A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 1

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Chapter 2: Avenger

After the duel with True, I regained consciousness in the infirmary. I found myself lying in a bed, with a bandage wrapped around my head. Sister Maria was by my side, smiling happily as I woke up.

She’s cute. Could she be the heroine?

My body ached. It was only natural after being beaten up so badly by True. I couldn’t help but question if I really was the protagonist.

Wait, am I the protagonist? I feel a little uneasy. But then, a realization struck me again!

“That was a significant defeat. Because I’m the protagonist.”

That’s right! Let’s think positively! I am the protagonist of a novel game, and I’m ranked number one in the popularity vote, right? That means everything I do in this world has meaning! Because I’m the protagonist!

If that’s the case… there is only one possibility. That was not the awakening event of the protagonist, but rather a different event.

What else could it be? And then, another realization struck me.

“In other words, it was a special defeat event for the protagonist.”

I understand now. As the protagonist, I failed to see it initially. Well, events like this can serve as foreshadowing or stepping stones for later development, so I’ll consider this injury as a positive thing.

True is definitely a “biting” character. That’s the impression he gives off. I am certain that I will surpass him eventually.

“Fei, are you okay?”

Beautiful Sister Maria peeked in while I was lost in my thoughts. She looked worried and anxious. She’s a good person.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.”

I reassured her with words to put her mind at ease. But…

“Of course. It’s just a scratch.”

“T-That’s not true, Fei!”

I’m still being talked down to. Fei must be a cool protagonist.

Sorry, Maria, even though you’re older. But being talked down to is a basic trait of a cool protagonist.

“Hey, Fei, why did you suddenly start swinging your sword?”


Hmm, I can’t say it’s because I want to train since I’m the protagonist. That kind of meta-commentary would disrupt the world’s setting. Let me think of another reason.

Well, it’s to become stronger… I don’t fully understand the structure of a novel game, but there are monsters called “Daemon life forms,” right? So, I think I have to defeat them to become stronger…

Therefore, to reach new heights… and to vanquish the Daemon life forms.


Maria yawned, or perhaps she was shocked, and she covered her mouth with her beautiful hand. No, she’s cute.

But I suppose my words were a little exaggerated. However, I feel that’s what a protagonist is supposed to do. It’s a grand goal for the protagonist.

“To vanquish… that’s too much. That’s not…”

“That’s what I must do. It’s my mission.”

As the protagonist, that’s how I feel. It’s as if by defeating them, I can bring about a happy ending.

“By vanquishing them, what will you achieve? It will be even more challenging than today, you know?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Your parents were undoubtedly killed by Daemon life forms… but it’s nothing, I’m sorry. You know, Fei’s parents… they surely want you to live, and they don’t want you to do anything dangerous.”

“Even so, I will fight.”

It’s the spirit of a hero. If I don’t fight, the world will be in trouble, right?I have always yearned for this since my past life. I am grateful for your concern, Maria, but I only recently regained my memories, and I don’t recall anything about my parents or my past. However, that’s okay. I will survive because I am the hero. The world is designed for the hero to prevail. If the hero dies, the story ends, and the work remains incomplete. The author will ensure that the hero never meets such a fate.

“In any case, I will fight, no matter what.”


This translation function may come off as somewhat brusque, but it never completely misses the mark. When I speak of fighting, I tend to be a bit excessive. I’m not entirely certain about this translation, but I’ve noticed a few patterns.

Moreover, judging by Maria’s manner of speaking, it seems that Fei’s parents, the heroic characters, were killed by Daemon life forms. Since I am the hero and I am invincible, I will unquestionably seek revenge. The hero’s fundamental objective is to bring about world peace or some grand achievement. I will avenge the deaths of Fei’s parents and bring peace to the world.

“For my parents and for the world…”

“…Fei, you…”

Wait a moment. As a cool hero, I shouldn’t utter things that are excessively sentimental. I must conceal my true intentions. I should set a kinder goal. It’s somewhat different from what a cool character would typically do.

“Well, it’s nothing.”

It’s risky. If I’m not careful, I might tarnish my character. I must exercise caution from this point forward.

“I apologize for asking this, but… you have been concerned about Fei’s lack of parents… I’m sorry. I should have acted like a parent figure for you, ensuring that you never felt lonely.”

Oh, she worries about what happened during the time when my parents were absent. Unfortunately, I have no recollection of any of that. She must be concerned about the character that I now inhabit. I’m sorry, but I genuinely don’t remember anything from before. I don’t experience feelings of loneliness, so please don’t concern yourself. I apologize for needlessly troubling you.

“I have no memories of the past. So, please don’t worry.”

“…No, it can’t be…”

” Yes, you’re right.”

Even though I told her not to worry, she continues to be concerned. Oh, I feel guilty. Maria truly is a good person…

“So, are you alright with your injury? I’ll scold True…”

“No, there’s no need for that.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not really angry. That defeat was the best thing that could have happened to me. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I have always longed for such an event. I have always admired occurrences like that, you know? Despite the injuries I sustained, I know that in the long run, it will work in my favor. There won’t be any events that hold no significance for me.

Somewhere down the line, I believe this event will serve as foreshadowing. Besides, I feel like I have gained a deeper understanding of myself and the need to strive harder. I acknowledge that I lost to that True character, but I will keep moving forward.

After all, I am the protagonist! I am constantly driven to improve! The world revolves around me. That defeat was inevitable and unstoppable.

In the end, that event became a positive for me, so it cannot be helped.

“I’m not angry. I simply know myself and will keep pushing forward. It was necessary for me.”

“Well, umm… but the children at the orphanage were also happy… they were all delighted for you. I’m sorry. If I had intervened earlier, you wouldn’t have had to suffer or get hurt.”

“Oh, really? So everyone was laughing at me getting beaten up… Do they hate me or something? Maybe I look intimidating… Hmm, I don’t know.”

But for a protagonist, facing unreasonable and challenging situations is simply part of the norm. As Maria mentioned earlier, “From now on, things are going to be even more difficult than they were today.” And she’s right. It’s not just a matter of being in an unfamiliar setting. The protagonist has to grapple with much greater challenges. As for me, I’m actually delighted that the defeat event I’ve always yearned for as a protagonist has finally happened, so I truly don’t mind. I will easily overcome such unreasonable situations because I am the protagonist. It only reinforces the fact that events like these are necessary.

“That was necessary for me. I will surpass everything.”

“Oh… I see… I’m sorry.”

Now she understands. Maria smiles, and unexpectedly, she embraces me. My face is buried in her soft bosom. Hey, hey… As someone who was a virgin in my past life, this is quite challenging for me…

“It’s alright. I’ll be with you no matter what, Fei… I love you.”

She whispers into my ear. Her voice is enchanting, causing my ears to melt… I’m not sure what it means, but it feels like the calm after a storm.

As expected of me, the protagonist. I unconsciously attract these kinds of outcomes!

Anyway, it’s so soft. I’m getting excited. As a virgin, I’m not sure what to do, and my body tenses up. Maria is kind, beautiful, and smells delightful. And she’s embracing me… It’s a common scenario for the protagonist to be an orphan, with the heroine often being a sister in charge of the orphanage, isn’t it?

…Perhaps Maria is the true heroine after all.

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