A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 2

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The woman, dressed in a beautiful formal gown reminiscent of a nun’s habit, gazes worriedly at the battered Fei. Her attire is predominantly white and black, featuring a hood made of white cloth wrapped into a tube shape atop her head. With stunning golden hair, captivating blue eyes like precious jewels, and a well-proportioned face and body that exude a mature allure, she sits in a chair beside the bed, holding Fei’s hand, anxiously waiting for him to wake up. Feeling restless, she offers up a prayer to God, almost as if making a wish.

Her name is Maria. Until a few years ago, she served as a Holy Knight, battling against Daemons and other adversaries. However, she now runs an orphanage, caring for children as a nun. In the novel game “The Round Table Chronicles,” she is the foster parent of the main protagonist, True. If players choose her route, she becomes a heroine.

Maria dedicates herself to protecting children who lack families or face unfortunate circumstances, just like she did when she lost her own parents to the Daemons. Despite experiencing hunger and hardship, she managed to survive with the help of various individuals. Through her personal experiences and her time as a Holy Knight, she discovered the value of bringing smiles to people’s faces and resolved to find ways to help others. As a result, she retired from her role as a Holy Knight at a young age and established an orphanage.

Her desire to safeguard children’s smiles motivated her to create this haven. However, the present situation is far from ideal. Fei, a boy who had never smiled before, lies injured. Maria finds him particularly challenging as he exhibits arrogance towards everyone, even towards her, despite being open with others. She realizes that simply being kind does not guarantee someone will open up to you. Consequently, Maria and Fei naturally kept their distance from one another.

One day, Fei, the boy who was treated unequally by everyone, experienced a significant turning point. He developed a high fever and fell ill. The other orphans might have considered it a stroke of luck. Maria blamed herself for leaving him alone, causing her to distance herself further. She worried about whether he would revert to his usual arrogant demeanor and bully the other orphans again. These concerns and uncertainties weighed heavily on Maria’s mind. However, something changed within her anxiety. Fei suddenly began behaving like a different person. Instead of continuing to harass the orphans, he isolated himself, reading books without engaging with others. Maria felt as if he had become a “different person.” The orphans grew concerned, suspecting that he might be plotting something. Their lives took a turn, leading them to the impending duel. Suspicious of Fei, True challenged him to a duel to alleviate the orphans’ worries, resulting in Fei becoming a punching bag and sustaining severe injuries.

With the help of healing potions and medicine, they managed to treat his wounds, ensuring there would be no lasting effects. All they needed to do was wait for him to wake up, during which time Maria contemplated what she should say to him.

When Fei regained consciousness, Maria greeted him with her warmest smile, speaking to him gently.

“Fei, are you okay?”

“Of course. It’s just a scratch.”

“That’s not true, Fei!”

Maria couldn’t help but worry about his nonchalant attitude towards his injury. The fight had been one-sided, and she knew True wasn’t the type of child to behave like that. He was kind-hearted. Yet, Fei’s injury was severe, and nobody intervened at the time. That was because no one felt any sympathy towards Fei.

(But what has changed in Fei now …that has caused this sudden transformation?) Maria wondered to herself.

“Hey, Fei, why did you suddenly start swinging your sword?” she asked, her voice filled with curiosity.

“Why… To aim higher. And… to destroy Daemons,” Fei replied with calm determination.

Maria’s expression turned pensive as she contemplated his words. “To destroy…? But that’s…”

“That’s what I must do. It’s my mission,” Fei declared, clenching his fist on the bed, firm in his resolve.

“What will you achieve by destroying them? Won’t it only make things more difficult?” Maria questioned, her concern evident.

“It doesn’t matter,” Fei responded, his gaze fixed straight ahead as if he had already made up his mind. There was no intention of changing his course.

“Your parents were killed by Daemons, right…?” Maria’s words slipped out unintentionally, and immediately she regretted mentioning Fei’s painful past. In that moment, she saw a reflection of herself in Fei’s present.

The woman who had taken in Maria when she had nowhere else to go, raising her as her own, had also fallen victim to the Daemons. That loss had driven Maria to become a Holy Knight, pushing herself to the limit to eradicate the Daemons entirely.

(I wonder if the reason Fei suddenly grasped his sword was to become a knight…? To avenge his parents? No, it can’t be. Focus, Maria. What matters now is facing the boy in front of you and having a conversation.)

