Before the tutorial begins chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Origin of the Apocalypse Device, Hymingreva – Albion (Part 1)

As my consciousness returned, the world before me was immersed in pure white.

A space devoid of any color, where the boundary between heaven and earth merged into one.

In the midst of this expanse stood a solitary figure.

A girl dressed entirely in white.

From head to toe, she radiated a pure white glow.

In this monochromatic space, her presence was difficult to discern in terms of color, but her form was unmistakable to me.

For she was no ordinary girl.

Even at first glance, she stood out among the extraordinary.

The first thing that caught my attention was her armament.

Donning a pristine white dress armor over a white military uniform and carrying multiple swords at her waist, her appearance unequivocally proclaimed her as a warrior.

A being destined for battle, that was the impression she conveyed.

Yet, wrapped around her was an innocence that contradicted that image.

With well-defined features and a flawlessly balanced countenance reminiscent of meticulously crafted haute couture, her lips possessed a freshness and vibrancy akin to a single white rose that had found its way into this pure white world.

But it was her hair that deserved special mention.

Her immaculately styled short cut boasted a pure white hue. Her glossy locks, resembling untouched snow, held a mystique that evoked awe with just a glance.

Truly, her beauty transcended human comprehension.

Ah, this invincible divinity undoubtedly belonged to the secret boss.

The secret boss—the overwhelmingly powerful spirit that stood apart from all others in the series, the pillar known as “Ultima.”

“Confirmation. Did you activate this consciousness?”

Ultima IV, the Apocalypse Device named “Hymingreva – Albion,” inquired in a monotone voice.

“No… there’s no mistake. I’m the one who summoned you,”

I unconsciously replied with deference, perhaps due to her divine presence.

Well, her exceptional aura was simply overwhelming.

I couldn’t fathom defeating her, let alone engaging in combat.

No, the protagonist was truly amazing. Even while facing complete challenges and with the support of allies, they had managed to stand against such a formidable opponent.

“Yes! Let’s fight!”

Immediately, I prostrated myself, signaling to the secret boss that I harbored no ill intent.

“As you can see, I have no intention of harming you. Please spare me from the trial!”

The trial—a series of events in which the secret boss battled the protagonist and their allies.

Let me explain the details:

After completing all the necessary objectives, the protagonist and their companions had finally released Hymingreva.

However, upon awakening, she declared, “Unauthorized access detected,” and prepared herself for combat, leading to the trial known as the true final boss battle.

It was a relatively conventional introduction, wasn’t it? Yes, I thought so too. The progression felt natural, considering she was the secret boss.

But for me, in this moment, this seemingly natural battle scenario held the weight of life and death.

So I pleaded desperately. Fundamentally, I was a peacemaker, after all.

“Please, I beg you. I am Kyoichiro Shimizu, a pathetic loser who can’t even harm a bug. I would undoubtedly perish simply by sensing your killing intent. There’s no point in trying. I am nothing but a worthless piece of garbage.”

Huh? What were we talking about?

“Incorrect response. As you are a qualified individual, the trial is unnecessary. Additionally, my intelligence advises that your language usage is catastrophically incomprehensible.”

It seemed my desperate appeal had worked, as the white girl clearly stated that the trial would not take place.

While relieved by that, I couldn’t help but feel like I had lost something important as a person. But for now, I decided to put that aside and focus on other matters.

Instead of harboring that misplaced sense of pride, there are other aspects that deserve my attention now.

“A qualified person?”

I inquired, and the boss nodded in response.

“Answer: A qualified person refers to an individual with a special lineage, possessing exclusive access rights to Ultima. Your DNA has been detected to contain traces of Death. Therefore, this consciousness recognizes you as a qualified person.”

It felt as though a hidden setting, unknown even to someone like me who had been playing the series for years, was being unveiled at that very moment.

At least one mystery had been resolved.

