A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: I Am the Protagonist!

Ever since I was young, I have been captivated by the central figures in weekly shonen manga, anime, light novels, and stories—the protagonists. These characters have instilled in me courage, dreams, passion, and a profound understanding of the importance of effort and so much more. Gradually, as I delved into books, I started to yearn to become one of those cool protagonists—to be like them.

I’ve held onto this aspiration since childhood, even though I often came across as a chuunibyou and faced rejection from those around me. During school trips, girls would often treat sitting next to me as a punishment, playing games to avoid it. Well, I had to accept it. But deep down, my heart yearned for something more.

Harem, fantasy, and all those fantastical worlds—I longed to be a part of them. That thought always lingered within me. However, reality had other plans, and I ended up living an ordinary school life, far from the extraordinary figures I admired. I embraced the notion that strange and mysterious experiences were out of reach, settling for a mundane and unchanging routine. As I quietly wished to become a protagonist, I continued living an unremarkable existence.

It was during my first year of high school when fate intervened. One morning, as I made my way to school, I spotted a young elementary school student crossing the pedestrian crossing, oblivious to the red light. The boy, adorned with a yellow hat and a brand-new backpack, appeared to be in the lower grades. There was a truck hurtling towards him, but he remained oblivious, running and laughing without a care in the world.

In that instant, I sensed the danger and the instinct to protect the elementary school student overwhelmed me. I impulsively jumped in front of the truck, taking the hit instead. And just like that, I died. There was no time to contemplate why I had acted so recklessly or consider the consequences of my actions. Perhaps it was my chuunibyou spirit, yearning for a moment of heroism like those protagonists I idolized.

With a dull thud, I felt my life slipping away. But it wasn’t the end. When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a vast expanse of pure white. It was a somewhat surreal space that seemed to stretch endlessly—an ideal room for someone like me with a touch of chuunibyou.

“Well, that’s a pitiful way to die.”

Before me stood a beautiful woman.

“Allow me to explain briefly. You have died, and I am the goddess Athena. I will reincarnate you into a distant world, far removed from modern-day Japan.”

The story swiftly unfolded in an indifferent tone. It appeared that this goddess intended to reincarnate me.


“Yes, indeed. I shall reincarnate you as the protagonist of the novel game called ‘The Round Table Heroes’ (although in reality, you will be playing the role of Fei, a mere side character).”


Could it be true? My wish was suddenly coming to fruition!

I’m grateful to be alive! Oh, but I’m technically dead. Well, I suppose that can’t be helped. Although I haven’t played ‘The Round Table Heroes’ before, I’ve heard of it. A friend recommended it to me, though I never had the chance to try it out. I’m not even familiar with visual novels. However, I do know that ‘The Round Table Heroes’ is an immensely popular game, and I remember there was a character who topped the popularity poll on internet message boards. I don’t know anything about the other characters, nor do I possess

any knowledge about the character who claimed the number one spot in the poll, but that’s irrelevant now.

All that matters is that I will finally become the protagonist I’ve always admired! Everything usually goes well for the protagonist—they possess incredible talent or something extraordinary. After all, the protagonist is a special existence, right? It’s simply the best!

“Yes, I will genuinely reincarnate you. Your selfless act of protecting that child touched my goddess heart,” Athena explained.

“Yes! I am victorious!” I exclaimed, overwhelmed with joy.

“Please enjoy the dream of being the protagonist to your heart’s content. By the way, in this new world, you will assume the role of a boy named Fei, starting from the age of thirteen.”

“I see, I understand,” I replied, processing the information.

“Oh, by the way, there was a character named Fei. He ranked first in the popularity poll I saw on a net bulletin board. I didn’t delve into it much, but I distinctly remember the title saying, ‘[Round Table Heroic Chronicle] The number one in the popularity poll is Fei.’ It was just a jumble of words, but the name stuck with me.”

“Fei is indeed the top-ranked character in the popularity poll for [Round Table Heroic Chronicle]. Although I haven’t played this novel game, I am aware of that name,” Athena confirmed.

“Ah, I see,” I nodded in realization. “So, that character holds the number one spot?”

“Yes, precisely. Fei is the protagonist—number one in the popularity poll!”

