I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 2

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“I see, so this is how it works, and this is the final outcome. Do you understand?”

I moved to the classroom and began teaching magic, using my wand to tap the blackboard and demonstrate magical formulas to the students. Despite my clear explanations, Seno, a slightly flamboyant student with makeup, sitting in the front row, complained, “I don’t get it! Explain it more clearly!”

I was explaining the principle behind how I managed to remain unharmed when Rudas’ magic struck me earlier. “That’s because my ‘Body Enhancement’ magic power greatly surpassed Rudas’ magic power, allowing me to nullify it. Well, the calculations vary depending on magic resistance, attribute compatibility, and other factors… but in general, the one with greater magic power wins in a magical duel. However, if it’s the same type of magic, it can be calculated like this, resulting in a final outcome. Simple, right?”

“Simple? But it doesn’t make sense that basic magic can defeat advanced magic! I’ve never heard of such a thing!” Seno complained again, and other confused students joined in.

“That’s because you’re too fixated on magic incantations. Originally, magic is a more free-form concept… For example, ‘Fireball.'”
I conjured a beginner-level ‘Fireball’ in my right hand to illustrate. Any wizard should be able to use it; it’s like an introductory spell. There shouldn’t be anyone in this classroom who can’t use it.

“I’m going to throw this ‘Fireball’ at Rudas now. What do you think will happen?”

“Why me!? Well, that’s easy! My magic barrier has stronger magic power, so the ‘Fireball’ will just scratch it and be canceled the moment it hits me, right?” Rudas said confidently, crossing his arms. Did he even listen to what I said earlier?

“Alright, now I’m going to throw it, not at Rudas, but outside on the ground. Watch carefully.”

I opened the window, made sure no one was on the ground, and threw the ‘Fireball’ away. Then-


There was a tremendous explosion and a cloud of sand smoke appeared on the ground simultaneously.

“N…no way…!” The students were shocked and awestruck by the sight.

“This is why it’s a mistake to believe that ‘beginner-level magic is weak.’ Even beginner-level magic can possess considerable power if enough magic power is infused into it. It can even overpower advanced magic.”

“But… But! You can’t pour too much magic into beginner-level magic, can you? If you use too much, the magic power will dissipate, and you won’t be able to use it…”

“That’s because you’re trapped in the magic incantation. You need to let go of your preconceptions.”

If we compare it to cooking, incantations are like recipes. If you follow the procedure, a certain level of power is guaranteed. However, if you try to go beyond that, you’ll be hindered by the fixed idea that ‘this magic can only produce this much power.’ As a result, you won’t be able to visualize the correct image of the magic… and the magic power will dissipate. It’s a pitfall that students who are taught in a textbook-style manner are likely to fall into.

I managed to avoid this pitfall because I learned magic through trial and error on my own. When there was a magic spell I really wanted to learn, I would sneak into the forbidden magic library, read frantically until morning while evading the guards, and so on. In the end, I got caught and was forced to work as an assistant to the woman who claimed to be the head of the library and take care of her surroundings. But I acquired the magic knowledge I sought, so it all turned out well. And I eventually managed to escape.

“Basically, it’s undeniable that higher-ranked magic from advanced classes is stronger. So there isn’t much reason to rely on lower-ranked magic. There are factors like compatibility between different types of magic and calculation formulas for homogeneous magic, as well as the need to impose limitations on excessively powerful spells… Explaining everything would take too long and be quite cumbersome. Please take the time to read and study proper books. … Anyway, let’s end the class here.”

As the bell signaling the end of the class rang, I prepared to leave the classroom.

“Wait a minute, Sensei!”

However, Seno, looking slightly panicked, stopped me.

I’ve already provided enough explanations. It’s time for you to think for yourselves. Besides, the teacher told me to stop.

“It’s not a question… oh, what’s going on?”

Seno pointed outside the classroom, where a commotion was unfolding on the grounds. A large hole had opened up, and many teachers and students were in a frenzy.

“What should we do?”

I wiped the sweat off my forehead as I observed the busy scene with concern.

I carelessly cast the spell on the grounds without considering the consequences. It seems to have caused a major disturbance. What should I do now?”

“Well, as long as we clean it up properly later, it should be fine. Yes, I think it’ll be fine. It’s safer than getting caught.

