Before the tutorial begins chapter 1

Chapter 1: Screw the Tearjerker Plot

“Hey, Kyo-kun!”

I hear footsteps running up the stairs.

Oh no! It seems I’ve made too much noise and now the people in the house are suspicious of me.

What am I going to do? I panicked.

But there’s nothing I can do, and the sliding door to Kyoiichiro’s room opens.

“Come on, don’t make so much noise. You’re making trouble for the neighbors!”

The person who appeared was a girl in a school uniform.

With her straight black hair flowing and her kind eyes narrowed in anger, she looked like a mysterious beauty.

“Um, excuse me. This is, well…”

As I started to speak, I suddenly realized something. Could this girl possibly be…


With a birthmark near her eye, a sexy figure, and most importantly, the talented voice actress whose whispering voice I love.

There’s no doubt about it. She is Ayaka-san, who appeared in Danmagi.

Seeing the female character from my dream game, and my favorite character to boot, I tremble on the spot, forgetting that I am Kyoiichiro.

Oh no…! Ayaka-san is super cute in real life. Just looking at her beautiful body makes me feel as if something unclean is being purified in my heart.

While I am affirming in my heart that “Danmagi” was indeed an amazing game, Ayaka-san kindly lets me hear her beautiful voice with a troubled expression.

“Come on, where did you learn such a strange way of addressing someone? If you keep fooling around, big sis will get mad.”

“I’m sorry, big sis… huh?”

Wait, what did she just say?

Big Sis? Ayaka-san? Whose?

“Yes, that’s right. I’m Kyo-kun’s precious big sister…? What’s wrong, Kyo-kun? You have a face like a frightened pigeon.”

It was Kyoiichiro’s!

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Ayaka-san is Kyoiichiro’s sister?

What kind of joke is that? Even though their appearances don’t resemble each other enough to belong to different species… No, wait?

At first glance, it’s an unbelievable story, but it’s not impossible.

After all, Ayaka-san was a character with mysterious last name until the end.

And during the event, she mentioned something that caught my attention, like “My beloved brother has recently been attacked by spirits…”

But does that mean Kyoiichiro and Ayaka-san are siblings? Does that mean Ayaka-san’s real name is Ayaka Shimizu?

With realization, my feeble brain is breaking down. Ayaka-san is my sister. Ayaka-san is my big sister. Ayaka-san is my big sister. With a mix of emotions – amazement, shock, and happiness – I feel like I’m going to lose it.

“Come on, Kyo-kun, you’re acting a little strange today.”

Ayaka-san sighs softly as she watches me panic .

Even that sight was irresistibly wonderful.

Let’s summarize the situation so far.

Currently, I am Kyoiichiro Shimizu.

I am the weakest, arrogant jerk in the popular romance simulation RPG, “Spirit War Dungeon Magia,” or in short “Danmagi” and I am in charge of the mid-boss in the tutorial – Kyoiichiro.

If things continue as they are in the scenario, my future will be that of a person who gets overconfident and then gets completely defeated by the protagonist, fafter that will die by being eaten by a sudden boss enemy. It’s a tragic fate.

Of course, such an ending is absurd. It’s absolutely out of the question.

Therefore, as a basic premise, I have to avoid hitting that death flag.

Of course, there is a possibility that this world is just a parallel world similar to Danmagi.

However, it would be too optimistic to do nothing and rely on that possibility.

So I will gather as much information as I can while trying to live a peaceful life. It’s out of the question to act arrogantly and confront the protagonist.

“Ayaka… big sister. This may sound strange, but what year is it on the ‘Kourei’ calendar?”

During dinner in the living room, with just the two of us present, I take a bite of the Japanese-style hamburg steak Ayaka-san made for me and work up the courage to ask.

But seriously, Ayaka-san becoming my big sister and serving me homemade food like this… This world is just too amazing.

The taste is exquisite, and most importantly, it’s warm.

It’s so warm and delicious that I feel an overwhelming urge to cry.

Seriously, if it weren’t me being Kyōichirō, everything would be perfect!

“What’s wrong all of a sudden?”

Ayaka-san looked confused.

Well, of course she would make that face. If you live a normal life, you wouldn’t forget what year it is.

“Oh, well, I kind of forgot. You know, I have these moments, right?”

I tried to make a light-hearted excuse. From Kyōichirō’s frivolous appearance in the game, I’m sure he’s the kind of character who would say something like that. …probably.

“Well, it can’t be helped. Since you’re always fighting, I end up forgetting important things as well.”

“Sorry, Ayaka-san.”

It seems that my assumption was right. But Kyōichirō is too stupid to be easily accepted, even if he forgets the era. It makes me sad when I think about it.

“This is the year of Emperor Reki 1189. You can’t forget it anymore.”

“Thank you, Ayaka-san. And, today’s food is really delicious. Especially this soup, it’s amazing. The combination of sea bream broth and yuzu fragrance is perfect.”

To avoid any further slip-ups, I showered Ayaka-san with compliments about her cooking.

It’s not a lie or deception, her cooking is truly exquisite, so the conversation flowed smoothly after that.