“Oh, never mind. I’m sorry,” Maria quickly backtracked, realizing her mistake. “Fei, I’m sure your parents would want you to live and not put yourself in danger.”

“Even so, I will fight,” Fei affirmed, his gaze unwavering, as if he had already decided his path. There was no doubt in his mind.

Maria couldn’t help but feel a mixture of emotions. She called out his name softly, sensing the strength of his determination. Although she was meant to tell him not to pursue danger, as his sister at the orphanage, she couldn’t ignore his unwavering spirit.

“For my parents and for the world…” Fei’s voice trailed off, his words faint but resolute.

“…Fei, you…” Maria’s voice faltered as something clicked into place within her. It was as if her earlier hypothesis had been confirmed.

(He really is like me… His eyes are like a void, unyielding to others, with a recklessness that disregards his own well-being… He’s truly seeking to avenge his parents’ sacrifice and more, for someone else…)

“No, it’s nothing,” Maria quickly composed herself, realizing that she had been reading too much into Fei’s previous behavior. It wasn’t about finding meaning in his tough demeanor towards the other orphans; he had simply been ill-tempered and hadn’t regained his memories yet.

“So, I keep asking, but are you truly okay with that injury? Does anything hurt?” Maria inquired, concerned. “I already told you, and-“

“No, there’s no need for that,” Fei interrupted, his voice resolute.

“Why?” Maria questioned, her curiosity piqued.

“Because I am not angry. Know yourself and move forward. That was necessary for me,” Fei replied firmly, his gaze unwavering.

Maria sighed softly, realizing that her worries might have been misplaced. Fei’s actions had served a purpose for him, and despite the pain and suffering, he had found value in it.

“Well, but everyone at the orphanage was happy to see you get beaten up… Some of them even took pleasure in it. It was too much. I’m sorry. If I had intervened earlier, you wouldn’t have had to endure such pain and suffering,” Maria expressed, her voice filled with remorse.

“But that was necessary for me. I will surpass everything,” Fei asserted, his determination unyielding.

Maria couldn’t help but shudder, overwhelmed by the extent of Fei’s resolve.

(How far will this child go…?)

She couldn’t help but question the lengths to which Fei was willing to push himself. It was clear that he had deliberately subjected himself to humiliation in front of the orphans, seeking punishment for his past actions. By allowing himself to be beaten and injured, he had sought to repent to the orphans who had suffered alongside him. Furthermore, it seemed as though he intended to sever ties with his previous self, using this punishment as a means of breaking free.

Moreover, his decision to engage in a life-threatening duel with True, despite the vast difference in their strengths, indicated that he was driven by a deeper purpose. Fei must have known that he would always be bested by True, as evidenced by their previous encounters.

He must be a kind child at heart… Why did I leave him alone to become like this? Have I ever embraced him tightly, even once…? Maria’s thoughts raced with self-reflection and regret.

Without hesitation, Maria wrapped her arms tightly around Fei, attempting to convey her love and support. However, Fei’s body stiffened, and he didn’t reciprocate the embrace. He remained motionless, save for the slight tension in his muscles.

(We can’t get along anymore… That’s what he’s indirectly telling me. He’s concerned about me…)

“It’s okay. I’ll be by your side no matter what… Fei… I love you,” Maria whispered softly, determined to persist until Fei embraced her in return.

(If this child chooses that path, I’ll stop him. Until this child hugs me back, I’ll do this as many times as I need to…)

Sister Maria made a solemn vow to herself. She wouldn’t leave this awkward and lonely boy to fend for himself any longer.

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  1. I.. tbh I don’t understand what the other orphans hate much with simply arrogant attitude? Did he plot? What is there to repent for? What sudden change? This intro has sucked in terms of trying to convey who and what Fei was .

    Hell, his role as mob doesn’t even make much of a memory I guess? So he’s a mob villain who hates the protagonist? But he hasn’t done any real evil? And why would him being in poll 1 make the players cry? Because his character doesn’t exist in game essentially?

  2. I this got to be a mistranslation. she scolded True in the previous chapter

    “So, I keep asking, but are you truly okay with that injury? Does anything hurt?” Maria inquired, concerned. “I scolded you, and-“

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