Before the tutorial begins…. prologue

Before the tutorial begins, there are several things I can do to avoid the destruction of the boss characters.

Part 1: Formation Arc

Chapter 1: Before the Tutorial Begins

Prologue, I expressed my desire to be reincarnated as a character with at least a survival route.

My life mostly revolved around gal games and web novels.

I worked, read web novels, ate, and played gal games.

That was my life. That was my everyday routine.

To the outside world, it must have seemed incredibly boring and lonely.

But I loved that kind of life. It was fulfilling enough.

Sure, sometimes I felt a bit melancholic when thinking about the future. After all, I had been living the typical life of a loser without a girlfriend, let alone a wife.

But economically, I was doing fine, and most importantly, I had the best companions in gal games and web novels, so I never felt lonely.

…I wasn’t lonely.

But sometimes, inexplicably, I would feel empty and envy the protagonists of gal games and web novels in an immature way.

“Ah, I wish I could live in such a fun world too.”

I wasn’t asking to be the protagonist. I would be content with being the protagonist’s friend or even an elite lackey character.

…There was a time when I thought like that, indeed.

“But… this can’t be, right?”

I, Kyoichiro Shimizu, exclaimed in front of the mirror.

As expected! When I woke up and looked at my reflection in the mirror, I saw the familiar face of a game villain, just like mine, and I was in a state of shock.

The villainous face reflected in the mirror. The ash gray hair, dyed with cheap color wax, looked extremely pitiful and unbearable.

I couldn’t comprehend the meaning. No, I understood the meaning, but I didn’t want to accept it.

“Reincarnated? No, is it more like possession? Have I become… Kyoichiro Shimizu?”

The answer to the question mark was in the mirror. It was undoubtedly a game character that I recognized from anywhere.

I pinched my cheek to check if it was a dream, but it hurt normally.

“(It’s reality.)”

It was reality. I had actually become Kyoichiro Shimizu. What a shock. What despair. The more I understood the situation, the more my anxiety and despair grew.

“Why me, of all people…?”

Let me confess. I had always wanted to enter the world of gal games.

I admit that, and even now, I haven’t forgotten that faint longing.

But this is not what I wished for. This shouldn’t be happening.

Kyoichiro Shimizu.

He is synonymous with a defeated character, a character who always dies no matter which route you choose in the legendary romance simulation RPG series called “Spirit Wars Dungeon Magia,” and by the way, that’s who I am now.

Spirit War Dungeon Magia. It is one of the best-selling RPG titles in the domestic sales chart.

With its attractive characters, the unfolding fantasy life in a vast world, a deep combat system, and a story that brings laughter and tears, it offers great entertainment value in its genre. The high difficulty level of the RPG aspect, which is not easy to handle in various ways, is the selling point of the Dungeon Magia series.

Among such famous titles, one character stood out.

Kyoichiro Shimizu.

He is a character in the first installment of the original Dungeon Magia series. He is the mid-boss level that the main characters will face at the beginning.

Some might think that being the mid-boss of a major series isn’t such a great role, but unfortunately, that is a completely mistaken notion.

Because this man, Kyoichiro Shimizu, is the character in the entire route who is guaranteed to die first in the freedom-oriented Dungeon Magia.

In the Dungeon Magia series, which showcases various aspects of characters depending on playstyle and faction affiliation, the fact that he appears early and always dies is an overwhelming uniqueness. Moreover, when it comes to this guy,

“Hyaahhhaaaaa! Bow down to my spirit magic, you fools!” He shamelessly utters these vulgar words.

Allow me to clarify that the civilization setting of Dungeon Magia is not a post-apocalyptic one where Mohawks form gangs and attack villages.

Instead, it presents a fantasy world that skillfully blends swords and spirit magic (think of it as something akin to magic) with elements of science fiction and a school environment. This unique combination gives the series a delightful and distinctive flavor, serving as its main selling point and foundational concept.

In such a setting, Kyoichiro, who bursts forth with a cry of “Hyahhaa,” stands out among the characters due to his dangerous-like appearances.

This alone wouldn’t be too troublesome. Not good, but still within tolerable limits.

Regrettably, and alarmingly, this individual’s incompetence extends far beyond that.

Kyoichiro Shimizu—weakness personified. Ludicrously feeble. So weak, in fact, that he has firmly established himself as a character for comic relief.

Well, it’s only to be expected.

After all, Kyoichiro Shimizu occupies the role of a mid-boss in the tutorial.

The tutorial’s mid-boss, in other words, a character designed to familiarize players with boss battles through combat.

Therefore, his weakness is intentionally crafted by the developers for the tutorial, serving its purpose well (although, right after that, players will face a real boss, where Kyoichiro is the only one who stands out).

However, let me tell you, even considering the adult circumstances, this man’s weakness is simply abysmal.

Why, you ask? The answer is straightforward.

He possesses neither weapons nor armor, and he attacks only once every three turns against a party of three. He is a pitiful weakling.

With his eccentric behavior, he abruptly appears before the main character as a mid-boss. Players progress through the game with a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

However, Kyoichiro’s pattern of actions, which belittles such tension, unfolds as follows:

Turn 1: Puts the enemy to sleep with spirit magic (single target)
Turn 2: Lowers the enemy’s defense with spirit magic (single target)
Turn 3: Punch (single target & pathetic weakling)
Turn 4: Puts the enemy to sleep with spirit magic (single target)… and so on, it repeats.

Do you grasp the situation now?

This man squanders two-thirds of the precious battle turns on weakening the enemy or inflicting status ailments (single target). Furthermore, the power behind his punch, unleashed after all the preparation, is laughably weak.

To be honest, even if someone attacked by him while under the debuff status, a simple restorative skill can fully heal party member. It’s astonishing how the attack that is delivered at the end of the two-turn preparation period is so weak. Seriously.

Well, even so, if the battle format were a one-on-one duel, I, Kyoichiro could have become a fairly formidable mid-boss. Although my attack methods are limited, the strategy of gradually wearing down the enemy with status ailments and debuffs is not without merit.

However, the harsh reality remains unchanged. The adversaries I face form a three-person party, and among them is an absurdly overpowered healer who is hailed as a saint.

Consequently, there is absolutely no chance of winning against this me, seemingly feeble individual. Not even the faintest glimmer of hope exists. I’m destined for an inevitable defeat, so let us proceed.

And thus, Shimizu Kyoiichiro, the self-proclaimed weakling, who was utterly decimated by the protagonists, meets his demise as he is devoured by the true boss enemy that unexpectedly emerges.

To be arrogant, to be mercilessly beaten, and to be devoured until death overtakes.

This, without a doubt, is Kyoiichiro’s sole and final role in the game. It is quite an ignominious fate, isn’t it? Haha.

“Haha, hahahaha… Ugh, uuuh…”

Tears streamed down my face. I cried profusely. The awareness of the impending outcome only amplifies the despair that consumes me.

“This is too much, far too much!”

And so, my life in an alternate world commences abruptly, thrust into the most wretched of roles imaginable.

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  1. You’ve been reading a lot of web/light novels and still not created any countermeasures when you reincarnated as the destined-to-die characters or the good characters, that’s just plainly stupid of you~

  2. Just wondering how does all the Japanese characters look like under aged kids??
    Pedos much?
    Not being mean but still???

    1. Because asian generally looked younger compared to westener, simple as that. Just look at Hirohiro Araki (Jojo bizzare adventures author) he looks like someone in the thirties while actually being 63 years old

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