Even though she’s a student, she’s beautiful and her cooking is perfect. Ayaka-san is just too perfect.

“Oh, well, even if you flatter me so much, I won’t give you more than one serving.”

Saying that, Ayaka-san carried the empty teacups into the kitchen.

Her blushing face and the fact that she still brings me seconds in the midst of the commotion is incredibly adorable.

“Emperor Reki 1189, huh…”

I muttered to myself as I watched Ayaka-san happily scooping up rice in the kitchen.

If my past memories are correct, the story of Danmagi (original) begins in Emperor Reki 1192.

That means there’s still some time before Kyōichirō meets his tragic end.

About three years, more or less. If I were greedy, it would have been best to be reincarnated a year earlier, but oh well.

For the next three years, I’ll do my best to avoid Kyōichirō’s ruinous path.

After dinner, while doing the dishes with Ayaka-san, I subtly extracted various information.

Thanks to that, I was able to understand the general situation Kyōichirō is in, so the results of my information gathering are quite good.

I learned three things from Ayaka-san.

Thing I Learned #1: This place is the residential area of Dungeon City [Sakuraka], and we, the Shimizu siblings, are students.

The term “Dungeon City” is exactly what it sounds like, a city with many dungeons.

The world of Danmagi is basically made up of dungeons and spirits.

Energy resources are mostly obtained from magic stones found in dungeons, and thanks to spirits, magic is a breeze.

Therefore, places where dungeons and spirits gather naturally prosper, and Sakuraka is one of those dungeon towns. At least for the time being, it should be treated as such.

Thing I learned #2: The Shimizu siblings live alone.

It seems that Kyōichirō and Ayaka-san’s parents died in a cave-in accident a few years ago.

To be honest, I had prepared myself for this to some extent.

When Ayaka-san appeared in Danmagi, even though she was only 18, she said she was alone.

So I had some expectations, but when I was actually told, it was hard to bear.

It’s not right that a young girl who should be enjoying her youth is left behind.

Why does a girl who hasn’t even reached JK (high school) have to raise Kyōichirō by taking role as mother?

And on top of that, Ayaka-san…

“Kyō-kun, thank you. You’ve grown up enough to help with the dishes.”

She probably wanted to pat my head.

Her relaxed palm was about to touch my head…

“Oops, sorry.”

…Just before that, Ayaka-san coughed softly.

“Are you okay, sis?”

“I’m fine. Cough. It’s just that my cold takes longer to recover from. Cough, cough.”

As she struggles with her cough, my sister tries her best to act energetic.

But, sister, I know. I know this isn’t just a cold, and this thing that’s nesting inside you is going to take your life in a little over three years.

Understood, Fact #3: This is the world of Dangami itself, and Shimizu Ayaka will die in three years.

Dangami was a work with a reputation for its story.

From the hilarious comedy parts that leave you in stitches, to the thrilling battle scenarios that make your blood boil, to the tear-jerking emotional bombshells that drop in each heroine’s route finale, Dangami consistently delivered flawless composition and writing that made you wonder if it was truly created by humans. It was truly a masterpiece.

Within the story of Dangami, the events surrounding the secondary character Ayaka were recognized by many players for their focus on melancholy.

Event Name: “The Last Moment, With You”

The story depicted the protagonist who met Ayaka by chance in the second half of the summer vacation, became close to her, and spent peaceful moments together until the end. The scenes in which the protagonist desperately tries to cure Ayaka while talking to her on the hospital bed, or the scene in which Ayaka expresses her gratitude when she dies at the end of the summer, are just some of the emotionally powerful moments of this event. But there is one important thing to note.

If things continue as they are, Sis will definitely die.

According to the scenario of Dangami, Sis’ body will be consumed by a curse.

A curse inflicted by an evil sorcerer that slowly eats away at her body and eventually leads to the death of the host, the worst kind of terminal illness.

The troublesome aspect of this curse, which can be triggered by special spirit techniques and items, is that as it progresses, it develops a resistance to all forms of healing.

In the game, despite the use of all the spirit techniques, astral abilities, and healing items, Sis’s condition eventually deteriorated to the point where she couldn’t be healed, leading to her death.

It’s not just cruel, it’s beyond cruel.

The realization that both siblings are destined to die, how unfair it feels, dear God.

I couldn’t help but bite my lip in despair for the Shimizu family.

Why, oh why, do siblings who have already lost their family and are struggling to survive have to face such a hopeless fate together?

In a game, maybe it would be acceptable. Deaths that serve a purpose, stepping stones for the protagonist, sacrifices that add to the suspense. It’s all well and good in that context. I would even embrace it.

But when reality replaces the game, I can’t help but see the absurdity of it after I took over this body of Kyoiichiro.

Pawns? Meaningful deaths? Why must we, as siblings, be sacrificed merely to appease the protagonist?

“Sis, I’ve made a firm decision.”

As I gently rub my sister’s shoulder while she suffers from painful coughs, I make a heartfelt vow.

“I will shatter all the unjust conventions of this world.”

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