“Wow!” I couldn’t contain my excitement. It seemed that luck was on my side. What a wonderful goddess I had encountered—I felt truly fortunate.

“Well then, enjoy your journey,” Athena concluded, and suddenly, everything around me became dazzling…


My name is Athena, the goddess responsible for guiding the souls of the dead and granting them new life. In my free time, I find pleasure in observing the humans I have given life to, often with a mischievous grin on my face. Lately, I’ve noticed a growing fascination among the Japanese with isekai reincarnation, and the chaos that ensues when they are reborn. It’s quite fascinating to witness, and it has become a hobby of mine. However, I must admit, I’ve grown a bit weary. I desire to make the next Japanese soul I reincarnate a little different… And so, the next soul to catch my attention is a male high school student who holds a deep admiration for story protagonists. He died after bravely saving a child from a truck. Hmm.

Well, sacrificing oneself to protect a child is undoubtedly an act of goodness…

And now, that young boy stands before me. In that moment, a mischievous idea crossed my mind.

[–I will deceive him, telling him he will be reincarnated as the protagonist character, only to actually make him a side character. LOL]

I was curious to see his reaction. After all, even gods hunger for amusement. After informing him of his death and initiating his reincarnation into another world, I brought up the main point.

“Yes, I shall reincarnate you as the protagonist in a novel game world known as [Round Table Heroic Chronicle].”


[–In reality, he is merely a side character in a melancholic novel game called Fei. LOL]

“Yes, as a god, I was moved by your courageous act of protecting the child.”

[–Well, it’s not entirely false, but… my heart wasn’t truly moved. LOL]

“Yes! I’m one of the fortunate ones!”

“Please indulge in your role as the dream protagonist to your heart’s content. By the way, the name of the boy you will be reincarnated as is Fei, and you shall begin your journey at the age of thirteen.”

“I see, I understand.”

[–It appears that this boy before me is only aware of the peculiar aspects. I wonder what he’s thinking?]

“So, Fei is the top-ranked character in the popularity poll for [Round Table Heroic Chronicle], right? Although I haven’t played this novel game, I’m familiar with that name.”

“Ah, indeed.”

[–Well, that ranking was the result of a conspiracy known as [Let’s make the original fans cry]. LOL. This guy has suddenly become interesting. Lying was the correct choice!!]

“That means the character holds the first place, right?”

“Yes, undoubtedly. Fei is the protagonist, as he claimed the number one spot in the popularity poll!”


A mischievous chuckle escaped my lips. This boy would undoubtedly dance with joy.

[–However, little did I, a god, know at that moment.]

The single lie I had spun. The man who believed it.

Though he should have been a mere stepping stone character, someone who [believes himself to be the protagonist and nothing more], within the novel game world of [Round Table Heroic Chronicle]… The power to reshape the world with a mere delusion. I had no inkling of what was to come.


“Overwhelmed by a severe fever. Yes, it was proof that I had taken over the character named Fei, as God had said, and now I had become Fei, a 13-year-old character. Black hair, black eyes, a decent-looking face, but with a somewhat villainous appearance for a protagonist, a gaze that raises concern. Well, there might be protagonists like this as well.

Being the protagonist of a novel game alone fills me with excitement. But for now, I decided to spend a few days in my new life to assess the current situation. There were many things I discovered.

Firstly, my language had undergone a peculiar transformation. It had become strangely sharp and altered. Saying “hey” would become “oi,” or “good morning” would turn into “what are you doing?” It was as if an automatic translation function changed everything on its own. Why did it turn out like this?

In my opinion, it was a characteristic inherent to the Fei character from the start. Since this character was arrogant and condescending, I believed it had become a part of me. I briefly pondered how the protagonist could use such language. It was like a “biting character.” However, that wasn’t the case. God had stated that I would be reborn as the protagonist. Therefore, it was fitting to think that the traits commonly associated with a cool protagonist were now attached to me.

Fei was probably a cool protagonist, and this cool language might serve as a form of protagonist correction attached to my being. If that’s the case, then there’s no problem. Being condescending is a fundamental aspect of cool protagonists, you know, those kinds of protagonists.

