I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Prologue

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Prologue: Lazy Days

The day begins for JIrei-Laro with a second sleep after waking up.

First, I wake up at a random time in the morning. If I’m thirsty, I moisten my throat with water that magically appears while lying down. Then, I retrieve something to eat from the interdimensional storage and enjoy it before crawling back under the soft blanket.

As I experience the pleasant and cozy feeling that lulls me back to sleep, unique to a nap, I drift off. This sensation is my favorite in the entire world. No matter what unpleasant things may be happening in reality, I can momentarily forget about them during this moment. For instance, I might imagine being invited to join a hero party and being proposed to by a princess.

“Ah, this is the life… A lazy existence is the best!”

Wrapped snugly in a high-quality fluffy blanket, I savor this blissful moment with my whole body. Reflecting on recent events, so much has happened, and I haven’t had a chance to rest at all. While I was idling away in a hut on the outskirts of the city, a girl named Leti, who possessed the holy symbol of [Attack], suddenly appeared and invited me to join a hero party. Then, I had to face off against a skeleton who claimed to be one of the four generals of the Demon King’s army when I received a bodyguard request.

Eventually, the fourth princess of the Unwealcea Kingdom, Rafine, who is immensely popular among the people, seemingly chose me as her “destined one” and proposed to me. It was a tumultuous time. I don’t want to go through anything like that again. Seriously.

Afterwards, I made an uninterrupted, full-speed journey to Magikosmaia… and arrived in just two days. Normally, it takes twelve days by carriage, but I managed it in two. That should give you an idea of how hard I worked.

Upon reaching Magikosmaia, I visited the house of a girl named Charl, whom I had some connection with in the past and whom I had taken care of for a while. I decided to stay there for a bit. I thought she might hesitate, but Charl welcomed me with great joy, saying, “You can stay here forever!” Yes!

Well, I don’t have any money at the moment, so I asked her to provide all the household needs and such (using Charl’s money), and now I’m residing in a room within a massive mansion.

“But what about work…?”

I lie on the bed and contemplate. Currently, I may appear as a worthless freeloader who hardly budges from the bed except to use the restroom or take a bath. However, I’ve actually been resting as a resident for a few days and searching all over Magikosmaia for a job that Charl could hire me for. After all, I need to repay her.

Just to be safe, I decided to avoid adventuring as a registered adventurer and thought I could earn some daily wages by doing less common tasks, like civil engineering work. Yet, every job was turned down with reasons like “Hmm, not here… your face and eyes…” What? Are they saying my face and eyes lack life?

As a last resort, I submitted a cumbersome document to the government’s job placement center. However, they didn’t immediately find me a job because they mentioned “there’s a possibility of work as an adventurer” and “you’re not in dire financial straits.” So, I’m simply waiting for the results in this idle state.

Thus, I have the intention to work. I genuinely do. Charl says things like “You don’t have to worry about money,” “You can stay here forever,” and speaks kindly, but I don’t want to be a mere freeloader. It feels wrong to be supported without contributing anything.

“Well, if I receive a call, I’ll work hard…! So, I’m not a freeloader, right? Yeah, I’m not. There’s no way I’m a freeloader.”

Since submitting the application, I’ve been spending my days at home, a sort of backlash from the busy days. But even so, I can confidently say that I’m not a freeloader. Sure, I don’t move from the bed except for bathroom breaks and bathing, but please don’t look at me with eyes that see me as worthless. It makes me want to disappear.

“….Kun! Come on, Jirei-kun, it’s time to get up.”

After convincing myself, I snuggle deeper into my blanket and close my eyes, contemplating whether to go back to sleep. But just then, a sweet voice of a girl reaches my ears.

“Please wake me up in three hours…”

I bury myself even further into the blanket and respond.

“No way! Jirei, you said that yesterday too and didn’t wake up! Besides, it’s already noon! It’s time for lunch!”

However, the girl doesn’t give up and tries to wake me by shaking my body, urging me to wake up.

“Hmph…you’re too persuasive, Charl. Have you forgotten that I possess the power of ‘sleep’? It only makes me sleepier, like a baby in a cradle!”

“But even with the power of ‘sleep,’ you’re still not waking up…could it be that your power has evolved!?”

“You catch on quickly. Yes, my ‘sleep’ has evolved to the next level, ‘eternal sleep’–“

“Come on! Stop fooling around and wake up! I made lunch for us during our break from work!”

Charl shakes my body even more vigorously and pulls off the blanket that envelops me. Of course, there’s no such thing as the power of ‘sleep.’ I just said it on a whim, and Charl went along with it because she’s easygoing.

“Okay, okay…I’ll wake up properly. Stop shaking me like that, or I might throw up!”

“I’m so glad you’re finally awake! Come on, Jirei, this way! Let’s eat together!”

As soon as I wake up, Charl heads to the door, beckoning me with a joyful expression. I take another look at Charl’s appearance.

Her fiery red hair shines like a flame, her beautiful eyes sparkle like emeralds, and her skin looks fresh and radiant despite being over 500 years old. She possesses long elf-like ears. She adorns her red hair with a cute rabbit hairpin, and her overall hairstyle is fluffy.

However, there’s one thing that bothers me.

“J-Jirei-kun? W-What’s wrong?”

Charl gazes at me intently, her face turning red, and she fidgets.


I get up from the bed and approach Charl.


I grasp her shoulders and lock eyes with her.

Charl blushes and stammers, “Huh?” “Is this…?” “I’m happy, but why now?” or something along those lines. For some reason, she closes her eyes and pouts her lips. What is she doing?

“You have bed head here.”

“Be gentle–huh?”

I point out the tousled hair on top of Charl’s head, and she blushes even more, covering her head with both hands and looking down.

As a girl, she must feel embarrassed to have her bed head exposed. I can’t help but feel a mix of amusement and fondness. I’ve never really bothered with styling my own hair. It’s always been too much of a hassle for me, so I usually just leave it as it is when I go out.

“Hey! Don’t do things that make me misunderstand, Jirei! It’s tough for a girl when things like that happen, you know!”

After a few moments of shaking, Charl puffs up her cheeks and scolds me with a mock sternness. Despite her attempt to appear angry, she still looks like a small, adorable creature, and I can’t help but smile.

“I apologize. I didn’t mean to embarrass you, Charl. I was just teasing.”

Charl lightly hits me and says, “Listen to what your big sister says!”

By the way, she calls me “Jirei-kun” because she’s older than me. Our first meeting wasn’t exactly dignified, as she was crying loudly. It’s truly remarkable how she has managed to become like an older sister figure to me.

Of course, considering the fact that she’s over 500 years older than me, she’s more like a grandmother now. But I refrain from saying that, as it might make her cry and kick me out.

“Jirei-kun, this way! I’ve prepared lunch for us!”

Charl pulls my clothes and leads me, and I imagine what we’ll be having for lunch, feeling excited.

Peaceful days are wonderful, I think. Absolutely!

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