A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 2

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Arthur, a name known to many from the novel game “Knights of the Round Table,” holds a significant place in the story. Alongside the protagonist True, Arthur is one of the main characters in this game. The central theme revolves around the Round Table, symbolizing equality and shared protagonism.

While not all characters can have extraordinary experiences, Arthur and True take on the roles of the main protagonists, with other sub-protagonists also present. The inclusion of these sub-protagonists adds depth and expands the story through additional downloadable content.

In “Knights of the Round Table,” the focus primarily rests on Arthur and True as the two main protagonists. The narrative unfolds mostly from their perspectives, and the game’s visual design showcases splendid character artwork for both heroines and companions. The characters’ content is highly popular, driving merchandise sales. Within this popularity, Arthur, a female character, secures a strong second place in popularity polls.

However, Arthur carries a burden of past traumas, making it challenging for her to engage with others. Thus, during the initiation test of the Knights of the Round Table, she feels lost and uncertain about whom to approach.

(What should I do… Is this the initiation venue?)

Nervously scanning her surroundings, she notices other children her age gathered there. Overhearing their conversation, she confirms that this is indeed the designated venue, offering her a sigh of relief.

Yet, she wonders what she should do next. While the other children laugh and attempt to ease their pre-test tension, their joyous camaraderie triggers memories of Arthur’s own sorrowful past. No one is there to offer her such solace now. Her mood begins to sink, but she quickly shakes her head, determined to shift her perspective. This place does not provide the tranquility she seeks.

Somewhere quiet…

At that moment, Arthur’s gaze fixes on a nearby tree. Leaning against it is a boy with his arms crossed, quietly closing his eyes.

He stands alone, as if existing in a separate realm, unaffected by the chatter and interactions around him. His unwavering posture remains undisturbed by the voices of others.

Arthur feels inexplicably drawn to that spot. Without uttering a word, she finds herself captivated by the gentle sunlight filtering through the tree’s leaves. The ambient sounds fade into the background, and she unknowingly lets her guard down.

(This person is different… Like me… He seems like an outsider…)

Observing the boy, whom she has never spoken to before, Arthur notices him briefly meet her gaze before closing his eyes once again.

Immobile, he stands alone, resolute. While everyone else nervously converses and seeks interaction, he remains the sole figure standing apart. Witnessing his unwavering presence, Arthur is deeply impressed.

(Impressive… I wish I possessed such inner strength.)

For Arthur, her greatest weakness lies in the fragility of her mind. She recognizes this about herself, and despite her various talents, she lacks mental resilience.

(How can I become like him, standing alone with such unwavering resolve… I want to discover his secret.)

(What is his name? He too stands alone; I want to speak to him.)

Naturally, questions arise in her mind. She longs to understand his mental fortitude and finds solace in discovering someone who shares her sense of isolation. The desire to befriend someone who stands alone resonates within her. However, she hesitates, uncertain whether to approach him or not.

But as time passes without either of them speaking, the exam proctor, a holy knight, appears. The proctor explains the examination details, instantly easing the test-takers’ tensions. The candidates are guaranteed to pass, which Arthur had also expected. However, the boy in front of Arthur does not share the same reaction. His expression tightens, and his gaze sharpens.

(Why? Wasn’t the exam supposed to be a guaranteed pass…?)

Finally, Arthur finds an opportunity to strike up a conversation and addresses the boy.



(Can he not hear me? Is he so focused that nothing else matters, or is he deliberately ignoring me?)

“I’m talking to you…”


“Yes, who else is here?”

“I see… and?”

(Um, um… there’s no need to be so intense when the pass is guaranteed. Why is he wearing such a serious expression and focusing so much…? Is it because I’m taking too long?)

(If I keep talking for too long, he might think I’m strange.)

Her mind spins in overdrive, contemplating the best course of action.

(Um, maybe it’s better to keep it short? It’s not wise to waste too much time before the exam…)

After much deliberation, she reaches a conclusion, though her sentence remains incomplete.

“Why are you making that face?”

“What do you mean?”

(Oh, he doesn’t understand. I need to explain more clearly.)

Thinking so, she provides a more elaborate explanation this time. The boy naturally reaches an obvious conclusion.

“Why are you stating the obvious? Growth comes from surpassing yourself. But that’s all there is to it.”

(…Amazing. To think in such a way on a daily basis… but that perspective must be seen as heretical. He must be as lonely as I am…)

(Maybe… he and I…)

A faint feeling of connection emerges within her. A lonely girl longing for companionship and a boy so solitary that no one can approach him.

(He takes something as noble as that so seriously… there must be a reason… oh…)

She remembers. Despite everyone being guaranteed to pass, there was no distinction in the results for Marumaru and the others.

(…Amazing. To derive such a conclusion from such a small phrase…)

Arthur asks him if he had noticed the underlying evaluation criteria.

“You realized it from the start, didn’t you?”

“…Ha, of course.”

It comes naturally to him. His response is honest and devoid of exaggeration. It seems he genuinely considers it to be the norm.

(He must have a different measure of success than ordinary people… from their perspective, simply passing is not enough. He constantly aims for a higher standard.)

(What is his name…?)

(Fei… a good name…)

(Will he team up with me?)


On this day, True and Arthur, the supposed main protagonists, meet during the examination. Fei, originally intended to be a minor character, engages Arthur in conversation, catching the attention of True, who intervenes.

Consequently, Arthur forms an unexpected duo with Fei.

However, True harbors fear and aversion toward Fei, reluctant to get close to him. As a result, Arthur takes the initiative to approach Fei, an event that unfolds in a unique manner. This single encounter sets off a series of consequential ripples.

That day becomes a pivotal turning point.

And by not conversing with Arthur on that day, it marks the disappearance of True’s Arthur route.

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