It appeared that I was living in an orphanage. In other words, I was an orphan, and there were many other children like me. Well, this was also a common development where the protagonist is an orphan. Additionally, Sister Maria, a young blonde with enormous breasts, was dangerously cute. Exceptionally cute. She seemed to be around 25 years old. She was so cute that it was almost painful.

Now, the novel game. I didn’t know much about it, but since it was a story, it meant that the original work must have started somewhere. I didn’t know when it began, but I could make an educated guess. It was better to prepare myself for battle from now on.

I conducted a little research, and it seemed to be a medieval fantasy world filled with swords and magic. In this world, there were individuals known as “holy knights,” and their utmost priority was to protect the orphanage from creatures called “Daemon.”

Apparently, the knights could take the entrance exam starting at the age of 15. It was all coming together! Drawing from my experience with various stories, I concluded that when I turned 15, I would join the knight order! Then I would showcase a brilliant performance, captivate the people, and lead a wonderful life surrounded by heroines!”

The plan was already formed in my mind. So, there was only one thing left to do. Currently, I was thirteen years old, which meant that in two years, I would start training with a wooden sword at the orphanage. I would utilize this time to swing my sword and train while I could.

With that thought in mind, I began swinging the sword. The character named Fei was originally an outcast in the orphanage, and no one spoke to me. I could invest in my future without any hindrances.

“Fei, don’t be reckless.”

Sister Maria, the nun, spoke to me. It’s alright, Maria.

“that’s obvious!”

The words became sharp, but that was just how cool protagonists are. I apologize for causing concern to Maria, but I couldn’t stop. Because I was the protagonist. If I were to fail, who would save this world? I had a responsibility to fulfill.

So, I continued to swing the sword every day after my reincarnation. Maria silently watched over me. Could it be that Maria was my heroine? I doubted it, but only time would reveal the truth. But more importantly…

“Hey! What are you planning?”

“Do you need something from me?”

Every day, a blond, blue-eyed handsome man of the same age as me, who had spent his childhood in the orphanage, would interrupt my training. His name was True. I wasn’t sure why, but he always interfered. My intuition told me that he was undoubtedly a pawn. There was no mistake.

“Don’t fool around! You’re not supposed to be taking training seriously! Have you forgotten your past behavior?”

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t recall much about my memories before possessing Fei. Even if True said something, I could only respond with a “yes” or “no.” Besides, I had other matters to attend to. As the protagonist, I had my own tasks. I didn’t have any emotional attachment to him, so I didn’t engage in conversation. In response, True pointed his wooden sword at me.

“Let’s fight. If I win, you’ll tell me everything!”

Even if he said that… fine. Before the world became aware of my true abilities, I would show him how formidable I was. True had been training in his own way before I arrived, but he would be powerless against my protagonist’s talent.

“I don’t mind. I’ll enlighten you about the world.”

“What did you say?!”

True and I stepped back from each other. Then, a leaf danced in front of us. Without saying a word, we understood. When it fell…

“Take this!”


Before I could react, True struck me in the abdomen. The pain was excruciating… and he was astonishingly fast…

He was faster than me, the protagonist… What was happening? Was I truly the protagonist?

Alright, calm down. That was just a fluke. It had to be… So I rose to my feet and approached True. I was certain that I moved with the speed to cut through the wind, but he effortlessly evaded my attacks, landing another blow to my abdomen.

Once again, I couldn’t defeat him. Why?

True, who lay on the ground, boasting of his victory to the surrounding orphans… and the orphans praised him.

I was supposed to be the protagonist… Yet no matter how hard I fought, I couldn’t surpass him. Hmm? There was no way for me to win… That’s right, no matter what I did, victory eluded me.

In that moment, a spark of realization ignited in my mind. Oh, was this the moment of awakening? It was a common occurrence. In the early stages, when the protagonist lacked any special powers, they would awaken when faced with danger, right?

I see. So that’s what it meant. It made sense why I couldn’t win. This was an event I had to endure, never giving up until the moment of awakening arrived. It had been a blind spot for me. The original story had started two years prior, before I began my journey as a holy knight.

—That’s right, I am the protagonist. Haven’t I always longed for this kind of event!