“There was indeed significant meaning behind my sister’s event that led to the unlocking of the hidden boss.”

It seemed almost inevitable that my kind-hearted and beautiful sister held the key to Hymingreva, an event considered semi-necessary in this world. It was as if destiny had entrusted the key to the protagonist.

…Not that there’s nothing I want to say, but for now, it appears we can avoid the trial, and that brings me relief.

After taking a deep breath, I turned to the white girl and bowed.

“I appreciate your polite response. However, I have a request, though it may be audacious. Would you kindly listen to what I have to say?”

“Affirmative. It’s unnecessary to use such formal language. Please speak comfortably in a colloquial manner.”

“I appreciate your consideration. However…”

“Repeat. Please use a more informal style.”

“…Thank you…?”

“Be concise. I prefer a more informal response.”

“More informal? Um… I’m grateful, or something like that?”

“…Got it. Your speaking style suits you, according to my intelligence’s advice.”

I don’t understand why, but I was compelled to speak informally.

Personally, I believe that using polite language is more respectful, but the individual in question disagrees. Let’s adapt to this situation.

“My name is Kyoiichiro Shimizu. At least, that’s how it is for now.”

“Question. The use of ‘at least’ is puzzling, as per my intelligence. Can I interpret it as a lack of ability to express yourself?”

“Not exactly. I want to discuss that and other matters. Will you listen?”

“Repetition/Request. We have already had that conversation. To ensure smooth communication, please refrain from unnecessary dialogue, as advised by my intelligence.”

The hidden boss, speaking through a cute girl’s face, delivers harsh words.

I’m not sure if it’s a character trait or something else, but they are an unreasonable person who keeps repeating themselves.

…Well, whatever. For now, let’s engage in a calm conversation.

“Understood. Be prepared, as this might take a while. First and foremost, what I want to say is–“

And so, I recounted everything that had transpired thus far.

I spoke about how I came from another world, about the game called Spirit War Dungeon Magia, and about the impending fate of death that awaited me and my sister. I explained the need for Hymingreva’s assistance to avert it.

I believe I shared all the information I possessed.

There’s no room for holding back, and there’s no point in keeping secrets.

“…That’s why I require your power, Hymingreva.”

Upon concluding my speech, I bowed once again.

The hidden boss responded in a flat tone.

“…Understanding/Question. I have grasped the situation you find yourself in. With that in mind, I have a few questions to ask. Is that acceptable?”

“I don’t mind. Ask me anything.”

I readily agreed to her request for questions.

The fact that she had questions indicated some level of interest.

Not bad. No, it’s a very positive sign.

I eagerly awaited the forthcoming questions.

“Question and answer. I ask you. Please state the benefits that the intelligence would gain by entering into a contract with you.”

However, the white girl’s sudden and challenging question caught me off guard.

The benefit of the strongest hidden boss lending her power to the weakest mid-boss.

In normal circumstances, such an arrangement would be deemed impossible.

There was no bargaining chip in the hands of the insignificant and powerless Kyoiichiro that could entice her.

Ah, yes, I understand that. I get it.


Considering that, I confidently smiled.

“Yes. I am Kyoiichiro, yet I am not Kyoiichiro.”

I am a slightly dangerous Kyoiichiro who sees myself as both a hardcore gamer and a reincarnated individual trapped in a game.

“My mind is filled with valuable information that can be considered as strategies for this world. By providing this data, I can assist in granting your wishes.”

The atmosphere surrounding Hymingreva changed. The air that enveloped the white world became noticeably stifling.

“Your reaction indicates that you understand the credibility of my words to some extent. Rest assured, it’s neither a lie nor a bluff. I know the truth.”

Carefully selecting my words, I spoke in a cheerful voice to the pure white beauty, attempting to avoid arousing suspicion as I presented my negotiation card.

An unpleasant sweat trickled down my back. This might be the crucial point in the negotiation.

“Your wishes. In other words—”

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