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I’m just A panda that translate light novel (mostly) for fun.

This page tracks all of our English translation projects.

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Latest Updates

List of projects

My Childhood Friend Seems to be The Main Heroine (LN)

Geek Mob Mercenary Knows His Place (LN + WN)

My Childhood Friend Called Me a Man of Convenience Behind My Back, I want To Reset My Favor and Live a Normal Youth (LN)

The Suspects of Necromancy (Novel)

The Misunderstood Saintly Life of a Villainous Scion ~ I just want to do whatever I want in my second life~ (LN)

“Leave This to Me and Go on Ahead!” Unwanted Galactic Uprising by The Man Who Secretly Longed to Die (LN)

I want to live the harem life of my dreams with the hypnosis app I got (LN)

When the Monster Meat I Ate Led Me to the Throne (LN)

Aristocratic Daughters Got Used To Me (LN)

I’m a D-Rank Adventurer, for Some Reason I Got Recruited Into a Hero Party, and Now the Princess Is Stalking Me (LN)

For some reason, I’m a topic of conversation between S-rank beauties (LN)

A Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious (LN)

The Devil Princess (LN)

The Rising of the Commoner-Origin Officer: Beat Up All the Incompetent Noble Superiors!(LN)

The Deeds of an Extremely Arrogant Villainous Noble (LN)

I Reincarnated As A Mob Villain In An Otome Game I Was Bashing Away At, But I’m Gonna Live Straight Because I Don’t Wanna Be Condemned (LN)

The Female Soldier Has Been Told to Infiltrate the Imperial Magic Academy. What Otome Game? I Didn’t Hear About That? (LN)

Until the Chore Granting Sorcerer Realized His Strongest (LN)

The Strongest in the Supernatural School Lurks in Peace – A Beyond-Standard Monster Pretends to Be Incompetent and Dominates the School from the Shadows (LN)

Romelia Senki: Forming a Military Organization Because Humanity Still Looks Screwed After Defeating the Demon King (LN)

Evil Leader Next Door! (LN)

I am no hero of the shadows! (LN)

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Prequel Novel ~Prelude~

The Straw Millionaire, the Cat, and the Princess ~Rise to the Top with the Space-Earth Trade Skill!? A CEO! A Hero? …A Space Pirate!?~ (LN)

The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince (WN)

The Revenge of The Soul Eater (LN)

Personal Projects