A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 2

The domination magic eye. It could forcibly manipulate anyone who made eye contact with it. In simple terms, it was a form of suggestion.

At first glance, it seemed powerful, like a royal straight flush that guaranteed victory upon activation.

However, nothing is perfect. There are weaknesses, risks, and countermeasures to everything.

Firstly, another person with a magic eye. An eye for an eye. As the saying goes, a magic eye can be countered with a magic eye. However, compatibility between magic eyes also played a role.

Secondly, if the opponent possessed some form of resistance. Prolonged manipulation by a magic eye could lead to resistance. If the target had inherent resistance or possessed a special tool against magic eyes, they fell into this category.

Thirdly, if they avoided making eye contact. Without eye contact, there was no problem.

Lastly, if they were already under a stronger suggestion than what the magic eye could provide.

A magic eye was a suggestion. Arthur’s magic eye was top-class. The suggestion it gave would normally bring any knight to their knees without resistance.

However, the boy named Fei had been suggesting that he was the protagonist since his personality changed two years ago. Every day, he told himself that he was the protagonist. It had become ingrained in him.

Unaware of the havoc caused by the thread users, he completely believed that he was the protagonist after becoming the top of the popularity poll. Deceived by the goddess, he didn’t realize the truth. His self-suggestion had evolved into a suggestion that even rejected the top-class magic eye. Ironically, his swordsmanship and magic skills hadn’t improved. His slightly superior swordsmanship was due to his tendency to pick fights with others his age and bully them, thanks to the books on swordsmanship he had read during his time in the orphanage.

the reason his swordsmanship hasn’t improved is that Maria was worried that he would not engage in dangerous training and would go down a dangerous path, so she hid swordsmanship and magic books.

But that was a trivial matter now. Fei’s sword was about to hit Arthur’s neck. It was a surprise attack, bringing it dangerously close.

Talent, swordsmanship, or skills. Those things don’t matter at this distance. The abnormality called Fei was about to beat Arthur… or so he thought.

But ironically, Arthur was also an abnormality. she possessed overwhelming strength that defied common sense, with incredible speed that sliced through the air, self-enhancement through magic, and full utilization of her muscles. She fought with utmost seriousness.

In a desperate move to ensure his survival, Arthur delivered a hastily executed blow that shattered Fei’s sword right before their eyes. The clash of wooden swords resounded loudly, followed by an eerie silence.

And with that, Fei’s sword… danced through the air.

Both wooden swords had lost their shape. Fei’s sword shattered from Arthur’s strike, while Arthur’s sword also crumbled from the strain of being over-strengthened.

(…This can’t be. I… was serious.)

A miraculous turn of events unfolded before them. Arthur stood in disbelief. It was clear that she was the stronger one, yet she had been outmatched.

It wasn’t a power she willingly displayed. The knight before her forcibly drew it out. There was a clear distinction between what they achieved.

Fei had accomplished this feat against a superior opponent.

(Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing!!! I can’t comprehend what just happened!!)

A whirlwind of emotions swept through Arthur. Her heart was in disarray. Ideals had triumphed over reality. No, they had persevered. It could be considered a draw, but now was not the time for such thoughts.

(Surprised! Is this even possible?! Power isn’t solely defined by physical or magical abilities!! Mental strength… I need to cultivate it too… Perhaps I can also learn…?)

Joy filled Arthur’s heart. However, frustration clenched Fei’s fists.

(…Even though I demonstrated such results… How deep is your bottomless well…?)

For now, Arthur find something that embodied her ideals. She thanked herself for discovering this new challenge.

“Thank you… I’ve learned so much.”

“…Next time, I’ll defeat you.”

With those words, Fei departed. Arthur pursued him with her gaze until he vanished from sight.

(…Next time, we’ll meet again, won’t we?)

(Goodbye… Fei.)

In her heart, she made a vow to meet him once more.

(Oh, what should I do with our swords?)

Finally regaining her senses, Arthur wondered what to do with the broken wooden swords.

(If I apologize to Fei… Oh, Fei has already left… Ugh, she left them with me.)

She pouted, thinking it would have been fine if they had apologized together. As she pondered her options…

“Excuse me.”

Someone called out to her. When Arthur looked, she saw a boy with the same blonde hair and blue eyes as herself, with a well-defined face.


“Oh, I’m True. There’s something I want to tell you.”

“So… what is it?”

“That person you were with earlier, his name is Fei.”

“Yes, I know.”

“I suddenly think it’s better not to get involved with him…”


His words caught her off guard. It felt as if he were denying her ideals, and she started feeling uneasy.

“He’s dangerous. I’m not sure why, but he’s dangerous.”

“I see.”

(You seem more dangerous… but)

True, a good-natured boy and the protagonist of “Knights of the Round Table,” had no malicious intentions when he tried to warn Arthur about the danger he had experienced. Having observed their earlier exchange, he became concerned that Arthur had some connection to Fei, and it troubled him deeply. However, his fear caused him to stumble, realizing that blurting out such words would only worsen the situation.

“Anyway, he’s a monster. He easily crosses the line of ethics,” True managed to say, his voice filled with unease.

“I see,” Arthur responded, trying to process True’s words. She couldn’t help but feel that there was something peculiar about Fei’s mindset, yet she herself didn’t feel frightened. Was True simply being narrow-minded?

“Um… I understand. I’ll keep that in mind… or perhaps I’ll just remember it,” Arthur replied, trying to reassure True.

“I-I see,” True stammered, clearly relieved that Arthur didn’t dismiss his concerns entirely.

Curiosity lingering within her, Arthur ventured to ask one more question. “Can I ask you something?”

“What is it?” True inquired, his gaze fixed on her.

“What school does Fei belong to?” Arthur asked, hoping to gain further insight into Fei’s background.

“…He’s self-taught. There was no one to teach him. He was even shunned at the orphanage,” True explained with a tinge of sadness in his voice.

“I see. That’s enough. Thank you,” Arthur acknowledged, realizing that Fei’s unrefined swordsmanship and his isolation at the orphanage had shaped his unique style.

Understanding began to dawn on her. Fei’s journey of self-improvement, despite facing rejection and hardship, had resulted in his peculiar sword style.

“I understand. That kind of mental strength. But it doesn’t guarantee a smooth path. Perhaps he’s taking the long way, building himself up day by day,” Arthur contemplated, recognizing the resilience shared between her and Fei as fellow orphans.

Feeling a sense of empathy, Arthur made a silent promise to herself. “Fei… if I have the chance to meet him again, I’ll be his friend,” she resolved, determined to support him on his chosen path.

As Arthur pondered her thoughts, True watched her with concern, his gaze filled with worry. Meanwhile, Marumaru, the holy knight examiner, observed their interaction with narrowed eyes, silently assessing the unfolding situation.

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