Afterward, I discreetly worked to clean up the hole, evading the vigilant security guards. However, the following day, the school’s PR magazine featured a front-page story titled “Demon Attack! The Mystery of the Vanishing Crater,” and parents bombarded the school with complaints such as “What’s wrong with the school’s security?” and “I can’t leave my child in such a place.” The incident was on the verge of eroding the trust of influential nobles and jeopardizing a significant amount of funding. However, Aldy worked tirelessly to resolve the situation and managed to avert a disaster somehow. That was a relief.

Nevertheless, as I toiled away at my job, pretending to be oblivious, Aldy tapped me on the shoulder with a calm expression. I immediately realized that he had discovered the truth. Oh, I was in trouble now.

As a consequence, I had to choose between reimbursing the 30 million lien used to resolve the situation or serving Aldy for free until the debt was paid off. I opted to reimburse the funds. It nearly brought me to tears.

As I cleaned the school, my mind couldn’t help but be consumed by my desire for money. Sweeping the hallways with my broom, I carefully scanned the ground, hoping to find any dropped coins. The passing teachers cast suspicious glances in my direction, but I paid them no mind. My focus remained solely on my longing for wealth.

All I wanted was to return home, wrap myself in a warm blanket, and let my thoughts drift away. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an option, as the deadline to repay the 30 million Rien loan loomed only 10 days away.

I regretted agreeing to teach the students little by little. They had become relentless, following me even on my days off. My body and mind had reached their limits.

The magic tournament was just a few days away. If I could just endure this period, I wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. Somehow, repaying Aldi would work out. It had in similar situations before.

The lunch bell rang, and I headed to my usual spot, away from the crowds. Exhaustion weighed heavily on me, and all I wanted was a moment to relax.

Lost in a daydream, I imagined money raining down from the sky or living a life where I didn’t have to work, where I could simply sleep and eat three meals a day. I longed for self-sufficiency and a sense of purpose.

Suddenly, a voice disrupted my reverie. I looked up and saw a girl with translucent blue hair and eyes. Her attire matched her hair’s refreshing color, resembling that of a noblewoman. She appeared to be around 15 years old, but her cold eyes and expression marred her beauty. A lazy aura emanated from her, reminding me of myself. I recognized her as the one who had recently made a similar request.

She stared at me suspiciously, questioning my presence. Awkwardly, I offered an explanation, realizing I was in trouble if she was associated with Leti’s party.

“Did you cut your hair?”

Eve, using her doll-like, white, and supple fingers, pointed towards the hair above my head, her tone slightly displeased.

“This?… Oh, you mean my hair color. I think it suits me quite well, don’t you think?”

Initially confused, I quickly understood that she was referring to my hair color. I had changed it from black to red using the “Ring of Metamorphosis,” so I figured she must be curious about it. Personally, I thought red hair looked rather good…

“It doesn’t suit you. Not at all.”

“…I see.”

It appeared that I was the only one who thought my new hair color was a good choice. It almost brought me to tears.

“So… what brings you here?”

Eve narrowed her eyes slightly, her gaze sweeping around as if she were glaring at me.

I couldn’t quite discern her emotions, as her expression remained almost completely blank. Were her facial muscles incapable of any other expression?

“I’m working here until the magic tournament for various reasons. And you? What happened to your hero party? Did you get dismissed?”

“No, I didn’t. I graduated from this place.”

Eve muttered those words in a lazy voice while flipping through her thick magic book.

…Wait, was that it? What did she mean by saying she graduated? Her words felt incomplete.

“So, are you here as an alumna visiting your alma mater?”

When I inquired, she silently shook her head. Apparently, that wasn’t the case.

“Did you come to retrieve something you left behind or meet someone, then?”

“No, but you’re getting closer,”

Her expressionless face making it difficult to determine whether she genuinely thought I was getting warmer. This wasn’t a quiz, so she could have just said it already.

“…I was summoned by the headmaster. He requested that I teach as a white mage for a while,” she finally revealed.

Her response confirmed my suspicions, and I could understand why they approached her, given the scarcity of white mages. However, it surprised me to discover her connection to that cursed cat. The world seemed smaller than ever.

“Well, that’s tough. But couldn’t you have simply declined?” I inquired, genuinely curious about her decision.

Eve replied with a simple, “I had other matters to attend to,” before turning away and immersing herself in her magic book once again.

“Uh, I see,”

I muttered with a wry smile, my face showing signs of strain.

It felt as though I was being rejected, as if layers of barrier magic surrounded me despite being right beside her. Her aura exuded a clear message of “Don’t talk to me.” Did I do something wrong?

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