luna held off Yuri, who still seemed ready to argue, with her hand and hugged her basket protectively before waving goodbye and leaving.

“…Those were some weird people.”

Well, at least there won’t be anything in tomorrow’s magic newspaper to make me feel bad. That’s a relief!

Alright, I’ll go home, eat dinner, and go to bed. I feel like I’ll be able to sleep well tonight.


I tried to leave, but suddenly I felt like I had forgotten something and stopped in my tracks.

“Oh, right. More importantly, I need to figure out how to get some money.”

I had completely forgotten my original goal, which was to get some money. “What am I going to do?” I groaned, but no innovative ideas came to mind.

Wait, what if I participate in the gambling to predict the winners and losers of the tournament that’s taking place? …No, I think it was forbidden for participants to bet on themselves.

But I don’t want to take a chance on a gamble where I don’t know who will win, and I don’t know anyone I can trust to bet on me… wait, trust?


Suddenly, a great idea struck me like a divine message. I couldn’t help but feel like a genius.

“Hey, you two from earlier! I want you to return what you borrowed from me earlier—”

I ran up to the two people I gave candy to earlier, who were still in sight, and proposed something strange to them.

Their reactions to my proposal were contrasting: Luna was negative, and Yuri was positive.

In the end, I persuaded Luna, who was feeling uneasy, and my innovative plan was put into action. With this, the money problem was solved. Absolutely!

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