For many years, as I led an ordinary life, I had yearned for this kind of thrilling development—a battle. I had longed for the clichéd progression of friendship, effort, and triumph.

For many years , the admiration and longing for the protagonist that had always resided deep within my heart finally burst forth. I didn’t even recognize myself, but perhaps I was so overwhelmed with excitement that I couldn’t help but break into a grin. Now I understood that this was my moment of awakening.

Once that realization settled within me…

“It’s not over… yet… the match… isn’t over…”


I challenged True once again, but it was no longer a mere fight. No matter how hard I struggled, I couldn’t match True’s combat skills. However, I believed in my awakening and refused to stay down.

Was this the moment? My anticipation grew, my excitement reaching its peak. Was it finally here? I held on tightly to that hope, eagerly waiting for my awakening to manifest.

However, perhaps the intensity became too overwhelming.

“What are you two doing? Stop it!!”

Maria’s voice pierced through the air, halting both me and True. I, covered in wounds, and True, completely unscathed. As I teetered on the edge of consciousness, my awakening remained elusive.

Gradually, my surroundings blurred, and darkness enveloped me. It was as though I was descending into the depths of my own consciousness, desperately grasping at the fading embers of my awakening.


The boy named True held a strong disdain for a man named Fei. Despite the caring and respectful atmosphere within the orphanage, Fei was the sole individual who spoke ill of others and consistently exhibited poor behavior. Consequently, True, along with the other orphans, developed a dislike for him, and even Sister Maria struggled to handle him. However, whenever Fei engaged in misconduct, True was able to intervene and put an end to it, earning him a great deal of trust within the orphanage.

At the age of thirteen, True fell victim to a severe fever. Suddenly, the boy who had previously disregarded others and acted selfishly found himself wielding a sword with remarkable skill. True had dedicated his entire childhood to training, aspiring to become a holy knight and protect everything and everyone from the tragedy his mother and sister had suffered at the hands of monsters. His talent was extraordinary, akin to a raw gemstone.

Due to this inherent sense of uniqueness, True possessed unwavering self-confidence. It was this confidence that led him to challenge Fei to a duel, intending to uncover the malevolence behind his actions. While True trained diligently every day, Fei had only just begun. The outcome seemed inevitable. The children in the orphanage, as well as True himself, had no doubts about their victory.

The duel commenced, and as anticipated by all, a glaring discrepancy in skill manifested between the two combatants. The contrast was stark, with True far surpassing Fei. With a gentle touch of his wooden sword, True triumphed over Fei. True’s strength lay in his kindness. He could not bring himself to be ruthless towards others, always extending a helping hand. However, this quality also became his weakness, or rather, his arrogance.

“It’s over now.”

“Not yet…”

It was the gaze of a man driven by a quest. Despite his repeated defeats and the continuous strikes from True’s sword, Fei persisted. True’s strikes caused pain, but Fei’s eyes harbored something else entirely. It was akin to the desperate eyes of a starved wolf yearning for strength. It emanated a sense of murky depths, a dreadful obsession, an amalgamation of resolute determination. It was as if something he had yearned for over countless years swirled within him. The other orphans trembled, questioning if this was the same Fei they had known. He seemed different, almost inhuman.

“It’s not over yet.”

“Ugh! Uwaaaaa!”

Fear. A profound, amorphous fear. True, or rather, the protagonist of the novel game “Knights of the Round Table,” experienced fear for the very first time in the face of an existence beyond his comprehension.

“There’s a monster. There’s a presence I can’t describe.”

Desperate to rid himself of it, True attempted to swing his sword forcefully, but Sister Maria intervened, halting his actions. Her arrival snapped True back to his senses. He felt a deep sense of shame for having gone too far. Fei lay there, covered in wounds. Sister Maria and True exchanged wordless glances. Fei had lost consciousness. He had likely reached his limit. However, he remained standing. Defying his limits, he rose again, fueled by the strength of his soul.

Had anyone ever sought power to such an extreme extent before?

“…..And he’s laughing.”

The boy laughed, even in his unconscious state. Despite enduring such adversity, it was as if he relished it.

True, the protagonist, vowed to etch this day deeply into his memory. Fear had left an indelible mark within him.

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